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September 28, 2007


The moral of this story is: Never kiss Richard Gere.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Like we had to be told that? Do you know where that kisser's been?

Now you tell me.

Especially if you're a hampster.

We won't . . .

As much as it may pain me to do so, though, I have to agree with Gere on one thing -- this is all being blown out of proportion by a splinter faction there for political gain. The fact that she's appeared in Big Brother in the UK probably had them set against her to begin with... and the kiss just gave them an excuse to get huffy.

*Adds "Never kiss Richard Gere" to list of guiding principles*

I'm willing to bet she'd like to kick Richard Gere's ass.

NO ONE, including The Gerbil, should lick RG's ass.


Oh, kick. Must be the CVST.

"a small hard-line political party"...of jealous gerbils.

He had a party in his pants.

Oh, Lordy. And you've got folks calling the religious right in this country uptight! Gere gives some Bollywood actress a peck on the cheek, and it's considered obscenity by fundamentalist Hindus?! Talk about a kiss of death...

Hmmm. "Kiss of Death" starring Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty. Might do some good box office.

And Gere in that publicity photo accompanying the article looked kind of vampirish when he swooped down on Shetty, didn't he?

well, i for one, am willing to risk it.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!! (if he's still here)*

*Waves @ DD!!!!!*

"well, i for one, am willing to risk it."

From the one who admits to licking big salty rocks.

It doesn't even look like she's kissing him, more like she's hanging on for dear life...

Yay! Hi, Hammie!

second coffee filled SNORK of the day at SW. thanks, my sinuses have never been so lively.

When Richard Gere is outlawed, only outlaws will kiss Richard Gere.¹

¹People of the Republic of India vs. Shetty, Supreme Court of India, amicus curae brief from Rights For Rodents, at p.4

How many times do I have to tell you maroons that the gerbil story is a myth and it never happened.

For cryin' out loud, I was married to Cindy Crawford and my current wife is pretty hot too!

Thank you, Darling. *smooch*

The maid will be back in the morning, so remember to have your "friend" out of your room by 6:00. And please stay out of my underwear drawer. You're getting them all out of shape.

YAY!!! posted thrice and no time to enjoy it...dang stoooopid work....

*loves Richard some Preparation H™*

I'd be willing to take my chances too...he's HOT.

Bull Frikkin Crap, it is!!!

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

"pretty woman"- roy orbison

shetty woman
gets a kiss from gere
shetty woman
now she has got to fear

shetty woman
if they arrest you, then what's the case?
a lack of morals or just bad taste?

shetty woman
they'll never set you free
shetty woman
to them a slut you'll be

shetty woman
could it be they're just afraid?
you know cheek-pecking causes AIDS!

shetty woman, Paris called
suffice to say that she's appalled
at how easy getting banned can be!
shetty woman, take a stand
move somewhere else (well, not Iran)
where men's lips can pucker safely free!

excellent, insom!

Am I the only one who never heard of this woman until this incident? She should just buck up.

wow insome...VERY excellent!! LOL


I, for one, would risk it, too.

I would.

I can't believe you've never heard of her, u. She's starred in numerous Bollywood flicks, with a caste of thousands.

holds lighter up for insom.

That's a pretty shetty thing to have happen to her.

LOL Meanie and Siouxie!

If Shepa Shetty married race driver Richard Petty, then their daughter would be named Betty Shetty-Petty?

LooooooL insomniac

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