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September 18, 2007


It's hard to believe he's not from South Florida.

(Thanks to many fearless readers)


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Looks like Moses in a t-shirt.

this guy better hope he doesn't win his case. and is terrorization really a word?

Just wondering who he's going to call as a witness - Billy Graham?

Actually, I have no idea what Moses looked like, since I wasn't around then.

Meanie the Blue told me.

Who will represent God??

*Will NOT want to be the one "serving" God* IYKWIM

When the defendant takes the stand, what will the bailiff say?

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you You?"

Maybe his son could expedite the trial process.

*snork* @ Ford!

I'll bet God is really stuck now. OJ probably grabbed all the good lawyers again.

Ford: there's a similar point made on The Dilbert Blog today, so good one.

That's right, Annie. It was I who gave him directions.

MtB - in the desert? Nice work!

Can I help it if the guy read "milk and honey" as "Milwaukee"?

Well you certainly kept him outta Jersey. In more ways than one.

I'm thinking he should sue Satan instead...

That'd be tough ellie, Satan has all the lawyers.

rut roh

I think you're right, Ellie...

One must keep in mind that Nebraska recently closed it's State Hospitals....

Actually to "sue God" one would not need lawyers!! Just talk, silly, he hears everything..

And, an extra **Snork** to OJ Simpson, wanting bail... Hahahahaaaaahahahhaaa... watch for the NEXT Tuscon "Cops" car chase.. while he's "suicidal"

Most of my patients are outta the Hooskow, entertaining, and intermittently terrorizing us -- sue them..


I thought Annie said OJ had all the lawyers...OJ, Satan, hmmm...might there be a link?

i'm thinkin' of suing Him over my grievous affliction... i certainly called out His name when i got it!

i have heard many o' place described as 'the land that God forgot' but ne'er one that were 'the land God can't get within 200 feet of because of a t.r.o!'

Satan has an excellent hold on Lawyers, everywhere..


The Omaha senator, who skips morning prayers during the legislative session and often criticizes Christians, also says God has caused “fearsome floods ... horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes.

you gotta give the guy credit for alliteration, at least...

Depending on your beliefs, God is the father of all mankind, right?

I want child support.

Satan has no need for lawyers. He represents himself. Which is why he loses so much. And why he gets the basement office with the window.

God's neighbor, testifying on witness stand: He pretty much kept to himself... he was always friendly enough, you know, he'd smile and wave when he saw you, and the like. We never guessed that he had anything to do with all those floods and hurricanes, or that he'd turn all wrathful and everything...

snork @ blurk & Lairbo

It's about time that God took some *personal responsibility* for the state of All for which he's responsible...which, last time I checked, was pretty much All of It.

Wait'll the power goes out during the trial.

LOL Lairbo

If the plague and pestilence don't fit, you must acquit!!

Well, Johnnie, I guess he DOES have access to better lawyers than OJ does ... NOW.

Johnnie Cochran, Clarence Darrow, Melvin Belli...yup, I'd say God's got this one wrapped up.

You are all going to Hell. which is a good thing, because I will need the company.

JoG, we're gonna need a bigger handbasket.

Definitely a bigger handbasket, Siouxie, definitely...

A more appropriate picture of the Senator, courtesy of AP.


5 bucks on God to win this one.

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