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September 20, 2007


Everybody pretend you didn't see that post about the ... ummm... you know. It wasn't really there! That's the ticket.


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post, what post, i didn't see any post. *winkwink*

Now judi as the goddess of the blog does have the power to remove the post and all of our comments so that her error is not discovered.

The question is, will she use her super powers for good or for evil? With great power comes great responsibility, or at least that is what my Uncle Ben used to say.


Post? What post?

(how's that, judi?)

*psst - what post? really?*

Dodged a bolt of lightning there.

It was such an electrifying story it was worth repeating I guess.

It's OK, Judi. I unread it.

I guess I missed the non-post


Reposted here for your convenience:

The amazing, disappearing duplicate thread. I was just extolling the virtues of getting a story posted, even though it had been previously blogged, and by the time I had finished and submitted my gloating at getting judi fired for the duplication my well thought out rejoinder, the thread had been summarily yanked.

hey spiderman, your uncle is the rice guy? coooooool!

"summarily yanked" wbagnfa porn movie

BvK: I hate when that happens.

Spiderman's uncle is Mahatma Kane Jeeves?


I always get here late and miss the good stuff. :(

Was CJrun. He died in the first movie. Poor MKJ

No wait, Mahatma is still alive and looks pretty healthy. I guess Spiderman has two uncles.

Anyone willing to summarize what I missed?

Lol judi on the movie title. Two thumbs up.

you posted this 2 years ago. I remember it well.

*Did NOT send this in*

Alas, poor MK ... wait, what?

*SNORK* @ judi's movie title

NOT snorkin' at the rotten bot!

Dang! I finally get sumthin' posted, and then it gets "disappeared" ... oh, well ...

It's okay, O the U. It was just "renditioned" in the interest of national securtity.

... um ... (hi, AB) ... "renditioned" fer sum reason, brings to mind the "rendering" of lard ... um ... nevermind ...

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