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September 21, 2007


The Blog is resting. He's got a busy week ahead of him.

While we wait for him to wake up....


Book review etc.

Book excerpt

Report on Ft. Worth event

And of course, the presidential juggernaut Q&A


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FIRST to be verrry quiet.

SHHHH! El! For peter pan's sake, Dave is trying to sleep!!!

Yankee game starts in 20 minutes. Maybe we should wake him for that, since he's now a born-again fan.

September 24th -- Miami, FL
12:10 PM - "The Growing Bolder Radio Show" Orlando, FL
I didn't know Dave was losing his hair.

All the more weird fives for Dave!

Ah, judi - homework on the weekend? Jeez...



"A very boyish-looking 60, Barry..."

True, Dave looks great for his age. I hope I look that good when I hit 60. Right now I look a he11uva lot worse, but I got a few years to work on it.

Humor is the best botox.

Echoes of that fairy tale "The Princess Had to Pee."

Siouxie, wb! Was wondering where you were.

Dan, I spent the day at South Beach with my daughter's art class. They go every year to paint. Parents/teachers hang out and go out for a nice breakfast while the kids melt out in the sun. IT WAS LIKE 350 degrees out there today!!

BREAKING NEWS - SOCAL WEATHER UPDATE - a cloud has been spotted. Rain may be imminent. Stay tuned.


my turn.


that's how they call piggies in Iowa, but I'm not suggesting that Sioux is in anyway anything like a pig.

*that was close!*

We had tornadoes and a Tropical Depression for the last few days, but figured that's just normal, like shaky dirt in CA.

yet one more reason to love Wyoming. clear and 74 today, with a 5 mph breeze. way tough.

When I'm in a foreign country, I sometimes worry that that's what I sound like; several key phrases repeated with enthusiasm.

Sheesh! I get back to spamalot??

Wyoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! thanks for the non-pig mention!

Just dropped of my daughter at a party and got stuck in Annie & El's "Storm of the Century, So Far".

yo, sioux, ya know I love ya.

*sings, "I have to push the pram a lot*

it is a silly place.

CJRun - you forgot to add 'very loudly.'

Always go for volume when you're afraid your language skills are lacking...

It embarrasses the heck out of your traveling companions!

yeah yeah, Wyo...love ya too ;-P

Wyo, LOOOVE that movie.

My ringtone on my cell is "The Tale of Sir Robin."

My boss shakes his head when my phone rings...

(hums to self "Bravely bold Sir Robin, went forth from Camelot...")

I'm concerned that all those CAPS hyperlinks may have awakened the Blog.

so, Sioux, how are the girls? hope college is going well.

Wyo, Alessandra is doing GREAT at Ringling! We have Parent weekend coming up in the middle of Oct. so we'll get to see her. Kristen's also doing an awesome job (so far) in her sr. year in HS. In the next few months she'll have to decide where she wants to go. So...applications..visits to the art schools...etc. Very busy year! exciting too.

Dave is 60??? NO WAY!!! (nttawwt) I woulda never thunk it....

errrrr..wyo...I'm assuming that when you ask "how are the girls" you are referring to her progeny, rather than *cough cough*...errrr...

Oh never mind...

sheesh, Afkat! I KNEW he was referring to my daughters...but the "girls" are fine too ;-)


akfat, I'm shocked, shocked to find that there's any in-yer-window going on here!

Oh and Jennifer?? Dave is ageless. Just like spam and Joan Rivers. Although he looks better in an evening gown.

As does Lairbo.

so according to these guys I'm gonna live till 2056.

sorry, but I don't have that much stuff left I wanna do!

Hope everybody knew I was referring to this from earlier.

Wyo, it's on the internet... it must be true!

I think that was a tu-tu, and not an evening gown, CJ.

but what do I know?

So it was a stretch. 42 hours and counting.

41:52, by my clock. ;)

Time for me to say nite nite..pick up daughter..etc.

Sweet dreams!!!

Howdee all. Just passing through. Looks like a slow evening.

It's Friday in Nodak, Wraith ... everybuddy (except us old ones, who are too tired) is at the football game ...

very perceptive, for an apparition.

Dave wrote a book? Wow! Is it for sale?

How about "Dave Barry Turns a (Non-Congressional) Page"?


Honestly, O, I hope I'm never too old to go to the local HS game.

I'll be at a Little League game by 11am. I have to record the Gator/Ole Miss game tomorrow, not watch it.

Because I have to be at birthday party for a girl I've seen once. Her father is an old friend of mine, but I don't know her at all. If I had to guess, she turns 5 tomorrow. She might be 6 and just small. I have no idea about what to get a 5 or 6 year old girl as a gift, despite recent wire service reports.

Friday has been long, here on the east. I hope I'll find some suggestions for what is probably a great little girl gift, in the morning. I've known Dad forever and met Mom; she's pretty special.

CJrun, I have a 6 year old Granddaughter and she loves for me to read to her. You can't go wrong with a book. They can read it to her now and she can read it to herself later. Right now we are reading the Little House on the Prairie series. It's lovely! Also a book is not too personal and it won't go out of style in a month. Geez! I sound like a public service announcement for the library. Can you tell I used to be a teacher?

i must have deleted THOUSANDS of posts from that "wulvyou" spammer, and reported all of them as spam to typepad, but they haven't done anything about it. i finally opened a help ticket which will probably do no good, but at least it makes me feel a little better about the possibility that someone will at least KNOW no one is doing anything about it.

who, me? frustrated? whatever gave you that idea?


I need your help. Do you know how I can increase my world of warcraft power?


CJ' ... I agree with "books" but ... I'd always rather pick out my own (selfish of me, I know) and with that in mind ... p'haps a gift card to a book store?

B&N has 'em for (I think) as little as $5 or $10 ... merely sayin' ...

My problem is that MB(RH?) allus does the stuff for the granddaughters ... well, for the grandsons, too ... tho I've "found" stuff fer them I buy for no special occasion ...

OOOOOHHHH!!! Does she have a bike? Trike? I get those little license plates for grandkids with their name on 'em, whenever I see 'em ...

Fishhook (... Um ... that's "Flying J" to non-truckdrivers) truck stops are the only C-store of that type where I've seen 'em, tho Dime-to-Dollar stores might be good ...

OTOH, I also got granddaughters some Conch shells when I wuz bein' a tourist-type in MidCal, and NotSoShyJan wuz showin' me the seashore and stuff ... I bet if you could find a marine biologist, he's got access to stuff like that, eh?

Merely tossin' out ideas ... enjoy ... good luck with your search ...

Good morning and happy Saturday blog stars. Coffee is ready.

I like the book idea and that would be something she enjoyed, long term. It doesn't have that light, "what on Earth is it," cotton candy feeling when wrapped that a useless object in a mostly empty box would have. But, it has legs.

OtU, there's a reason your better half is in charge of the planned gifts. My buddy built an enormous shop/garage in the backyard, because his wife will allow him any toy, as long as it fits in the garage. I'm pretty sure she has a trike and a bike. Heck, her Dad welded up a giant stainless steel replica of a shopping cart with rubber, inflatable tires and installed refrigeration equipment. He puts kegs of beer in it and takes it to parades. The little girl's Mom is buddies with/cuts the hair for one of the best Marine Biologists in the area; he designs the exhibits for the local public aquarium. You remind me that I need to take her snorkeling, but getting her a conch shell is just crazy-talk!!

I'll have to roll in 2 hours, but I'll watch for other ideas. Thanks.

CJ, get her shoes.

oh and Mornin'!!!

are we still trying to not wake dave?

cj, books are always good. no gift cards though. there is a special kind of hell in shopping with a child who has a gift card. or cash. but more so for gift cards. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. if you don't know what to get the kid, don't make her parents do it for you.

Nah, I'm thinking of a real book, maybe the first in the "Peter and the Starcatchers" series, but I'll be shopping in Lakeland, so I may have to settle for "Catching Lunker Bass With Crickets."

oh I agree with cg on the grrrrrrrr gift cards. My sister always gave the girls those and they would either lose them or they'd expire and we never used them. Now she gives them cash, but they're older and get their own stuff.

Books are a great gift. If you like your friend, get her that. If you don't like him, get her a Barbie™ doll with plenty of those littie itty bitty shoes and accessories that get lost and then when you're barefoot in the middle of the night you step on one of those and YELL at the top of your lungs WTF was I THINKING when I goet all this sh1T???

And no, it's never happened to me.

CJ, when is the birthday?? I can get that Peter Book signed by Dave next week.

BTW, on that note. It's only 8:30 and I'm already shaved on a Saturday morning! I should be toasting up some leftover biscuits, frying an egg or two, and heating up some sausage gravy from last weekend.

Except, I drenched two biscuits in sausage gravy last weekend. My brother covered his whole plate in biscuits and used the entire contents of my largest (very large), cast-iron skillet of sausage and gravy. That probably took two hours to make and I have no leftovers. I guess it's a banana and a breakfast bar for me, this morning.

Oh well, at least there will be cake, later.

watch it buddy, "catching lunker bass with crickets" is the little one's favorite bed time story. the local b&n also has a great collection of game skinning books and in the self help section, "how to arrange your smile to make it look like you hgave plenty of teeth, even if you don't" and "how to read your family tree for possible marriage material." it's a fine, fine store.

drive careful.

OK, Bloglits. I'll check back in @ noon thirty to see if there is any other inspiration. I'll need to reconnect with the world then, anyway, as I need to call the sausage-gravy Hoover and have him check to see that the kitchen TV is recording the Gator game!


cj i agree with the book idea ;) tho for a 6 yr old girl these days, it's hard to go wrong with hannah montana. if she watches tv EVER, she's probably a fan. if she's 5, maybe not ;)

Judi - Emily is 5 and only recently has started asking for Hannah Montana merchandise. I'm not ready to have her let go of Winnie the Pooh stuff yet!

Punkin, have you been through the three Skippyjon Jones books? sounds like they'd be the ticket for Emily.

Here's info on Skippyjon

By the time she wears these out, she'll have sharpened her sense of humor, and be primed for the blogs material.

junie b. jones are good for that age group too.

of course, if you're considering peter and the starcatchers, you might want to go with the 'missing mermaid' book and/or 'cave of the dark wind' since they are better for her age level.

Coast, please cye, if you would.

Meanie, please cye, if you would.

Sioux, Shhhhhhh, apparently everyone is sleeping...

*whispers* Sioux, I would.

Hey Wyooooooooo!! hehe Meanie!! I knew you would!

Hey Wyo?? I'm donning my cowgirl hat today!! Me and some friends ( ok...some friends and I) are going to see Brad *Cutey Patooty* Paisley later on today! YEEEEHAWWWWW!!!

You could do a lot worse than B*CP*P.

*considered hiding a BM link under "worse.", but chose to be merciful today.*

CJrun, if you want her to have that "cotton candy" feeling when she opens the present then you should get her Polly Pockets. A 6 year old girls can't have enough Polly Pockets, at least that's what mine just told me.

Thanks Wyo & Judi!!

I'll definitely get those!!

*zips in*™

Lucky you, Siouxie! I love Brad Paisley. He makes the bestest music videos, they're always funny.
Have fun!

Yeah, on the "planned" gifts, CJ/ ... the stuff I get is "impulse" stuff ... tho, when I SEE it, I know it's right! Trubble is, that doesn't always happen on a schedule of b-days or Christmas & stuff ...

BTW, my granddaughters LIKED the conch shells ... would they lie to their grandpa?

Mebbe I better not get an answer to that ...

In Southern Kalifornia, you could get her what my friend's six year old wanted: A cell phone!

(No way on the planet would that "gift" be either valued or appropriate, but it does show how out-of-whack our lifestyles are out here)

Likewise, I don't understand the "American Girl" doll craze. $100 for the doll, and at least the same for the matching outfit? Where's the fun in that? And, get this: For about $6000, you can *rent* the entire store for an afternoon "themed tea party".

Hollywierd. How appropriate.

Sorry! I didn't mean to kill off the conversation here! How about a spiced apple cider, for everyone? Mrs. PirateBoy and I saw *Christmas lights* (Actually, "Christmas artificial deer") decorated and running in someone's yard. It's still SEPTEMBER, people! Geeez!

Souixie - I went and saw Brad Paisley when he was in Seattle, and he puts on a great show. For me, the best part was Brooks & Dunn who came on right before him. I knew most of their songs. I'm almost sure my brother was the inspiration for "Hillbilly Deluxe."

(I'm not a country music fan myself, but I am a fan of my 13 year old sister, who likes him.)

I'm listening to my Pugs snore while I finish up some work today. It's one of the most heart-warming sounds in the world...

A few years ago, one of our DJ's went door to door in one neighborhood in February and told the people with the Christmas decorations that were still up that he was from the neighborhood association and that he'd gotten some complaints about their yards.

It was a hidden microphone, and it was really funny.

One lady gave him her husband's phone number and said she'd been trying to get him to do that for weeks!

Yeah, that's happened before ... sumbuddy wants ya to put up the lights and stuff ... then they want ya to take 'em down ... dang ... it's like the lights are more important than really big matters ... like huntin' ... or fishin' ...

Yeah ... um ... I've heard of that happenin' ... I think it wuz a neighbor ... or sumbuddy about three towns down the road ... yup ... that's my story ... um ... so ... whut color lights? ... um ... LOOK! SHINY!!!

at the local l-mart, last week, there were workers assembling and putting lights on artificial trees for sale... next to the halloween candy.

The fireworks stands are still open here.

color me confused.

Wyo - You are one lucky guy! Here in Kalifornia, we only had a 3 mile stretch of the county where the "safe and sane" fireworks were allowed. $3 for something that doesn't even explode? But now, post 9/11, having even a single skyrocket is a felony. Yup. Gotta watch out for them terrorists with sparklers.

July 4th used to be the day all kids waited months for, as we got to run around with both matches and explosives. And we all called it "fun".

Hubby grows our trees. Easy & saves $$$$ @ Christmas. But he has to start pruning them into shape in April.

I like the idea of people participating in a blog by being not typing anything. You just go to the blog site and sit there. I'm not certain what, but I know it's a metaphor for something.

Fearless, are you sure you're not leerless feeder?

just wondering...

Had a negative learnin' experience today ... werkin' on movin' the 1/4th wrecked car so I can start gettin' engine traded ... open the hood ... find that ... while it wuz sittin' in the back lot @ werk, sumbuddy took the trubble to steal the alternator ... they must've really wanted me to not notice, 'cuz they put a non-werkin' in back in place, but din't bother to hook it up or put the drive belt back on ... so ... I'm a bit irked by this turn of events ...

then ...

I get here, and with sum folks growin' their own trees for Christmas & other Holidays ... I'm reminded that we have a row of evergreens around the farmyard back home, and three rows inside the yard ...

and ...

I know for a fact that we've had sum of them cut off and stolen ... apparently for "Christmas Spirit" ...

Nope ... I'm a little cranky right now ...

Sorry this is not funny ...

Bah! HUMBUG!!!

O the U, sounds like you need a couple of nice Christmas German Shepherds running around in the lot :)


We interrupt this Blog thread to show you a picture of a tired little Birthday princess.

End OT/

and the question on everyone's mind, "what did you, CJ, get her for a present? Hmmmmmmm?

Oops. I may not have compressed that enough. Here she is, after the cake wore off.

And I got her Nemo and Thumper stuffed animals. Turns out today was her third birthday.

For some reason, at first, I read "nemo" as "Nero."

That might be an interesting gift, but I'm sure she appreciated Nemo just fine.

*considers new line of toys....zzzzzzzzz*

that always happens to me.

btw, CJ, do you recall several months ago, talking about these boxes? and the cabinet I made from them? You'd wondered if your grandfather might have had something to do with their production, as I recall.

Excuse me, Mr. CJ Run? We're investigating reports of shopping carts being taken from local shopping centers and stored in private garages.....

My step Grandad, the one that took. He worked at DuPont, at the time. What's new about the cabinets?

I finally got home from all day rambles and have the tape of the UF-Ole Miss game running.

SCP, before Jack Ass The Movie had a giant shopping cart, these guys made their own, with refrigeration. That's his little girl that was the exhausted princess.

Ahem, CJ, the Princess is lovely, but the gentleman in the picture needs some needle and thread on those shorts....... just sayin'.

Good eye, med (like we should be surprised where med's eyes gravitate toward). I think he was just one of those guys who was too shy to get undressed for his vasectomy.

Hola everyone!! JUST got home for the Brad Paisley concert!! YEEEHAWWW!!

Kristie, he does put on a GREAT show!! we got there a bit late and missed Taylow Swift (which I had seen before anyways), but got to see Rodney Atkins and he was wonderful as well. IT WAS HOT and HUMID and I must have sweated off about 50 lbs. Unfortunately, they'll be back in my body by morning.

SW.... Kinda hard to miss when you "blow up" the photo and there is a big, black hole THERE!

And I have never denied that I am a woman of the female persuasion who has great affection and appreciation for the opposite sex, and their dangly bits or "junk" as my younger coworkers call it.

I am just amazed that after several hours, I'm the first to call it out.

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