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September 21, 2007


The Blog is resting. He's got a busy week ahead of him.

While we wait for him to wake up....


Book review etc.

Book excerpt

Report on Ft. Worth event

And of course, the presidential juggernaut Q&A


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Med, I hadn't noticed the hole in his pants until you brought it up. I was just looking at that sweet little tired girl.

Go figure. I must be losing my touch (or sight) ;-)

Okay, Sioux. NOW, I do feel like a smut mind.

But didya let BP check ya for ticks? Teehehehehe.

LOL Med! He did sing that. I love that one. He can check me for ticks ANY time ;-)

Yeah, baby. Sioux, I am so glad we agree on music.

On my 2nd glass of non-box wine (I won a sales contest @ work), the week is over, and my mini-me will be here in the am, at the crack A$$ of dawn. The boy is going to the Chiefs Home Opener with his Dad, using MY TICKET>...... while we females go to the art fair.

And maybe some shopping, as I want some new shoes, and a cute new blouse for my trip to the beach in 27 days. ;-) I wonder what Anthropologeeeeee has going now....

YAY to shopping and winning, Med! I'm just having the last of my 2nd glass of boxed Chardonnay here and ready for bed. I've got my mini-me here with me sound asleep. Sweet dreams and hoping you get some GREAT deals tomorrow!

Geeez, Med. The boy was just thermo-regulatin', after a long day.


I doubt they're up, CJ.

*thermo-regulatin* = sweating?

Siouxie, did he sing "Online"? I love that song. It cracks me up every time!!

morning beauties.....who is Brad Paisley, and why does he have ticks?

*zips in*™

Morning, all.

Jazzzz sweetie, here is Brad Paisley and this is my favorite

music video.

Online is great too. Some of the same folk are in that vid too. :)

what?!?!!? no breakfast?
slides fruit, biscuits and mimosas onto the blog buffet. anyone got chocolate croissants?

weird question..any of ya'll know where to find jackets for teens that have some kind of thumbhole in the cuff? my son swears these exist but is too cool to ask anyone where they got theirs. sounds punk to me and i don't know where the punk kids shop.

This is another good one. The 'wife' in this is his RL wife.

Thanks, El. That Utube link was hysterical! I'd never heard of Brad Paisley.


He did sing Online and they showed the video with Jason Alexander LOL it's hysterical!!! I'll have pics loaded soon and send them to whoever wants them. (El) LOL.

*raises hand*

Me, Siouxie! I'd love the pics. :)

Glad you liked it daisy. Cute AND funny is a combination that you don't always find in the same humky bod. ;) And he can sing!

"Jazzzz sweetie, here is Brad Paisley."

OK, he's kinda cute. I'd buy ice cream from him.

You got it, El! I have to sort through them cuz a lot of them are very blurry. (no, I wasn't drunk) but it's hard to zoom in and snap the shot while trying NOT to dance. Oh and the guy before, Rodney Atkins was great! He's got this song I LOVE - "If you're going through Hell". Oh and he's cute too ;-)

cg, try Hot Topic. That's where my daughter and all her goth/punk friends shop for stuff like that. :)

oh yeah...if it's "punk" stuff you need...Hot Topic is the place, cg...Noob's right. My daughter went through a "punkish" phase that that's where we got a lot of stuff. They're not cheap though. If there isn't one in your area, try them online.

Hot Topic

I even have some of their funny t-shirts.

change that for and...gracias.

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