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September 20, 2007


Here is a totally candid non-posed CrapCam photo of me discussing Federal Reserve Board policy with Blogsters sthnbelle and mm during a signing this afternoon in Philadelphia. I am now on my way to Washington D.C., which I have been assured is around here somewhere.


Clarification: I believe that's mm on the left, and sthnbelle on the right. I'm in the middle, I believe.


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psst, mm, didn't you know that blue is the dress code?

Yay mm and sthnbelle! You're looking mighty fine ladies. Dave doesn't look too bad either.

YAY mm and sbelle!!!!!!!!!!

psssssst mm?? no blue shirt???

oops..what cg said! didn't see that before!

A much better looking group than the previous crap-cam shot (except of course for that guy in the middle).

YAY, ladies!!!! Now that's TWICE you've hung out!!

Hey, sthnbelle lives!! *waves furiously*

Any sangria at the Philadelphia stop? I think not!

psst - cg? they can't really see you waving in the picture.... ;-)

She's ... she's ... at it again!

Ha, Meanie. That's pretty good.

Getting away from Ann Currie appears to be a good thing for Dave.

You all wore matching clothing! Nice!

*Waves to sthnbelle (Hi to yer Mom!) and mm* Lookin' good, ladies. Please give the prime rate another nudge, wouldya?

*Hides from Leetie*

Alas, sneaking out of work to head into DC in time does not appear to be doable. In the spring, for sure!

thanks diva, could you relay that info to cheryl and meanie even though i don't think it's very nice of him to call dave a primate and suggest the girls should be nudging him.

Let me quote from someone earlier:
YAY mm and sbelle!!!!!!!!!!


Dave, now you can say you have lived. ;)

Nudge, nudge...

I see the chemicals in Dave's hair are still working.

Wow, Dave, you're quick! Blogging from the train, eh? Great seeing/hearing you again, and can't wait to bring the rugrat to see you and Ridley in November!

Eeeeek at the floating Leetie head, and no sangria (or rubberbands) at the Free Library, Cheryl.

A fun time was had by all, however. (Don't tell my office where I was....I had "appointments" to take care of today. ;)

Oh, and I won a Dave Barry for President (yotUS) bumper sticker in the trivia contest, which Dave was very kind to sign, along with my pile of books, although I notice he questioned my southern-ness in one of the inscriptions. "to SthnBelle, who doesn't sound like one" :)

Meanie: *snork!*

I wonder if I can escape over to Borders tomorrow afternoon for a REAL giant head appearance???

WTG, gals! Hi, Dave ... & Leetie & Them Others ...

Hmmm...Dave?? would that be YOUR left or OUR left??

(just joshin'...I have had the pleasure of meeting, mm)

Oops, cg, my bad! I didn't notice their waves. :)

Wow! mm, sthbelle, you should be honored. You have now been spammed, too!

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