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September 20, 2007


Check your local listings.

And speaking of up...

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Looks like Stamford in February for me. I couldn't be any farther away, being in the NE corner of CT, but neither snow nor sleet nor dark of night . . .


I could have been to the FLoP today! But, alas, I'm stuck in training again.

Superman has a blue uniform...Dave wears Blue shirts,
Just saying...

Outstanding ubetcha. We too will be there.(we live in the Hartford area)Great promo eh? "In 1988, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. Even to this day, many people are still trying to figure out how this happened!"
Snork, snork.

(opps, stil on TLAP time)

*checks blog charter*
*does not make fun of Toader's name*

I'd just like to note that in certain cultures, peoples surnames used to be derived from their occupation. Smith, Cooper, Wright, Toader, ...

Dan, I'm in East Thompson near the MA/RI borders. Hope to see you there!

Oh, and Meanie, fabulous family photo.

"He...was flying slowly at about 100 yards from the ground in a standing position."

Well, no wonder he was flying slowly, you get bad aerodynamics when you fly standing up. Not to mention lousy gas milage...

Ubetcha, I'll bring ya bottle of Barry Beer, Blogger lager (place TM thing here) I should have it right by then. I am on 3rd batch now. Still not for human consumption, lol

Still sitting here Daveless in Atlanta.

And realizing that line would work a whole lot better if his name had been Ruth.

Good mornin' all!!

hmm has anyone seen Clark Kent??

Good Morning Siouxie!

Hey Dan!! I see you're gonna get to a strumpeting event!

fivver, you COULD fly down to Miami, ya know?? ddd is in Atlanta and will be here for the Hunt. It's all about priorities here!!

Good mornin' Siouxie. I'm just watching today's batch of transient hummingbirds tanking up at my feeder. Should be in your hood soon...

I noticed that CK was suspiciously absent this morning, Siouxie. But are those his specs over there on the blogbar?

gotta love that attitude, we'll just have to wait and see what happens next!

Last time I saw Clark, we had given him 20 lashes and made him walk the plank.

And then we passed blog grog around for everyone.

Everything's kinda hazy after that, and my mouth tasted kinda funny when I woke up this morning...

Nookee, so that was you next to Hammie's sheep?


constantin: i saw more of them!


const.: those flying vampires, but these were all sizes and wearing tights and moving real fast!

ion: all vampires are flying!

const: but these weren't bats or old or pale, like mr. antoniescu, our high school principal...

ion: you know the gymnastics team is in town...

const: i'm waiting for dave barry to show up...

ion:ha! he'll visit huntington, west virginia, before he comes here! slightly more english speakers there...

Local policeman Ion Anuta said: "We talked to people of different ages who are all reliable citizens in our village.


*will not make fun*

Anuta crazy story which, I believe, involved alcohol.

Shoot, I've been airborne lots of times.

Mostly by mistake.

And I'm not so good at landings.

Siouxie, I'd love to come down for the hunt but unfortunately major travel plans are on hold right now. My brother may be needing surgery in Tampa and I'll probably be coming down for that.

ahh..well..yeah..THAT's more important.

blurk, lemme guess...Coors (urp) was involved?

Maybe he was the one on the other side of Hammie's sheep, and touched the ram the wrong way.

*blink blink*

Whatever do you mean?

Heyyyy, that's MY 'blink, blink.' Give it back.

*would rather get some *bling* *bling*

Damnit, Helga!!git yer drunken @ss outta here already!

geez...what were you all DRINKING last night?

Just don't like someone messin' with my stuff, ya know? Plus it's part of a set.

Point of clarification: They are not "my" sheep. They belong to the blogbar (much as the rest of us do, but they are more well-behaved). I just feed them, water them, and read them Dave Barry columns at night.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!!*

hmm sure...but you're quite fond of them...

Are they sure it was Superman?

*WAVES Helga's beerbong @ Hammie!!!!*

Fine, Annie.
Take your blink blink back.

I'm not blonde enough to use it anyway.


Waves @ Siouxie!!!!

Waves @ AWBH!!!!

Gives last rites to Blurk.

Hammie, if that's the only thing I do today that is likely to get me in trouble I'm ahead of the game.

Hmm speaking of blurk AND sheep...

I was drunk and needed the money.

And that's all I have to say 'bout that.

I'm tellin' ya, blurk. It's that crap beer you been drinkin'!

Sioux, I VERY seldom drink.

I may chug, guzzle, swill, inhale, take intravenously and sometimes dream about, but I seldom drink.

Superman, huh? I'm thinking, maybe a kite?

Silly Romanians.

Siouxie - that's awful! Blurk wouldn't be caught dead in a white hat after Labor Day.

Vodka and a jet pack - 'nuff said.

"Just cruising around".

How cool is that? I believe every word of this story.

*waves hi to igloo* Long time, no see. :)

Fine, Annie.
Take your blink blink back.
I'm not blonde enough to use it anyway.
Posted by: blurk | 10:14 AM on September 20, 2007

Everyone wave good-bye to blurkie...He's going away for a while.

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