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September 19, 2007


We are not going to ask what The Blog was doing last night.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'm guessing he was dressed in a cow suit.

My father always says if there is a 1/1000000 chance of something happening, it happens seven times a day in New York.

It wanted to be first in line at the book signing.

Delivery BurgAAaaaars!

Arrr! Wharrr did the next post go?

Huh! Well, for the 'Ghost Post':

Constable, what caused this terrible wreck?

Mum, we believe it was mattrecide.


Was Dave out wrestlin' heffers last night???
I always knew he was a teat man.

"the animal was allowed to spend the rest of her days at a farm-animal sanctuary upstate."
Yeah, to Camp Hamburrrgarrrr Helparrr.

btw - that's a Hereford.

There be cows in New York?

Why not cows? They've got coyotes in Central Park, after all...

What be they doing with cows in New York, matey?

There are cougars drinking in all the pubs and the mare is always shooting the bull.

It seems to me I just posted this the other day in another context, but it applies here, too:

Two words...border collies.

Attica! Attica!

Now that's New York.

i neva sore a cow until i moved upstate, and went to the fahmas museum in coopastown. honest, and i grew up in queens, not fahr from where this cow was rushing about. traffic is pretty hectic on union turnpike, even at 11 pm. she coulda bin hit by a cawhr.

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