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September 11, 2007


Now the little furred bastards are attacking our nation's precious supply of recreational vehicles.

Key Squirrel Terrorist Organization Name: Pine Cone Liberation Organization

(Thanks to Yasmin)

Update (thanks to lairbo): And then the little furred bastards celebrate their evil victory with a massage.


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Three firsts in a row?

"Chirping Fits and the Histrionics" WBAGNFARB consisting of my wife and her sisters.

*did I say that out loud?*

pssst, lairbo, don't tell anyone, but i think that picture is cute!

OK...Who stole the squirrel's keys? (See yesterday's trailer story)

cg...shhh..I think so too!

I can't bring myself to come up with a Squirrel-Massage-with-a-Happy-Ending joke. Nope. I won't do it.

Not unless Richard Gere is involved.

Those massages are also banned in Cyprus.

Key Quote: Meyer blamed the incident on a well-known local dissident, “Slippy the Squirrel.”

Good thing it wasn't Jumpy the Squirrel. I'd have to keep my kids from watching his conspirator, Curious George.

Y'know - I could just see that first story being used in some TV commercial or goofy cartoon.

If you look carefully, there are two different kinds of squirrels in that picture. I tend to doubt its authenticity.

Squirrel Massage may BAGNFARB but that picture is creepy!

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