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September 27, 2007


Horse Smuggled Onto Plane

(Thanks to Guin)


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wonders what exactly is the proper container in which to ship a horse. my sister transported one in a u-haul once....

The first thought that came to my mind was "GET IN MAH BELLY". Mmmm Mmmm horseburger.

You'd think Celine Dion could find a better way to travel.

And to think airport personell missed it when the horse took his shoes off at the metal detector.

Dogs got hooves??

It's inhumane. I mean look at it. Would you like to be cramped up in something like that?

Because they passenger seats in coach are so much bigger.

So customs agents at airports typically have a supply of hay available?



“It's inhumane. I mean look at it. Would you like to be cramped up in something like that? I wouldn't,” said one passenger.

Why did they only interview someone from business/first class? Or is this her first flight and she hasn't gotten on the plane yet?

Cosmic, man. Kind of like a Trojan horse, in reverse.

Steven Wright: What if they opened the Trojan Horse and a bunch of little horses ran out?

George Carlin: Who is this Steven Wright and why is he ripping off my schtick?


I'd have loved to see this guy's ventriloquist act at the cargo check-in.

Agent: And what kind of animal is in the crate?
Horse Owner: (from side of mouth) Arf! Arf! (speaking normally) It's a show dog, a Bunghole Terrier, very rare. (turns head away from agent) Woof!

Heh. I said terrier.

CG - tell your sister not to do that again. A U-haul trailer may not be strong enough. There are horror stories about horses going through trailer floors and grinding their legs down the road.

pogo, it was a one time deal. mini horse. u-haul held up fine. she just didn't want it in the back of her suv. she has since invested in a fancy schmancy horse trailer.

horse = heroin, right?

So what's the big shock?

What? A real horse? Oh...never mind.

/end Emily Litella channeling.

...and the bartender said "Why the small crate?"

OK, CG. Just wanted to be sure. I used to have horses. For all their size they can be very fragile.

Looking at that crate it may actually be too wide and a little low. For transporting a horse you want a narrow stall for support and enough head room for the head.

I've seen people buy wild ponies at the pony penning in Chincoteague, VA, and stick them in the back of their station wagons. Unbelievable.

Annie, that's why I always say...

Save a horse...you know the rest...

Can't help but replaying the gorilla scenes from "Trading Places."

What gorilla scenes, Betsy?

Too true, Annie...

When I was a rookie police officer, I was parked on the side of the road and a relatively new Cadillac drove past...In the back seat, head out the window, was a cow.

After stopping the driver, he advised me that he had just been to the auction...

Siouxie - behave!

Afkat, that sounds like a picture right out of a Far Side cartoon!

If this guy got a horse on a plane, why couldn't I take my mousse?

Wilbur Post: Ed, you have run away for the last time! I'm going to lock you in your stall.
Mister Ed: Don't do that Wilbur! I suffer from claustrophobia!
Wilbur Post: Claustrophobia? You mean you have a fear of confined spaces?
Mister Ed: Sure, it runs in the family. I even get nervous when I put my nose in a small feedbag.

A few years back I was out bird hunting in Kansas when a guy drove across a field to say hi. Inside the cab of his small Nissan pickup was a calf on the seat beside him.

My Border collies sometimes try to bring their sheep home with them but I don't let them.

I had a Boy Scout Leader that was also a farmer. His van would accaiosonally transport cattle. My biggest problem was that he would put the seats back in, and then take us for a camping trip.

I smelled like crap before we even arrived at the spot. It did mean that we had steaks for dinner though.

I am surprised my dog stays in her kennel during trips. Sure its big enough for her body, but she can't play fetch in there.

Several months ago I was motoring down the highway. There was a minivan in front of me and I pulled into the left lane to pass. The front of my car was just pulling level with the rear end of the van when I noticed a freakin llama staring at me from the back window of the van. I almost peed. It was the most unexpected weird thing that I have ever seen on a road. The llama was just laying there, chewing on its cud, watching me pass by.

caseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! how ya been gf??? did you get my email (re: Hunt)??

btw?? were you topless when the llama encounter occurred?

that was too funny, though...sheesh...a LLAMA???

I do the same thing when I'm stuck in the back of a minivan.

Some animals love to go for rides. I've seen llamas in suvs, calves riding shotgun, camels in horse trailers, etc. I got seriously run over by a polo pony who wouldn't wait her turn to get in a stock trailer to go to a game. She wanted to play! You woulda thought we were going for ice cream or something.

Casey!!!!!!! sorry I missed you

CJ< I've had a "back-of-the-minivan experience" or two, but it sure didn't involve chewin' cud!

Annie, just who elected you?

Well, some people have recreational vehicles, some have procreational vehicles!

I think I'll go buy another minivan, and call it "Rosie".

i sold a goat to a family that then loaded it into the back of a nice van and drove 30 miles back home. that had to have been a long ride baaaaaaaaaaaaack. also remember as a kid (no pun intended)living in tampa, the ponies from the pony ride at the zoo would load up in the back of a pickup to drive in town. maybe for ice cream....

Does having dogs the size of a miniature horse count? Our St Bernard loves to ride in the back seat of the truck and look out the window. The horses have to stay in trailer though. The manure messes up the carpets too much.

*borrows El's zipper™*

Watching Grey's Anatomy!!

*zips™ out*

for now...get the blog bar ready...I'll be back!

With cg, it's always ice cream... or cake.

CJ, should I get a special flavor of ice cream for the Hunt weekend???

Back from the Anatomy with Sioux.

Change is good. And I am surprised, pleasantly, that the writing and the story quality seems undiminished.

Ice cream? You scream. We all scream for blogaritas!

Med! I love that show. It's both serious at times and just hilarious when it needs to be. GREAT premiere!!

*pours a glass of my best boxed wine for you*

Do they have chianti or barolo ice cream? I bet my pastry chef could create such a thing. He did brandy ice cream last week.

He keeps asking me out and he is such a sweet cutie pie. Trouble is, if I went out with him, I would gain weight by the second cuz he loves to cook for his woman. And i saw his ex.

And yes, yes, YES, on GA. Judi is addicted too.

Hmmm. You'll have to check with the rest of the contingent. My idea of special is ice cream... sandwich!

ohhh I love those! CJ and anything chocolate...but I'm willing to provide other flavours for the gang.

as far as I'm concerned, there's only one station/show: NFL.

other than that, tv is pretty much... um.... stupid.

just one feller's opinion.

Hey Cowboy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Sorry, but I divorced the NFL (and MLB ftr). Never havin' sex to ESPN sportcenter music again. Nope. Never. Not that I am bitter. Really. Just over it. ;-)

Wyooooooooooo!! NFL? is that a reality show?

*hair flip*

Well guys, I am on my way out. Glad to bump into you..... thanks for the email, btw.

As seen on tv, it is time for some change. ;-P

Catch ya on the flip side. hugs and kisses.

I believe not my usual alias referred to it as the no fun league, Sioux!

I'd tell you all how not-fun this trip was, but you see, I'm a little horse.....

Nite, Med!! I'm off to bed as well. Long day at work tomorrow! UGH! Sweet dreams to all!!

I'll forgive med, as I know she's tired. That girl works her fanny off.

Sioux, it's not reality, that's why I like it. Reality bites.

g'night, Mr. Ed.

Horse Smuggled Onto Plane

A mane, a plane, a corral - Pan Am.

I won't forgive med - I'll agree with her. No Fun League. Just a guy's excuse to sleep on the couch on Sunday. :^P

btw- Dave gave me my title yesterday - IN writing. So, booger, boogah, boogaroo.

Plus I haven't won my office pool (yet) so I'm cranky.

"Just a guy's excuse to sleep on the couch on Sunday."

Excuse? We don't need no stinking excuse.

I worked with a woman that resembled a Jeff Foxworthy joke...if you know how many hay bales your CAR will hold, then you might be a redneck. She answered "five" right away! And she meant it. (She drove an old chevy nova to feed the cattle then) She's still one of my heroes.:)

Thnks were fine until the horse broke out of his enclosure. Then they got unstable.

*snicker* @ SW.

I also have a giant black cat (read fat) that loved to go for rides in my old car...it resembled a Jeep. He loved to stand from the passenger seat to the dash. I loved the double-takes..."That's a fricken CAT!!" The car I drive now is much lower to the ground and said cat wants nothing to do with it. He hides under the seat and howls.

Wyo... I offered up a Blog Fantasy Football League, and there was but ONE taker. Where were you and CJ when?

Thanks, Annie sNOrk @ SW.

My Dad sleeping on the floor/couch/wherever on Sunday is my favorite memory of growing up. Sunday was the ONLY day he was home.... hence the nfl/nascar fan club that he and I enjoy together. Oh and saturday night hbo/carlin specials. tehehehe. The words you can't say on tv. ;-P

*snork* @ shellks's fat cat. THAT I haven't seen. Although we have a dog that loves to go for car rides...with the air conditioning vent blowing directly on his privates. You've never seen people roll down the window so quickly for fresh air.

Med - we had Sunday night Dizney movies and pizza. I think you have me beat with Carlin and HBO.

Annie - I wish everyone could have my Dad. He turned me onto sports, cars, humor, and wine.

Oh, FUN! Now I'm remembering Saturday nights with popcorn, Tab® and The Love Boat. Nice walk down memory lane. :-)

Med, did you ever try to turn the tv off while he was sleeping? My dad would wake right up and say, "Hey, I was watchin' dat!"

"...it resembled a Jeep."

Man, that really is one fat cat.

"...with the air conditioning vent blowing directly on his privates."

*searches for pencil and tomorrow's "to do" list*

In case any of you guys were wondering what our satellite TV dishes up here in SA, here are the programs we watch on a fairly regular basis;

Monday nights; Grey's Anatomy followed by a slightly off-beat or black comedy movie.

Tuesday night; Either a Survivor or Amazing Race, Ugly Betty, CSI Miami (currently), 24 (The series that has recently finished over there), Southpark.

Wednesday; My Name Is Earl (ending next week), a relatively recent popular movie.

Thursday; ER, Brothers and Sisters, CSI New York.

Friday; Friday Night Lights, Movie.

Saturday; Without a Trace, Movie

Sunday; Blockbuster movie, Sleeper Cell.

Movies are not interrupted by commercials.

There are a host of other programs that we watch occasionally such as Mythbusters, American Chopper, So You Think You Can Dance, Idols, Rock Star, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Crime Channel, E!, Animal Planet, National Geographic and something like 8 sports channels including ESPN. There are also most of the popular sitcoms from the US. Daytime TV has the usual talk shows, you name 'em we've got 'em.

Hey, Mot! Nice to share some blog space with you for once! I share the CSI time - I love the original and Miami. Mythbusters rocks as does Without A Trace. I like NCIS too for its somewhat humorous look at the spy game (tho I haven't seen the season opener yet - it's on my DVR).

Mot - Question about American Chopper. I've never ridden a bike in my life that I didn't have to pedal, but I watch Paul & Paul go at each other every week. What is there about that show which makes it so...watchable? I wish I could nail down the formula. Monster Garage is done almost the same way. I think I'd cross the street if I saw Jesse James coming (Except if he were with Sandra Bullock!), but still, I watch....

Goodnight, Wyo..lber!

I'd laugh at that last posting, but would a gallop poll help improve the puns?

Sorry all you guys, I had to do the unthinkable (werk) and have only just got back to my desk. As for American Chopper, despite being convinced that much of the fighting between Junior and Senior is contrived, I love what they do to those motorcycles. TooDees, NCIS is watched very sporadically as it clashes with some of the other shows and the PVR (DVR, Tivo) is already so full of recorded programs, and there's only so much viewing time.

Mot, you don't get 'The Closer', 'House' or 'Burn Notice'? Too bad, they are all as good as CSI or NCIS, but in different ways. I only watch about 10 hours of T.V. a week (I read for about 30 hours) and I'm pretty picky about what I spend my time on. Hope you get a chance to catch any of the above shows.

WW, we've had 'The Closer" and 'House', both excellent. Have not had 'Burn Notice' yet but have heard of it. My favorite CSI is the original set in Vegas, I'm not a fan of Caruso so I watch the program merely to see the locations in Miami. The NY and Vegas CSIs have more meaning as I've visited both cities. I'm pretty selective about TV as well.

what's this about ice cream!!?

Have to agree about Caruso. I'd really love the show if they could find a replacement for him, any replacement that could act instead of over-act. just once i'd like to smack him when he strikes his pose with his damn sunglasses. i love all the other folks on the show, he just kinda spoils it for me.

Haven't been able to get into any of the CSI shows. I really do like Bones and House though. As far as the new season goes, I'm hoping Chuck makes it. I really like Adam Baldwin. Here he's playing a kind of cleaned up Jayne.

*sets coffeemaker to 'burn the land and boil the sea'*

Hi y'all! I've got the weekend off so I'm headed to my personal torturer trainer shortly.

LTTG, but at Casey's llama and at "I'm a little horse".

Thanks for the pix Diva!

Mot!! How ya doin' down there in SA? I thought about you this morning when Lester Whats-his-face on the Today® show was in SA talking with some woman about her baboon problem.

Any bloggers live in Seattle? I'm coming up there next week. I'll be sure to "put my horse in a baggie" for security purposes before I put my ass on the plane.

Thang! I burned my thounge on thith coffee, Fivver!

OOPTH! Inthert *thnork* into my above potht about cathey and horth.

Hey ddd, sorry about the coffee, but at least you'll leave your trainer in the dust from all that caffine.

That must be why I can't close my eyes, now. My tongue has recovered. Did y'all get any of that rain yesterday? I saw the storm headed north when I was leaving work.

Not a drop. Getting kind of desperate here. The little creek on the back of my property is just about dried up.

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