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September 21, 2007


I'm going home today, having run out of blue shirts.



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It's so cute when Dave thinks of us!

On second thought, maybe he's just exhausted...

I hear those fancy hotels will wash AND iron your blue shirts for you, for only $99.99 per buttonhole.

Wow - he really DOES know about the blue shirts!

Sorry I missed your visit to cowtown... Austin, big guy...that's where you want to strumpet..

Dave - courtesy of an anonymous blurker, we've figured out why Lairbo chose not to be photographed at your NYC appearance. This explains it.

GREAT covert photography, there, Meanie!!!

*snork* at Meanie! He thought it "Dress Like a Fairy" (not that there's anything wrong with that) day.

Now how did she manage this, I ask you?

Are you going home to the gaming grid?
Because if you are watch out for the light cycles.

Yes I am a geek but Tron is one of my all time favorite movies.

Oh, no! Dave's lost his mojo!

Dave should be able to make it home provided he's not wearing a circuit board over his shirt and playing with Play Doh.

Boston Logan has had a rough day today.

Don't worry, Lizzy. Dave just needs to get the assorted mojo items laundered and he'll be back in the mojo bidness.

D'oh! Just got the connection between Dave's post and yours, R24A. (*SNORK*)

That's okay MtB, we realize that you were unable to tear yourself away from that lovely picture of Lairbo. Totally understandable.

I actually went to this book signing and met Mr. Barry (still in awe). He IS a nice guy, just like I hoped (thought) he would be. The yellow-sticky Border's lady wasn't all that great,... and she told me I couldn't get a picture, but I did anyway... I thumb my nose to the yellow-sticky lady. (Dave was the one who suggested it, too! Not the nose-thumbing, the picture with him)

Thanks Mr. Barry. May you never run out of blue shirts again!

We'll keep this just between us, Dave.

A yellow, sticky lady was at Borders? Ew. I mean, poor thing. I wonder what was the matter with her.

She was more like a white, icky lady... but, I guess that's what she was paid to be.

MtB - I KNEW it! Yay, Dave, for coming over to the bright side of the stadium!!!

My (brief) moment with Mr. Barry


I'll bet the yellow sticky lady was drippng yellow matter custard (as long as meanie's here).

To the anonymous blurker who sent me that latest picture, rest assured that I will not reveal your name anywhere, but especially not here.

Thanks, Meanie!


Recovering, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought about Tron when I saw Dave's photo.

Go, Kelly!

Welcome to our strange corner of the universe. Dave is ever-accommodating at his appearances for photos, signing books that are not his latest (or not even his!), accepting truly odd gifts from his fans, posting event photos of his own with us, holding up cutout heads of bloggers who couldn't be there bodily (it's a long story...) - you name it. He is THE BEST!

After his visit to NY, he's even a Yankee fan! That definitely makes him the best.

Thanks Meanie


You are a goddess.


Right on with the connection. I didn't think anyone would get it but you sir are a rock star.

However your choice of teams umm ya all I can say is GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!

Kelly, thanks so much for that link and the photos & story. Very cool.

Good Night Sweet Princess, May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.

Kelly - you are SO lucky! Dave never comes a-strumpeting in New England. Thanks for the photos - they're great.

Where's Siouxie today?

Yea where is Siouxie.

Maybe this will bring here around.

*takes away the e*

*adds "e" to "yebleach"

Back to your evil ways, eh?


Don't take that goddess thing too seriously, Dave wrote the same thing in my copy of his Money Secrets book. I don't understand why he called me Kelly though.

Hey, Fred! Long time no hear. How's things in YOUR part of the city?

Kelly, I just went to your blog - the pics and the writing are great!
Welcome. We're all nuts, but in a good way. ;)

Blue, I think you need to send that pic from the anonymous blurker into Dave, because where-but-here would he post it???

Diva, It's sunny and quiet over here. Haven't posted much since you guys get all the funny things said before I get a chance too.....

*snork* @ Eleanor :)

welcome home Dave....please put back on your school uniform...the blue shirt

kelly, i checked into your blog but can't post. love the not a girly girl thread. i can totally relate. and converse makes darling pink hi-tops.

oh...and that is a GREAT pic of you and dave!

crossgirl, I have a pair of k-swiss that has pink trim on it. I think I'll have to check out the converse. Are they hightop?

Since we're talkin' shoes, I have a vintage pair of Converse hi-tops that are gold lame'.

Blue Shirts to Welcome, Kelly to Shoes in 44 posts!


Happy Friday.

Dave's not here, man!

and to mrs. blog, a blessed yom kippur...

Eleanor, glad you are "all nuts". I should have no problem fitting right in then!

*borrows El's zipper™*

Siouxie, was at South Beach ALL day with her daughter's art class. They go there to paint and we (parents and teachers) get to hang out, have a great breakfast and sweat like pigs! It's a lot of fun though. Glad to know I was missed ;-)

Nap time...later

*cleans zipper™ and zips™ out*

oh btw, welcome to the blog, Kelly! great photos!

Kelly, congrats on getting your pic and book signed. And and excellent color choice, if I may say so, in your pink shirt ;)

Welcome, Kelly! Nice blog. Now, as is customary for stage one of your initiation here (The "Blogger Code of Conduct"), all new bloggers shall deliver ice cream to the current blogger community....(And make mine chocolate mint, please?)

Oh, it's erev Yom Kippur. Thanks, queensbee.

Good thing I had a big lunch. And I join in your wishes to Mrs. Blog. :)

Yeah, what he said!

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