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September 26, 2007


But this blog says: So what? They have other talents.

(Thanks to Susannah Nation)


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First! And first to say that a radio station here in Boston figured out that Roger Clemens salary/pitch ration is over $11k per pitch...

for what these guys get paid, they should have to walk naked down Broadway at high noon.

(yanks 'n' from up there)

Joba the hottie STILL looks cute....Nookee - Roger's not done - he's tuning up for the postseason.

cool, double simul WW.

I was in Houston when he came down there with his pet, um, Pettite. Nice to see Andy's kept his same form.

Finally! Somebody found a use for Yankees players that didn't involve strip clubs or Wesson oil!

I was purty amused by the NY papers when Clemens and Pettite showed up in Houston.

The language they know! 8-o

Or Avon ;-)

There are other pictures, some of which are quite entertaining. Here's one.

Of course, Joba Rules.


Hmmmm .... Now where have I heard that phrase before?

No Dave,
They are losers.

Here is the entire set of Yankees rookie hazing pictures.

But much more disturbing was the sad case of the Pittsburgh Pirates rookies.

...stepping into the sparkling ruby red slippers as Dorothy. "It makes you feel like one of the guys."

we would always win the Series
be the answer to all queries
of which club was supreme
but as of this date still we're trailin'
(being a wildcard isn't failin')
george has bought himself a team!

scouts will spend bucks just to see a
phenom from korea
who makes all batters scream
even though his pitching power
is in kilometers per hour
he'll fit in on the team!

oh, why , should it be right
that the yankers want to win one more
when other teams don't have a chance
to find out , what october's for?

well, rumors are a-brewin
that when Bonds is through stewin'
to Gotham he will steam
his hormonal-aided dingers
make him just the latest ringer
to be a part of george's team!

Quote: Ian Kennedy said, stepping into the sparkling ruby red slippers as Dorothy. "It makes you feel like one of the guys."

Really? Which guys? The Village People?

HA!!!! So Dave admits that the Millennium began in 2001!!!!!!!!

"Last year, the Yankees dressed up their guys as George Steinbrenner."

This year they let them keep SOME dignity.


Nobuddy dressed as Toto? Hmmph! Bah! Humbug!

I have a picture of Chase Wright as Glinda but the bot keeps calling it "comment sp@m".

Bah, humbug.

I would just like to point out that the item was posted at 2:20 and insom got his parody up at 2:54, which means he cranked out that bit of brilliance in like, half an hour.

I stand in awe. Insom, are you really Frank Jacobs?

"I have often gone down this street before,
But I never fell from thirty thousand feet before..."

It's always a turn on to see manly men doing manly men things.

No offense against my co-posting buddy Susannah, but this item should have been posted by wickedwitch.

Dear heavens, Jeff - Those poor Pirates!!!! LOL!!


All other teams drool.

I certainly wouldn't mind cuddling up to Joba/Lion. :)

no, *blush*, padraig, but i do have parents cool enough to have a subscription to Mad magazine, and let us kids read it...

I sent that one, too! Bleah!

Toto, I don't think we're at the Yankee Stadium anymore...

Are you a good long reliever, or a bad long reliever?

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