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September 23, 2007


A mom who gets involved.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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must've been take your child to work day.

So what? My mother drove us to TP someone's yard once.

Well, DUH!

They weren't old enough to drive themselves!

Well, not legally.

Well, if ya can't call yer mom, who can ya call?

"You pick your son up after he's done robbing a place? That's bad. That's bad on you," said a burglary victim's son, Willis Grant.

Gee, you think?!? Bright, that one.

Have you hugged your felon today?

if she drove him to fence the merchandise, she'd be a 'hocker' mom...

My mom would do that for my cousin.

Good to see such a supportive Mom. And all *I* did was join the PTA. sheesh.

Single mom once again stuck having to do the work of the absent dad.

Lol, j! Good one.

I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

When I worked as a cashier in the local supermarket we caught a mom who was directing her 12 year old girl on how to shoplift. She was angry with her daughter for getting caught.

I think there might be a difference in sentence if she's upgraded from "driver of the getaway car" to "mastermind", "ringleader" or "Fagin".

Let's see...soccer moms drive mini-vans, what exactly do burglary moms drive?

Grand theft autos? Nah.

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