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September 24, 2007


Key Quote The Makes Us Wish We Knew What a Sultana Is: "I've seen men coming in with (testicles) the size of a sultana and they haven't realised (it's a problem).

Update: Here, thanks to Lisa Gibson, is the Wikipedia entry on sultana.


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Sultana = raisin

A sultana is a female sultan. Duh.

That makes me wonder how "normal" Brits walk around.

Genital examinations, which take about 30 seconds

Sometimes faster isn't better...

I'm guessing a sultana is kinda like a raisin...

Some men have nuts the size of raisins and they don't think it's a problem???!!!


Quote:" To raise awareness of men's health, the male reproductive health centre Andrology Australia is producing orchidometers or different-sized beads."

Sort of like the tooth thingy they use to match crown color at the dentist office?

wowsa!!I didn't see your post up there Davem. I was guessing.

Let's hope this is not the definitive answer:

The steamboat Sultana was a Mississippi River paddlewheeler

I just googled "Sultana" and found that it is a steamboat. So yes, testicals the size of a Sultana would be a problem.

...testicles, that is.

having testicles compared to raisins could be adding insult-ana to injury...

Yes, according to the ever-knowing Wikipedia, a sultana is either a) a type of grape/raisin or b) a steamboat. Regardless of which your testicles closest resemble, I'd think it might be a good idea to give your physician a visit...

So they keep saying how important it is to know how you measure up. But they don't say there's anything you can do about it. So who gives a bleached anus?

It all sounds like bullocks to me.

So testicle has nothing to do with finding out if a person is ticklish? Well that explains a lot.

I'm sure this guy doesn't have that problem.

A prune, a sultana
What a wunnerful thing
A prune, a sultana
Ain't no big thing

Gives new meaning to the song, "We are the Sultanas of swing"

Sultana Nuts, WBAGNFARB.

"...Australia is producing orchidometers or different-sized beads."

What do orchids or beads have to do with testicles?

"It could lead to osteoporosis or thinning of the bones. And it can also be a sign of infertility, with a higher risk of developing testicular cancer, Prof McLachlan says."

In the spirit of Ron Popeil, is there anything possessing a pair of raisinettes can't do. I can only imagine the side effects for treatment of the condition. Warning: If you experience an erection of your petuitary gland, for lack of a penis, for more than four hours contact a Physician immediately. A good one.

ellie, you meant bollocks, right?

Yeah ladies...when we grab our family jewels, it's all about self health research.

So, Jeff...
What you are telling us is that in order to express my "admiration or pleasure" I could exclaim "that's the dog's bollocks (and/or testicles)!" and any Brit within hearing distance would understand that I was feeling admiration and/or pleasure?

err...yeah. Note to self: run spell check before posting.

"Bollocks" is bad, "dog's bollocks" is good. Not sure what's going on there.

So, is a sultana considered to be large for a testicle or small?

/Heads to the doctor

Ellie, Never Mind the Bollocks!


I thought orchidometers measured orchids. Silly...

Thanks for the article.

You have given me a new raisin to live.

I am very grapeful.

She's apples


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