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September 27, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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There must really be something funny in the water in Wisconsin because there have been way too many nutty stories lately.

I've never seen the hokey pokey performed like that.

nice boots.

I would have liked to have heard what the reporter said after the camera went off.

Can you see me now? Bad!

Jeff - you think they drink WATER in Wisconsin? Surely you jest. If there's anything funny being added, it's in the beer. Or the beer itself could explain excess wackiness, without additives.


Anyone ever see tailgaters behind a news reporter? Or at any sporting or concert event?

Sorry Dave, I am not impressed with this. :)

Unfortunately, we drink WAY better than we dance up here. It gets even worse when we combine the two. Check out video from any wedding in Green Bay, we're all candidates for remedial rhythm classes.

I've seen that guy ina pop-up ad.

*thought headline said "Fuzzy Boobs"*

I think it was Dave who wrote many years ago about there being more UFO sightings in Wisconsin than anywhere else.




Wally's got the idea.

Live news just lends itself to the best bloopers out there.

(And, Cheryl? Me, too... Glad it didn't.)

White men can't dance.

that is all

It was their headline that made me *snork* my Diet Sprite. Talk about major breaking news stories!!!

At least it wasn't a man with fuzzy nuts dancing behind the reporter..

OMG! Did I really say that? Sorry folks, I've got a H#!! of a bad chest cold so I'm foggier than usual, plus, all my plumbing is backed up and I've been waiting for the plumber for hours.

Neither fuzzy boot dancers nor tailgaters have anything on these dewds.

For some reason, I didn't pay attention to the station name, and for half a second I thought he signed off with, "For F*cks-It news, this is..."

Oh no, its the Fuzz!

This one is my favorite of the genre. (Warning: a little bit adult). Forgive me; I may have posted it before.

(and lol cj 3:16p)

LMAO Stevie!! I had seen that before. TOOOOOOO funny!! maybe it was when you posted it before.

so, the sword attack is secondary. good one.

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