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September 23, 2007


(Thanks to Neil G)


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they could start a new tradition of throwing punches instead of rice.

As a person with Ukrainian ancestry, I am either embarrassed or proud, depending upon which you prefer.

Alcohol was involved, undoubtedly.

This is what happens when Saskatoon men run into Saskatoon women - with their cars. It gets Saskalooney. (I need coffee)

"When told about the bloodied evidence sitting on the grass, a female police constable seemed disinterested.

"There was an accident, but we're done with it there," she said."

So, not only since the fall of the Soviet Union are Ukrainians driving Chevy's, they're also hiring former Miami-Dade police officers?

"So, not only since the fall of the Soviet Union are Ukrainians driving Chevy's, they're also hiring former Miami-Dade police officers?"

Uh, well, Saskatoon,( a city in Saskatchewan) (in Canada) has a large Ukranian population but I wouldn't say they make up the entire city nor are they necessarily in charge of police hiring... I'm surprised the police showed up at all. That area is fairly notorious for violence and lack of police presence.

I'm just curious about why he was denied entry to the wedding! Was he going to break up the marriage? Was he the former partner of one of them?

Man, they do know how to throw a parrrtay in Saskatoonland.

And, this being Canada, they had to then repeat the entire incident in French.

*snork* at Lairbo

As someone who lives on Avenue M in Saskatoon and married a Ukrainian-Canadian: Yeah, this sounds just about right.

At least they picked a venue relatively close to the hospital. Let's see, Avenue J KLMNOP ... yup, six blocks from the hospital. Actually, the Ukrainian Orthodoxers are a minority, there are far more Ukrainian Catholics in these parts. Maybe it was a Catholic Mafia hit.

The neighbourhood where the incident occurred is actually about 1/3 to 1/2 First Nations, with a high amount of gang violence, which may explain the actions of our police (who are notorious for discriminating against "Natives").

Oh, and *snork* at Lairbo!

Ô, et une *snorque* à Lairbo! (Yes, I'm bilingual!) (Ouaip, j'sus bilingue!)

SuzyQ/M. Morte: Merci beaucoup; vous êtes trop aimable ("Where is the nearest Citroen dealership?")

As a Ukranian-American all I can say is - when's the next party?

We might have a few Ukrainians around.

dang, wish i hadn't failed french class three times.

Two strangers walked into a bar in a small town in the Australian Outback. Two local fellows noticed them and one said to the other, "Why don't you go over and see where they're from?"

So he walked over to their table. "Hello, mates, where are you from?"

"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan."

He nodded and went back to his table.

"So where are they from?"

"I don't know. They don't speak English."

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