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September 23, 2007


Apparently, next season on 24 they're going to try having a plot.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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You would think that they would have a plot about the REAL Danger to the US. Barry Manilow.

Janeane Garofalo as an FBI agent?

So, the show evolving into a sitcom.

Oh, and welcome back Kotter Dave!

Tony and Chloe?

OK, I'm watching.

What about Maurice and the baby?

A plot? I, for one, will believe it when I see it.

This show jumped the shark in about episode 3 of season 1. Immo (in my minority opinion).

Ifits... evolving? Does this marn it was originally a serious serial?

Oh man! They can't have a REAL plot. What will we laugh at then?? We'd be all interested and sh!t and be watchin' and we'd have not time to blog or (GOD FORBID) drink!!!!



*takes back the extra 't' from not*

Exchange e for a. thank you. (if my previous question doesn't/didn't register, please ignore this one.){better yet skip them both as i just read the second one and decided I need a coffee before writing in this blogateria]

Siouxie, I almost got thrown out of the movie theater a couple of weeks ago. We were seeing the third BOurne movie and every time the bad guy ordered them to set up a perimeter I yelled out, Drink!"


A plot on 24? Now, that's just crazy talk!

Well, it couldn't possibly be any worse than last season. Oh yeah, guy turning up from the beyond to testify in front of a congressional hearing committee. Yep, looks like the suspension of disbelief generator will be working twice as hard as the wooden dialogue generator this season.

So, who's gonna play Pam Ewing?

Why that's Victoria Principal's secret, dd.

(Almost afraid to ask) What, oh what, is an "upscale man?"


And the other super-secret-special surprise is that not only are they bringing Tony back from the dead, but Edgar is returning, too!

Early indications are that while the gas he inhaled was lethal, it seems that the degree of lethalness is based on a person's body mass index (BMI), and there wasn't enough gas at CTU to actually kill Edgar. He's been hidden away, recuperating for many months.....kept away from the Chinese, of course. And that only begs the question, where oh where can we find a pair of cheap Chinese-made shoes that are still comfortable????

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