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September 11, 2007


New Hampshire school officials take a stand against a potentially serious threat.

(Thanks to DeskDiva)


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So they'll allow the picture if she's de-flowered first?

Another example of "educators" gone bonkers ... merely observin' ...

School Policy: Students' photos will only be placed in the yearbook after deflowering has taken place. This policy will be mandatory. Or womandatory.

(Hi, CJ' ...)

*snork* @ CJ!

Hair clips? Glasses? Necklace? Collar? Ear rings? Tattoos? Ribbons? Makeup?

I'd sure hate it if we ruined anyone's education by not settling these things.

Note to students: Get your own photos and make your own yearbooks. And don't sell any to the school.

Remember when the guys had to wear the same suit/bowtie and girls the same dress for Senior pictures? Those were the good old days when kids noo how to spell.

My daughter is in the "yearbook" staff this year. They all had a 2nd set of funky pictures taken for their Sr. fotos. She wore a rock Tshirt and did the "rock devil" sign. I'm sure she would have been banned in that school. Lucky for her, this is an art school. YAY!

Yay me! Two postings in two days!

*snork* at cj.

We didn't have a choice when I was in h.s. Generic background and no props...but that shot was free. The ones we got to share w/ friends and such, we could do whatever we wanted with.

I hate to say it, but I can see their point. In this ridiculous society, the "can't have your gun in the photo" people would come back and sue.

Holy shit! They FORCED us to take a flower picture as part of our senior pics. I hated it and didn't use it for my HS yearbook photo. She should sue!

Back in the day--our parents had to buy our senior photos and they were big bucks. Personally, I think she should take the photo again and cleverly disguise giving them "the bird".

Geezermobile moment here - my senior picture was taken at a large department store and my parents had like three choices of "packages" - expensive, more expensive and outrageously expensive in either black and white or sepia. We girls were all draped in velvet so that it looked as if we were wearing a gown and the boys all had to wear suits with ties- 4-in-hand ties. The department store is no longer there and pictures in yearbooks are taken at ritzy photo studios or in the school. Not sure which in my hometown.
Welcome to the real world, folks... And please step to the rear of the bus for your safety - it's filling up fast.

It's one of life's great regrets that I let the yearbook coordinator talk me out of the picture I wanted to use for my yearbook picture.
This girl should take the same picture and stick the flower in her hair.
That way it's not a prop, it's an accessory.

With age comes wisdom....

*Flares nostrils and mounts hobby horse*

Jeez louise...I am so SICK of people pompously promulgating "zero tolerance" policies because they aren't willing to go out on the great big scary limb and exercise some fuh-reakin' judgement once in a while! "Oooh, if we allow nail clippers we'll have to allow switchblades." "Yess, and if we let Tiffany hold a flower, we might have to explain to Dreg's parents why he can't fondle his AK-47".
Face it, folks: some-frickin-body has to be the adults around here; and zero tolerance is for intellectually lazy pusillanimous slugs who wet their pants if they have to present an argument more sophisticated than "because it's The Policy."
Life is not -- repeat NOT -- black and white.
And that's my final word: no arguments are permitted. Because it's The Policy, that's why!

*Dismounts hobby horse and rubs down before stabling*

If people aren't allowed to hold flowers, soon only criminals will have flowers.

If people aren't allowed to hold flowers, soon only criminals will have flowers.

AMEN, Betsy!!!

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