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September 20, 2007


They've got a crime wave in Clarion County.

(Thanks to Skippy)


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Why are they tracking candy consumption so closely? I smell a set-up. Was OJ there?

"The suspect removed exactly 23 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and 1 Kit Kat bar."

He took the Kit-Kat bar so he wouldn't have a distinctive M.O.

If you see a zit, you can't acquit.

Are you kidding? In a daycare, at the end of the day, I would suspect a caregiver. If I was left alone in a building with Reese's and Kit Kat's, they'd want to come home with me, I'm sure.

Somebody stole peanut butter cups. This was sent in by 'Skippy,' as in peanut butter. Just sayin'.

Does that headline remind anyone else of this?

Classic JD! 2funny.

Dan, it's one of my all-time favorites. Carson was the best! And Jack Webb wasn't any slouch, either.

It was a Kat burglar. Duh.

No stolen kisses?

agent gideon: our profile of the unsub is a male most probably between the ages of 5 and 10. his obsession with peanut butter indicates a strong fascination with george washington carver and the kit-kat bar...well, that's just messed up!

guy who played mr. dharma: we have received no hits either from a.f.i.s or c.o.d.i.s due to the gooeyness of the partial prints.

irritating nerdy guy: we also believe the unsub, to be a chronic underacheiver, and possibly a bedwetter.

voice from crowd: nuh-uh!!!

nerdy guy: yuh-huh!!!

JD, was just sitting here thinking about the old Dean Martin roasts. Man they were funny.
Smothers Brothers
Wow, I am old. Think I will down load some of them tonight. Timeless ha-ha.

*Snork* @ insom's Criminal Minds: Juvenile Division.

Dan, the girlduckling gave Mr. Ducky the first season of SNL, freshly out on DVD just in time for the holiday, for Christmas last year. Laughter IS the best therapy!

Time to get sweaty go exercise. See y'all a little later!

Well, I guess in their search for the serial offender, police should be able to eventually narrow their search to include only fat, jittery people.

...but can anyone say 'daycare candy caper in Clarion County' five times fast?

Hey, Wavey - that's profiling. We skinny folks like chocolate, too!

Wavey, the Kit-Kat bar indicates a cereal offender.

Ha, I thought about using that cereal pun, but figured it was not too special, K?

Annie -- Yes, but if you keep scarfing Reese's cups and Kit-Kats like there's no tomorrow, how long will you remain skinny?

This looks like a job for ..........

Bet they didn't touch the Cheetos . . .

If I was resonsible for that many kids, not only would the candy be missing, but the booze as well.

Wavey - you'd be surprised. I burn it right off. Lots of fun ways.

Annie, like this?

Eggzactly, JD. Except purple. Pink is so last year.

Isn't that from The Big Lebowski?


Well, I used to be like that, up until about 7-8 years ago. I burned it off without even trying. I could eat anything in any quantity and not gain a pound. Sadly, not anymore.

Or maybe this?

Wavey - it's all behind (!) you now.

JD - that's just sick.

Ducky, that makes the missionary position too kinky.

We got a crime wave out here, too. Someone keeps offin' the Edgars. wtfbbq?

btw - my last link is available as a podcast. How apropos!

Candy starts with C and that rhymes with T and that stands for toothache.

pass the scotch, please.

2:30, Wyo?
*Slidestops this winner down to Wyo.*

Thanks for the tip, Annie, I'm ponderin' a brood mare, and that's an interesting stud. My horse breeding business has not done so well with geldings. (It's a good write-off, though.)

forgive me, however, for not picking up on 2:30????

Your tooth hurty? = 2:30.....
That pun will probably make it hurt even more.


btw, Annie, here's a recent shot of the boys.

My teeth are fine and that hurt me.

Aaaah, very cute. I'm goin' home to graze now, too. (or tooth).

Happy trails.

So Wyo, you have the number one offense in the League and the number two defense.

Blog Bet, even up. If I get out there next summer and the Jags lose, I have to drive to the Sheridan area for fihing. If the Jags win, you have to drive towards Jackson.

Jackson, Wyo, you're on. Jackson, Miss., we'll have to talk some more.

I am lookin' forward to that game!

CJ, if you make it out any way this direction, I'm there.

that game starts in 66 hours and 43 minutes, by my clock.

Wyo, I clicked on your "boys new home" link, and even in the small thumbnail, Ms. Lima possesses a certain standout gravity. Eventually, I saw your horses.

Nice horses. At least I think they are. They've got to be better than this lady

Meanie, "nuff said." ;)

btw, Meanie, did you get this far?

Careful, that is my daughter, after all.


It's next to impossible to watch a Jags game in Bucstown. However, I see it listed on rabbit ears for 4pm Eastern.

My phone will be turned off.

CJ, you seem to be under the impression that Wyo's the only Broncos fan in these parts on the blog. I beg to differ, and here's my testimony. I think you'll enjoy it.

And if you do make it out this way, would you guys consider beverages in Cheyenne?

Absotively, Posolutely, WriterDude, (long time, no "see")

btw, welcome to Wraith

*desperately trying not to act like a homer...aww screw it!* Hope the Jags start off well CJ...because it will be that much sweeter when the Texans pummel them on 10/14 in their backyard. Of course, Houston will be 5-0 at that point after riding the Indy Burros, setting their pitbulls lose on the A.T.L., and putting the Miami Blowholes into Tilman Ferttia's newest downtown aquarium. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! *starts to pray Andre Johnson's knee is going to make it...please God!*

Ok, all kidding aside, I would gladly have a beer with any of ya over a good game of football if y'all ever wander down towards Houston.

I'm guessing you missed "Inside The NFL" tonight, Doc. They say your star receiver is out. Did they get that wrong? (Or did I?)

Doc, Houston has a football team? ;)

Seriously, I'd like to see someone beat Mr. Manning, but Houston ain't gonna do it, I'll wager: 2 beers.

Wyo, good to see your pixels around here a bit more frequently of late, too.

Every bloglit has a standing invitation for a pint, and maybe even my famous barbecue, anytime they are in Colorado. And that's not limited to the old-timers here; I'd be proud to meet up with many of the recent arrivals too.

(So far southerngirl and hubby have accepted and had a great time, and Layzeeboy never answered so to hell w... naw, really, I'm sure he mistook my email for spam, or maybe he uses a dummy address here.)

Wyo, your daughter is beautiful.

Writer, I'm sure we'll be linkin' up soon, as my son and his wife are now in Colorado Springs. She's gonna make my wife a gramma, an' we'll probably have to go down that way on occasion to satisfy her curiosity. Lookin' forward to a brew or two.

That said, I'm off to The Airport Job Part II. Take good care of Kubiak down there for us, Doc.

Night, all. (Might check back way too late tonight, though.)

(Outstanding news, Wyo. Keep me posted. TTYL.)

daisy, thanks, she takes after her mother.

"hey, you got ritalin in my chocolate bar!"
WOW! you got CHOCOLATE on my Ritalin!"...
Does anybody here remember those reeses commercials...?

Or fishing. I spend my life in offices, restaurants, airports, or on highways. I was never very good at the horse thing, as I constantly want to get down to look at a plant or a bone.

Cheyenne is interesting. It's near where I can fly in, and it's on I-25 coming out of Sheridan and Denver. I'd prefer to come in through Salt Lake City, now that Southwest goes there, but there's an airfield out of Denver, east of Cheyenne.

Point being, we could meet-up on the frontside or backside. Heck, I could get my brother to load up his dogs and come pick me up. He'd know where to go fishing around Cheyenne.

Fun thought, anyway. I'm up for Cheyenne; it looks as central as you can get in the High Plains.

While I despise Cheyenne (I much prefer Wyoming (I don't care what your maps say),), I would gladly meet any of you there, and several at once would be very cool. If there were enough, we might even convince Mr. Barry to put in an appearance there. (wishful thinking?)

Chugwater, Wyoming is also centrally located along I'25, and they've got great chili.

(yes, mo, I remember them)

I'm not pushin' for Cheyenne, but I-25 looks good for Denver and Sheridan.

My brother is considering a move to Dallas, so we'll have to see how that turns out, but there is no way on God's Green Earth I would approach Wyoming between now and June. You folks are crazy!

Wyo - spent a week in and around Breckenridge this summer. Was I far from you? (Beautiful country in the summer - I had only seen it in winter until now).

SW about 7 hours. Breckenridge is very pretty, but pretty crowded. I do like to ski there.

so I was responding to Wraith's email, and thought of this

those boys can sing.

Wyo, your daughter is beautiful, and your horses are gorgeous! They look fat and happy. (not obese and depressed.)

WY is beautiful, too. When I was between my 2nd and 3rd grade year (many, many, many more years ago than I would like to admit) my grandmother and I took the Greyhound from Seattle to Washington, DC and back. We went through WY on our way to pick up her sister in Indianapolis. Or maybe it was on our way back up from Texas. Anyway, I remember telling my mother it was "wavy." (The wind blowing through the grass off the side of the highway made it wave in irregular patterns.)

My husband and I are heading to Yellowstone some time next year to do some serious fishing. I can hardly wait!

thanks, Kris. Wyo is beautiful, if you ever get off of I-90.

HELLOOOOO!!!! I was tryin' to be here with y'all last night, but my DSL provider (let's call 'em Schmime Schwarner) has serious issues with my house sporadically. I have no idea why and they can't figure it out. Suffice to say that after 7:00 at night it's a clean tossup whether or not I can get online, and the frequency of occurrences is increasing. WHEN do their techs stop taking service calls? 7:00. Hm.

Diva, I forgive you. You wouldn't believe how much I miss because of Schmerizon. There's just no good options.

Oh, I'm so grateful there, Edgar. :-P

Y'know, it would be nice if their "service" (Motto: Service, Schmervice) would be available during the times my issues are occurring. I lose phone at the same time, which is Not Good. It's always the same story - it's fine by the next morning and when the techs arrive they find...NOTHING wrong. I'm on modem #4, we've had a complete changeout of cables and STILL the problem persists. And they want me to "humor" them when they want to reset my modem every single time they call and then act all surprised when it doesn't change anything - just like the last 5 times. Hm. What's that definition of insanity again? *rolls eyes* I finally point-blank refuse to do it anymore and insist they just send me to the bloody dispatcher.

Oh. And //rant.


Yellowstone is special.

Wyo, that was an interesting song link. I am reasonably certain I'm alive because of squads of Marines. You well know that was USMA, Westpoint, doing an Airborne song.

That's Smokebomb Hill, the Red Berets. I lived there for years, the PX on one side and my Dad's office on the other and never heard that before. But I lived there beginning in 1976. The Bragg my family moved onto was during that era of "Heartbreak Ridge," the movie, not the Korean War.

At Bragg, nobody I went to High School with was accustomed to radio checks. Their Mom's and Dad's knew. It was my household chore, keeping up the radios. For my $5 allowance per week, during the 70s, I had to wash and clean the embassy vehicles, run the projectors for NFL This Week and whatever movies we got by mail, run DJs and sound for parties, stock the mixers/soda/booze/beer, and do whatever else Dad told me to do. I suspect he took great enjoyment from this.

I knew I was being hosed for my $5 a week and mutinied around age 15. I refused to mix and haul one more barrow of concrete. We lived on the side of a freakin' mountain and he made me first move dirt, then form, then haul concrete to build my older sister a special dance floor for her 18th Birthday Party.

Jerk. He made me finish it, plus embed steel poles to hang lighting and speakers from. That jerk made me work after school everyday and on weekends, but my sister's 18th swallowed that part of Kingston, that night. That's what Dad's do, for their girls and their boys.

Wow, CJ. That's pretty impressive. I wish my parents had instilled that kind of work ethic in me.

CJ, that which does not Kill us only makes us stronger.

or that's what my Dad always said. Fargin' bastage!

(Jus' kiddin')

Ah, Wyo. :) Nice to see you tonight! Them's some purty horses ya got. Wish I could ride. I'd love it dearly.

That song meant something to me, about the people I grew up around. I had a visceral raction when I saw video of Lyndi England (or whatever her name was), walk up the sidewalk to her Court Martial wearing a black beret. A PFC, with little but basic training and bad judgement behind her, wearing a Ranger hat.

Our Special Forces Green and Ranger Black Berets that travel in A-teams and are deployed all over the world, carry eyeglasses with earpieces that you squeeze to inject a refracting fluid into the lens. Some people carry bombs, but our Special Forces carry glasses. All over the planet, we have Green hat A-teams, small groups, going into tough areas and working on basics: water, sewer, sight.

You, as taxpayers, invest. My Dad used to drag me through, well somewhere, as they trained the Special Forces. There's a new book coming out that I haven't read, yet, but have heard does a cost-benefit analysis. All of the A-teams deployed worldwide = 1 F-22 Raptor. That should be interesting reading! OK, I'm just a nerd.

Those are the Green and Black Berets I know and none of them are mindless twits.

Pardon my military ignorance, CJ, but what's the purpose of the refracting fluid?

I'm with ya, CJ. When the army came up with this silly-a$$ slogan, "an army of one", many of us old-timers groaned. He who seeks to fight alone, dies alone. One only survives combat as a team. Period.

Additionally, and much more disappointing, when they devalued the beret by issuing one to every Tom, Dick and Harriett soldier, they destroyed part of the drive for, and pursuit of, excellence. That's what happens when politicians start trying to run the military.

God save us next time we're really in a war.


Don't even get me started on Time-Out Cards in Basic Training!!!!!!!

OK, really /rant.

with that, however, I must retire for the evening. I enjoy you all immenseell imencelee a lot.

Nite, Wyo. :)

(psst - not that I wanna open a can o' worms, but what are Time-Out Cards? I mean, we're not talking "go stand in the corner for being disobedient little children, are we? *crosses fingers*)

It's not military, it's about correcting typical vision problems. The glasses come out of the wrapping at 0 diopters and they inject a fluid into the lens that bends light. A-teams only have what they can carry, but they can and do set up clinics.

It's all about leverage... sending in a small number of people and having them work towards raising a whole neighborhood. I'm sure it's taught elsewhere, but that is a central theme at the Special Forces school at Bragg.

Restoring useful vision to a kid (or adult) in Uganda is a powerful tool. I can't remember with certainty, but I believe the soldier's call the adjustable glasses 'CGLs.' For Can't Get Laid. They are ugly. Butt, they are light-weight and effective. Leave it to soldiers that have to carry everything in on their backs to find something cheap that works.

I, too, must shuffle off. Niters Diva.

Sounds like something the Army Corps of Engineers woulda worked up - easy and workable, but butt-@ss ugly.

OK ... so I'm LTTG ... as to WY and CO and stuff ... mebbe sum of y'all will be back here on the morrow ...

Kristie, mebbe we'll be around Yellowstone @ approximately the same page of the calendar next summer ... interestin' to consider ... Wyo (& WriterDude) both have me on sum sorta "standing invitation" list, tho I'm wonderin' how all that is gonna werk out ... we've got kin (thru my DIL) livin' @ West Yellowstone, and so we're plannin' a scenic tour thru a quick week of vacation in June or July ... besides our elk hunt in November, I mean ...

Yeah, Wyo ... I gotta agree ... I-90 isn't the most scenic part of WY ... it's got a few interestin' miles, but most of it is ... well ... as boring as most other freeways ... without the traffic ...

WD - we'd be about 10+ hours out of Denver, should we ever decide to drive that route on our own -- without doin' it as part of the job, I mean -- so ... we'll see whut happens ... of course there's always April 8-10 of next year, which I'm still hopin' to realize a visit there ... tix are still ridiculously expensive, tho ... ($1,720 for three games -- and that's for only ONE seat) but I'm expectin' prices to get better in late March, if not sooner ...

Just stopped by to say good morning/afternoon and see y'all in the afternoon/morning!

Gotta head to work now!

Hi Y'all from way down South where our country is in mourning because your President said that our beloved ex-President is dead!! To quote President Bush; "I heard someone ask 'where's Mandela' Well Mandela is dead, Sadam Hussein killed all the Mandelas". In all fairness, I guess he was speaking figuratively and trying to say that Hussein was a tyrant who killed off all the fighters for freedom in Iraq, but it came across very strangely.

WriterDude and Wyo, I too am a Broncos fan for obvious, (obvious to all the old timers on the blog, that is) reasons and have all manner of Broncos memorabilia at home. Unfortunately I can only watch the games on ESPN delayed by about 17 hours.

Ooops!!! Forgot to lose the pirate names. he, he

At the risk of incurring a 45-mm ventilation opening in my head, I will agree with those who have noted the beauty of Wyo's daughter.

G'morning, bloglits, or good afternoon, in the case of Milt/Jim/Mot .

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