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September 27, 2007


I was strumpeting for my book last night in Plantation, Florida, and Andy the TropicHunt.com guy showed up to (a) remind me that the Herald Hunt is Oct. 21, and (b) strike a manly pose with me.
Don't we look fabulous? We look as though at any moment we're going to sit down in adjacent stalls and begin tapping our feet. Not that there would be anything wrong with that!

Speaking of wrong: Also at the signing I received, via judi, a batch of Killer Death Cookies of Doom baked by Annie Where-but-here and sent all the way from California. I am pleased to report that I was able to restrain myself, so there were still approximately 1.5 cookies left when I got home. Thanks, Annie W-b-h.


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I was going to comment on the lavender shirt but you took care of that Dave (NTTAWWT)

Was Dave saying, "Wait! My zipper is down!"?

It does look like the little Polo horse on his shirt is blue. Does that count?

Dave, our conversation last night will remain between you and me...and the grand jury that calls me as a witness. ;)

Dude, I thought "Take A Pirate To Work Day" was last week. What's up with that shirt? You look like Jack Sparrow's gay stepson. You can't be sporting the purple shirts on TV when you give your State of the Union addresses.

The interesting thing about this picture are the prominent keywords behind these manly men...

Florida... Maps USA.... Sex...

Good luck to the both of you... ;-)

Dave, guys shouldnt use the word "fabulous"...oh crap, you made me use it

BTW, Annie, I visited with judi yesterday in the afternoon and I must say that the cookies were fabulous...

...oops, I shouldn't have said that.

wow. was this taken right after ya'll broke out in the "i feel pretty" duet?

It takes a strong man to wear lavender.

Next he'll be wearing pink...but it's really the neat little tucks in the shirt that get me.

HA!! I'm getting my OWN batch of Annie's Killah Kookies!!! neener neener!!

GREAT pics ..boys...(I use that term very loosely)

Just looking pretty!

Oooh! The real question, though, is do those killer cookies have enough cinnamon in them? The best cookies have lots of cinnamon in them.

I think the lavender shirt looks just absolutely fabulous on you, Dave!

Click on the pic. The pinstripe shirt looks much more manly when the pic is full size. (Of course, "much more manly" is relative.)

Wait... A book? Really? Why haven't we been informed?

And speaking of manly ... what are you pointing at, Dave?

Thanks, Dave & Andy. I figured it was the least I could do since you made me Ruler of the Western Region, Pro Tempura.

ScottMGS - no cinnamon. Cinnamon is the equivalent of squirrel nectar. Cinnamon= bad.

i swear to you, the shirt dave is wearing looked NOTHING like that in person. it is not psychedelic, or shiny, or anything. andy's however....well, you should see the back!

dang! my boyfriend is in so much trouble-- he's never borrowing my car again! i can't believe i missed it. dave, can't you come up to palm beach? we have a great barnes & noble, right off of 95.

Dangit, judi...! Now I'm going to have to get a good pick of the back of it for everyone... ;)

This picture makes me proud to be a lumbering white guy.

*zips in*™

judi, I hope Dave gives you a raise for sticking up for him like that! Or at least an Atta Girl!

Cookies? Did someone say cookies?

*goes to czech mailbox*

Dave, where exactly were you strumpeting? It looks like a Wal-Mart...

El - you have a czech mailbox? That's quite the commute, isn't it?

Dear Lord.
Dave, are you going to wear this shirt as much as you did the one prominently featured in G2G?

El - you want more? If you want 'em ya got 'em.

I think the color is wacky on my screen. Anybody else have a problem with that?

Because, if you look like you might be gay, of course you're on your way to cruising for sex in the bathroom.

Way to lose 1/2 an inch of forehead.

Forget the photo, where's the recipe for the cookies?

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