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September 24, 2007


The answer was: "To make the fans root harder." Which of course could be punctuated several ways. Anyway, this story reminds this blog of that.

(Thanks to Sean)


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No Fun League, indeed.

So now, what, it's wrong for cheerleaders to strut their stuff?

Talk about your creeping fascism!

Isn't that what football's all about?

No stretching? I think I'll just end it all right here.

Well, NEENER to them.

To make fans root harder.

To make fan's root harder.


Maybe they should cheer right in front of the referees.

Players from visiting teams quickly responded, "No, it's ok, honest, leave them alone PLEEEEEEEASE?"

Reminds me of that scene in "The Replacements" where the cheerleaders were mostly strippers...

Their "warm ups" seemed pretty effective at distracting the other team, but I was OK with it. The players just need to learn to focus.....

I live near Cleveland and am a lifelong Browns fan ( I know..) And they don't even have cheerleaders! I think this is an unfair advantage to the other teams.

After further research, maybe they should limit cheerleaders. This might explain Chicago's loss to Dallas yesterday.

Annie WBH --
Rex Grossman doesn't need any help to have just about as many turnovers as points. He aspires to have a double digit QB rating.

Cheerleaders would have to be really, really out of it to try to get a crowd inspired at Soldier Field.

OK ... so the No Fun League isn't connected to Real Life, but there's that old rule for RL that says ... "When you've got It, Flaunt It!"

Merely trineta help ...

most of the film taken by the patriots of other teams was, in fact, of cheerleaders!

"No word on whether it's legal to videotape the opposing team's cheerleaders."

I have a friend that is really obsessed about football. He will sit right in front of the cheerleaders and not notice them.

Alf, I'd worry about your friend. Or is your friend working for Nfl (NOT Nfld)? Then I'd worry about your choice of friends.

Personally, I can't stand rah-rahs. There, I said it. And I feel much better. In fact, I feel fabulous.

Well...so much for "Save the cheerleader; save the world."

Not in the NFL, anyway...

If they REALLY want to do something, they should make the phony "celebrations" that the players do after a big play illegal. If you have run 10 yards to make some kind of an OBVIOUSLY planned "celebration", you should get a 15 yard penalty and a fine.

Spontaneously jumping up and going "YEAH!" is one thing, running 10 yards and doing choreography that would be considered OK on Broadway is another.


I had a buddy who used to chauffeur the Budweiser girls, back in the day. He was a REAL DORK about it - he was like a guardian or something. We couldn't even get close to them.

/After that, I went to all his parties and farted noisily!

some 'skank wranglers' take their jobs seriously, moon...

the story is pretty funny, but the comments on it are HILARIOUS. holy illiterate rednecks bman. hyuck.

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