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September 19, 2007


Turns out they have a blog, too.


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Yarrr! A pox on their blog! Our blog can keelhaul their blog any day. Get the big pot out for Al Roker - more firewood and lots o' blog butter. Take the tweezers to Ann Curry! Arrrr!!!!

Arrr! But THEY want their material to be ON TOPIC! I canna' fathom that.

Ahoy Dave! Your blog be much better than them landlubber Today folks. It takes forever for the posts to appear. Arrrrrrrrr!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Did they talk like a pirate during the comerrrrrrrrical breaks

Aye Diva, There won't be printin' my comment anytime soon, either. Darn Landlubbing, on topic, no good, scurvy, king's men.

Ahoy, Dave,

Me and my mateys shall be at yar event at B&N tonight. I pray you'll be starting 'cross town now.

"The Authority was always talking about these, and I wrote many long stories about them, but to this day I have no idea what they are or why anybody would want to intercept sewage."---quoted from the Dave Barry book.

Well, matey, ye don't be wanting to fumble the sewage, now do ye? Arrrrg!

They probably only publish "appropriate and inoffensive" comments. To that, I say: Harrrrrrr!

Fifteen men on a dead man's blog. Yo Ho HO a a b'ttle o' rum.

I think that's "appropriate and inoffensive."

I just realized no one has used the phrase Davy Jones Locker all day. We must rectify this situation.

Davy Jones Locker was...um...filled with smelly socks and a jock strap.
Oh, and some rum.

There ya go, Edgar.

I couldn't find their blog and the video was NOT of Dave.
(end grumble)

It's better here.

It has zero comments. What a boring audience they (normally) have.

Davy Jones' Locker is what he came out of.

Sheet the mizzen mast and stand by for boardin' their scurvy blog maties

I just left a comment, Stevie. You could have too, ya know, just to up Dave's Q rating.

Don't be passing out my Qs all willy-nilly like that, El. Them's sacred!

Eleanor! Shouldn't ye be callin' yerself "Pirate Flora the Infected"? (No, I'm NOT callin' ye names ye scurvy lass! I put "Eleanor" in the generator an' that's wha' it gimme! O' course, we could go with "El" an' call ye "Pirate Misty the Engorged," but I dinna think ye'd like tha' any be'er.)


I did find the video, after a bit of searching...but can't seem to get a direct link to it....help, anyone? Oh, and Arrrrrrrrrr!!!

And then there's these signs:







ARGGH! Wrong thread. Sorry!


daisy, I watched the video. You just have to click on the playlist thingy.

Suzy, you wouldn't let Dave Barry, the reason you're here, have one of your Qs????

I'm shocked. ;)

*zips out to post another comment*

My comment is still not there.

The Today Show and I are finished.

Mine, neither, El. I say a pox on 'em all. May they stagnate in a cistern of metropolitan urbanity.
Ooops. Too late. Already arrrrrrrrr!

May all their rum be sour, and all their cutlasses be dull.

7:30p.m. PDT

I just czeched the so-called Today Show Blog.

My first comment is there. My second one is not.


ok..I sent mine in!!

El, how could they censor YOU! This is injustice. I say we get our pitchforks and our flaming torches (Mine's still hot from last time) and give that blog a piece of our mind. ARE YOU WITH ME?

Punkin - loved your comment on their blog. 'easy on the hardcovers...' etc. Those poor post reviewers had no clue what we were talking about. Arrrr!

Wooohooo!! I got posted!!

Arrrrrrrr mateys! It be a fine day when ourrrrrr beloved Cap'n Barrrrrrry be strrrrrumptetin'! I be drinkin' me blog grob and shiverin' me timberrrrrrs!!

Siouxie, Cap'n Helga Beergong ta ya scurrrrrvy dogs! (Sent Wednesday, September 19, 2007 11:35 PM)

His Daveness looked kinda hot....

What makes you think I haven't already given him several, El?

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