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September 18, 2007


(Thanks to many, many alert readers)


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i'll bet there is a waiting list for the ride.

First, right after I washed my hands!

Or not.

Why not?? I already FLY the SLUT

A streetcar named easy?

It's a good thing the Billikens don't abbreviate Tennis like they abbreviate Saint Louis University.

OT My new computer doesn't have the ad blocking (yet) and I just realized that the blog is advertising Kohler. A giant toilet bowl... snork. That is all.

Yes, Cheryl, but it had better not be lo-flo!!

"bang, bang, bang" went the trolley...

insom, he rings her bell in the end.

Buzz, buzz, buzz....


The coffee shop selling the "SLUT" tee shirts is a gathering place for students at the local massage school. Discuss.

The coffee shop selling the "SLUT" tee shirts is a gathering place for students at the local massage school. Discuss.

geez, bot, it wasn't THAT funny!

Lol, insom.

The heels on the s1ut go up and down,...

I apparently used to be a fairly avid environmentalist.

Save a horse. Ride the SLUT.

That will go right along with this.

Blurk - you were tree hugger?

SW, nah...just an avid rider.
I still ride a lot but I stick to horses and bulls.
Ya know, not the other...never mind.

I'm in so much trouble.

ISIANMTU The IT dept is right across the hall. They have the Foundation for Undergraduate Computer Knowledge and Student Helpers in Information Technology. Yes, they are wise-@sses.

"Here Come The Sluts!" (get it, geezers?)

(or "Seven Sluts for Seven Brothers")

Yes, blurk, you are.

Well, did he ever return?
No, he never returned
And his fate is still unlearned
He may ride forever out in South Lake Union
He's the man whose huitlacoches burned.

I finally get the durn "huitlacoches," thing... talk about obscure; that must be Aztec-speak.

For others that were wondering (snork) about this, best I can tell is it's an ear of corn so rotten it's turned into a black fungus (wait; isn't that bourbon?). Yum!!

CJ, you're too smart for your own good.

Every day I bust a nut
(Too much, the transit slut)
When I commute on the transit slut
(Too much, the transit slut)
I get to work, I just sit and smile
(Too much, the transit slut)
Cos soon I'll ride you another mile
(Too much, the transit slut)
Thank you, Vulcan, for building her here
(Too much, the transit slut)
Though layin' that pipe was hurtin' my ear
(Too much, the transit slut)
I didn't mean to cause that mess
(Too much, the transit slut)
But her seat's so fine in that vinyl dress
(Too much, the transit slut)

I want it, I want it, I want it...

I grew up attending a church in Kensington, California, next door to Berkeley. But they named it the "First Unitarian Church of Berkeley."

I guess they didn't think the acronym for "First Unitarian Church of Kensington" would go over so well.

The SLUT is set to go right by my office every day. There have been tons of construction workers toiling day and night to prepare the SLUT for public use. I wondered why they all seemed so happy.

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