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September 26, 2007


Siouxie acknowledges her political affiliation at the Books and Books event last night.


Bandwagon ho!¹

¹This does not refer to Siouxie.


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Glad to know that Siouxie is not a bandwagon.

*Dons machete-proof suit*

glad to know siouxie is not a ho. bandwagon or otherwise.

Meanie --
Dude, the machete is just for distraction (and maybe when she gets bored.

Watch out for the

... unseen weaponry. Yes, far more deadly.

Some people will do anything to rub umm! shoulders with a celebrity.

Way to go, Siouxie!

And your blue shirts match.

Look'n good Siouxie and Dave!

Dave, you've got the Fabio-unbuttoned-shirt thing going there. Don't you know you need shrubbery on your chest to get away with that?

LOL thanks.

hmm judi, i'm glad your cleared that up...up there.

Yay! Siouxie!

*yanks the extra 'r' from up there*

*waves to daisymae!!*

Is that the real Siouxie or a look-alike hired to throw off her many stalkers (so Siouxz can then pick them off from the bushes)?

I'm looking at the link and can't find the Dave Barry for Prez thongs. Is it too much to ask?

Still think that's a great picture with a great smile, Sioux.

(But uh oh! Where are their hands?! J/K of course. ;-) )

Dave, what's with the wonky eye? You emulating Paris Hilton? Nice blue shirt!

Go, Siouxie, whatever kind of "ho" you may or may not be!

Dave's presidential decal looks happy to be next to such ample bazoombage!

Great picture. Coincidence the word of the day on the AOL dictionary is "bodacious"? Dave must be going blind from all the camera flashes. Or he's winking. The eye's still sensitive from wearing the pirate patch last week.

Suzy, I was proud to represent all the ho's.

Wench, no ample bazoombage here...it's the Tshirt - makes it look um..ampler. ;-)

pad, that would be the real Siouxie. I keep the look-alike armed with the machete to take care of the stalkers.

Go Siouxie! Yeah!

Sending my (hot) check for some Dave Berry for President merchanidise. Why no DBFP mouse pad?

Siouxie, then I shall buy one right away, if it makes the girls look that good!

If the T-shirt has that effect on bazoomage, I'll take two...Love the picture, btw! :)

way to go, S! i'm hoping to go to the plantation event tonight. y'all keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

... um ... merely reminded of that famous quote by a well-known elf ... (who, as it happens, apparently does NOT blog here ... merely sayin' ...)

Ho. Ho. Ho.

nora, judi will be there tonight! let her know you're from the BLOG!

no car. :(
boyfriend borrowed it and did not get back home in time. :(
he's toast.

No cufflinks? How can you have a Presidential campaign without Presidential cufflinks?

I tried to go, but his Secret Service detail caught me in the bushes.

Congrats, Sio!

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