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September 11, 2007


America's Heartland

Key Quote: A man who serves as police commissioner, alderman and mayor pro-tem in Peculiar, Mo., was accused of getting drunk and plowing into three people at a tractor pull Saturday.

(Thanks to Layla Bohm, who notes that the KCTV News Team makes up in perkiness what it lacks in size)


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Again, Drunken Aldermen WBAGNFAPB.

May I be the FIRST to remind everyone that in rural America, towns are so small they don't have a drunk and everyone has to take turns.

This alder was just showing good leadership.

OK, second. Chris, maybe they could open for the Dead Presidents?

Everybody have fun tonight.
Everybody Wansing tonight.

lol sly!

Like the KCTV News Team, I also make up in perkiness what I lack in size

The pro-tem thing is out of the question over this.

Well, I've been authorized not to make any comments at this time.


I haven't plowed into three in one night since my college days...

jon, there's a little blue pill that works wonders for that. blurk told me.

Siouxie - could you step outside for a moment, please?

uh..I was in NO way suggesting that blurk had a problem with that, Annie. Really. On the contrary, el es MUY MACHO!!

Please don't hurt me. Don't you have to rest or something?? you are getting sleeeepy...


Oohh.... Cat fight!

We interrupt this cat fight to bring you Katie Horner.

So sorry, but I haven't posted links here before and don't know how. I mean, I hardly even post.

Siouxie - I just asked you to step outside. I wasn't going out there with you. But after that blue pill comment, maybe the tractor pull guy is still out there running amok, so cuidado, muchacha....

is he cute?

um..nevermind. saw the pic.


Ah, man!
And I was getting the AstroGlide all ready for the match!

jon, let's stir up another one.
You bring the lawn chairs, I'll bring the beer.


Siouxie said Coors and she dares you to do sumpthin' about it.

Nice try, blurk. She knows better than that.


Whut? Grolsh?
I think that word is the sound I make when I try to drink a Miller.

oops..sorry..my bad

it's Grolsch.

eat_black's link: Fire Katie.

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