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September 26, 2007


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to ubetcha)

Update, with Shocking Revelation: "....alcohol played a large factor in the groom ending up with someone other than his new wife."


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Uhm... not ALL men.. Sheesh.

yes. except you clean.

"carpio diem" -> seize the bridesmaid...

SNORK @ insom. I'll bet the bride was just sooooooo happy with him. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during their honeymoon.

Lol, insom. But why are "we" blaming the man?

looks like they'll get to spend their honeymoon in court.

Can you say 'annulment'?

I knew that you could.

By the way, we have no bridesmaids in Iran.

He thought he could forever hold his piece.

Now I know why some women are:

"Always the bridesmaid, never the bride."

LOL insom!


So let me see if I understand the few facts we have...
Everybody gets pickled. A bridesmaid goes up to the room that was supposed to be used by the bride and groom. The groom goes to his room and gets nekkid. The bridesmaid's significant other picks a fight with the groom - for being where he was supposed to be, clothed in a way he was supposed to be. The groom gets arrested.

I'll definitely take the "or what" designation for the groom.

And the news team could not be perkier about the whole situation.

WAY TO GO SIOUXIE!!! You can slap me any time 8^)

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

at least my third ex-husband waited until the first day AFTER the honeymoon before I caught him with the next door neighbor. have to give him points for some self-control. and no, alcohol was not involved.

uh...ok ex-Addict...if you insist.


Wowser! Shades of Sonny Corleone!

(Well, Sonny wuz merely the Brother of the Bride, and not the groom, but YKWIM ...)

Thank You

She was invited to the pants party! I love lamp.

Sounds like there was no Best Man at this wedding.

Maybe the bridesmaid was claiming prima nocta? Or not....

Au contraire,Meanie. The groom was doing his best to show that he was, in fact, the best man.

Dave's Quote: We report; you decide"

You report; we deride

Champ, I ate your chocolate squirrel.

Arresting officer: OK...whadda we got here? Drunk and disorderly? Check. And...

*eyes assailant's equipment; smirks*

..third....nah, make that fourth...degree sexual assault.

This took place in a town called Bantam. What do you expect? The guy thought he was in rooster heaven.

I applaud the guy....he figured out that excuse on the fly....

The reception was held at a restaurant called La Cupola. I guess the groom figured he'd get a "couple a women."

"we're a reputation place". Did Rosa go to the same English school as George jr.?

Police allege the groom, Oscar Carpio, 32, was found with a bridesmaid in a room he and his bride had rented.

WTF. I'm with the guys on this one. What female in her right mind would go take a nap in the bridal suite on a wedding night? Alcohol aside, you get your own frickin room.

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