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September 26, 2007


(Thanks to Barb Goldstein)


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Beer I hope.

350???? And the alarm didn't go off? That's... Amazing, if nothing else...

Can anybody say...inside job? I suspect that the perpetrator of this crime is very close to the crime scene.

Argh! I should have said intimate with the crime scene.

He's gonna be p!ssed when he finds out they're empty!

What a shame. 700 breasts will go unsupported.

I volunteer to lend a hand. Or two.

You couldn't possibly lift -- much less separate -- that many bras from a store without extra support. I'm sure that in celebration of his success, he's tilting a cup somewhere...

Musta been a strapping young man.

What happened to the models who were wearing them?

I think that as punishment, they should make him wear a Victoria Secrets underwire.

As Hamlet said to the salesgirl as he was contemplating buying a bra for his cross dressing -- "Hmm, 32B or not 32B."

Sorry so late...the store was out of bras, and my knees kept hitting my boobies as I tried to run.

Anybody got a couple of slingshots (trebuchet size) and some duct tape???

Guy walks into a bra, the bratender says, "What the hell are you gonna do with 350 bras?"

Why is everyone so sure it was a guy? Haha, yeah I know!

$40 for a bra? Wow.

I'm not a bra sizer, but I'll give it a shot.

*snorks from cj on down*

$15,000? Those are some expensive bras!

I wonder if they will end up on eBra - I mean, eBay

The stock market has been off a bit lately. Could it have to do with the sagging bra market?

Yes, Moon - $40, and they're worth it. Except the underwires, which bite, as Cheryl mentioned.
(sidenote for women ONLY- if you're chilly, get a miracle bra - the cups are super insulated and will keep you warm. Really. Siouxie told me.)

I agree Annie, if the dam thing is comfortable, I'll pay $40! Only a woman could understand that. And some men who do not live in Iran.

Moon, those folks are called diesel fitters. they hold up a bra, and compare it to a prospective buyer, and proclaim, "Diesel fitter."

or not.

That is going to be one epic Water Balloon fight. Imagine having to set up the fort with 125 bras, and then send a party out, each member holding a bra for a sling, and then attacking the other side that has just as many.
And then think of the many people watching, as hundreds of men, wearing war paint, attack each other with these bras. Epic, I tell you.


Alfred, for some reason that reminds me of that commercial of the guy who is all ready to paint the house, and then he takes out his paint ball gun to paint it. I so want to do that.

If the police suspect it's an inside job, someone will probably have to go in wearing a wire.

WL- That is a great idea. Only this, I highly doubt anyone wants my house to be painted Bright Neon Green. And then glow in the dark at night.
Thats all the paint balls I have.

Come on, Alfred - you're a guy - make your own dang ballz.
Oh, and hi.

If Wyo's still around, we once had someone shoot a horse with a paintball gun. While the horse was being ridden on a trailride. He will never shoot anyone ever again. Heck, he probably can't even feed himself yet.

Annie, some folks just ain't got the sense God gave 'em to begin with. Let 'em starve. (ok, maybe that's a bit harsh, but isn't that how nature protects the gene pool?)

he'll be sentenced to 350 x 18 hours when he's caught...

Annie- No one has really written a book about such a thing. I guess the poor mans way would be to take waterballoons and fill them with paint. Then get a potato gun and use that.

I'm not kidding, I am figuring out how to build the thing in my head.

Oh and hello back.

If you're the same Alfred who used to hang around the blog, I have no doubt you'll figure out a way. And it'll be funny. After the stitches heal.

Wyo - no kidding. He needed a dally & drag very badly.

Annie- Last I checked, I still am. Although I may have to get that psychoanalyzed and checked up with phylosophers.

I was figuring out a Trojan Horse Tank that shoots water balloons through the nostrils. It would have to be green paint though.

Alfred, perhaps if we built a "large wooden badger!"

I notice that Alfred wisely held 100 artillery pieces in reserve. And that he doesn't live across the alley from my house in the splotchy lime-green house.

CJ- My house is green. I can't say it is a perfect green, but when the trees in front are blooming, it is a perfect color. The rest of the year it looks weird.

Wish I had a way to change the color of my house on the needs of the season.

Wyo- There is no way I am building a Bra cannon onto a Beaver.

Alfred, funny, but inaccurate. A beaver is not a badger. One may badger another about a beaver...

perhaps we shouldn't go there.

*moons Alfred from the back porch*

*opens fire on CJ*

Wyo- I realize the difference, but most people would Badger me about my Beaver and I wouldn't know what to say.... Yeah, change of subject.

*loads Milk Duds in both cups*

Hah! Now your south wall is looking more seasonal!

But your honor, I am innocent! Cross my heart!

CJ- I agree, it does look like a Halloween day after.

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I just ordered a bunch of scary movies. Never had a Scary movie fest on Halloween, figured I should try it at least once.

But what gets left from the Tricks -stupid rabbit- takes a good day to clean up.

I think I got off topic enough... I want Egg Nogg.

In Florida, we don't have to clean; we have insects that take care of that for us. Just ask my kitchen counters.

I'm looking forward to Halloween this year, even though it falls on a sucky Wednesday. I'm thinking RiffRaff this year, so I don't have to wear a costume.

In Yakima. I could probably clean it next year, and no one will notice.

Funny story that I will back up with no facts. There is what is called a Sugar Ant, probably because it has a sweet tooth, but I like to think it pegs their size at a grain of sugar.

My brother (wears glasses everywhere but in the kitchen), announced he had traced the intrepid Sugar Ant invasion to it's source... it's infiltrating through my library!!! All of my books must be fumigated!

I was so relieved!! It had nothing to do with the cookie crumbs/whatever on the counters and floors! It was the dang books!!

I have been unable to convince him that their appearances might be more directly related to when he puts on his glasses. He's convinced they come from the books.

I betcha the inside job was upper management wanting the Victoria Secret commercials to go topless.

Yesss!!! That'll stop me from channel surfing.

You should read the essay on prostitution "A She-Savior" by the well-known Russian author Mikhail Armalinsky. It was published in Moscow edition of his Selected Works http://www.mipco.com/english/introVozn.html
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I know a guy who worked at Macy's, and he caught a shoplifter who had taken 17 thongs (undies, not shoes) into the dressing room and came out with none. She had shoved two pairs into her purse and put on the other 15! My friend had to have a female come in to witness the shoplifter taking off the lifted panties.

All I can picture is this thief wearing all of those bras out of the store.

AAaanndd, hands off to the other time zones. Niters.

That's hot!

(lol cj 5:52p)

*here to support all my wimmin friends*

agree - underwires suck...but my punishment to this guy would be to wear underwires....in the groinage area.

I know..I am evil...

My theory is that it was Ohbra Winfrey and she stole them to give them away on her show. Either that or Chuck Barry was planning a comeback to TV with the new Thong Show, featuring Mean G-string the dancing machine.


A cowboy (not Wyo ... or, mebbe so, but I'm not tellin') walks into the Ladies' Department of a store and tells the gal behind the counter, "Ah've been sent here to buy a bra ..."

Gal says, "Playtex?"

Cowboy says, "Wal, mebbe a little on Thursday nite, that's when the wife goes bowlin' ..."

When the thief got caught, he gave a complete confession. He wanted to make a clean breast of things.

Is sok real?

If you are, please explain the meaning of the essays on this article?

Is this thread part of some Twilight Zone episode?

Hi guys!

Alfred, of course, sok is real... but in search of the C. Perhaps a lead to the crime.....

i like bras with under wires they're comfortable
only when i cut out the wire

dawn - if i do that, there goes all the support!

Apropos an earlier thread running while I was fast asleep in my widdle bed about the guy with the hockey pucks in his cheeks, it reminded me of an episode of Dr. 90210 on E! There was a guy who had a tube through his nasal septum and really weird tats on his face. I though this was going to be a serious challenge for the plastic surgeons but it turned out all he wanted was for them to fix his earlobe, he'd stretched it so far that it had torn. ISIANMTU.

Good morning, all...Round the clock, just like '24'

Alfred... Haven't seen you in a loooong time! As I recall, you owe me an exploding cow...

Betsy Here

Use it for whatever purpose that does not involve my house.

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