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September 19, 2007


(For instance, the s.b.)



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Yarrr! She weren't the only one! But yebetcha provided us the link this marnin' an' we most of us listened then. Good show, Master Barry!

Hey I didn't hear it either.

And I didn't be gettin' such a link.

Oops - didn't check the link farst. 'Tis fer the NPR show NOT the Today Show.

I still couldn't listen.

Pst Dave, It's Smoot Hawley Tariff

daisy, just click the 'listen' link next to his picture!

Arrr!! Isn't this really the third millenium we just starrrted? Just me bein' thinkin' here, an' all.

Dave, hold still a mite, so we can get a clear shot o'ya with me blunderbuss.

Blast! I cannot check out the Blog's stream (snork) as I be streamin' football-junkie tripe 'bout the JaguAAaarrs.

Dave, hold still a mite, so we can get a clear shot o'ya with me blunderbuss.

Annie, we need him alive!

Yar - ya pansy jags got no chance against the ChARRRRRgers....arrrrrr.

AAaayyee'll be 'happy if we manage to loot Wyo's DenvAAAaarr Burros!

BTW Dave...great hair!

Dave, accept ye my hearty congratulations on survivin' the NPR callers with all three digits of yer IQ intact.

Huh. That's not what I thought he'd sound like. Nice radio voice, Dave!

Why didn't he answer the question about Princess Lia killing all those on the pope-deck?

Great strumpeting!

Quite a variety of questions you answered there too.

I thought Doris might have called into the wrong show.


Napoleon Bonaparte = Rent an abalone poop

NICE job of NOT LAUGHING OUT LOUD at poor misguided Doris, though I definitely heard the snickers in the background.

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