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September 30, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Hmmmmm......wonders how many American marriages would still exist if this law applied to men "being alone" with women on the internet.

My guess - zippo.

And BTW - The rumors of Charlie Gibson and I having a "thing" are totally blown out of proportion. I'd be happy to answer anyone's questions, but please don't call between 6:30 and 7pm. I have a thing.

Yeah, what she said.

I'll go for Shepard Smith. He's HOT.

you ask me, he was doing her a favor, ridding her of his high-and-mighty self-righteous self

I guess she should have watched CBS news and Katie Couric.

I'm not too clear on this: if it had been a U.S.-style perky news team, would the Weather Girl have constituted an appropriate chaperone?

Personally, I like Rachel Dratch/Kerplixik.

Just can't get better then that!

Hmmm... It's good, I guess, as long as she wasn't executed by her brothers for bringing shame on the family.

/not funny

Scott - I was thinking the same thing - now she's damaged goods.

Wayall... it could be that Mr. TV News guy is a threat. Or it could be that moo-moo you're wearing and that table cloth on your head-bone.

"I'll go for Shepard Smith."

Plus, sxi, he'll talk dirty to you. (Or have y'all seen this?)

"Effectively" alone with a male tv host? I thought effectively meant there had to be an effect...Hmmm. Ethics question, I believe and there is that "you, without sin, (may) cast the first stone." - or divorce, in this case...

lol Stevie, I've seen that. LOVE it! He was pretty darn cool about it.

What is the sound of one hand weather forecasting?

I'm sure she's all broken up about it. Literally, perhaps, if her family beat her up for shaming them.

Oh, but THIS is okay to watch over there. So sexist.

Somehow, humanity will have to break free of its limiting belief systems.

this gal says the other one was "asking for it"

*wonders what 'blogging' is considered over there, especially since it rhymes with 'flogging'*

Whacko Wavey (Whacko = right on, in ancient British and the Dominions).
Brings to mind the adage about futility ... to keep on doing the same things but expect different results.

If you can be 'alone' with someone by seeing a representation of him, can you be alone with someone simply by thinking about him? It's not that much further a leap.

Thank God Rosie left "The View."

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