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September 21, 2007


Don't you think?

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Heavy, man.

Thank God the government will soon be in charge of our health care.

a little bit ironic, i really do think

Ya know, all of us here on the blog grew up chewing on lead paint covered window sills.....and we're just fine.

I thought the lead was only harmful if you ate whatever it was in. If the kids are so stupid that they eat their LUNCHBOX instead of their LUNCH, then we have a much bigger problem than lead poisoning.

Annie, don't think for a second I don't know what you were Googlin'...feed those boys some chicken fried steaks.

Now, where'd I put those paint chips?

Hey, lead's a mineral, right?

lol, ellie ;).

Reminds me of my favorite Chinese-Cajun restaurant:


*quickly pulls the a lunchbox out of the mouth of an infant*

WHEW! That was close!

You'd think that China woulda already depleted their lead stores by now.

It's like rayyyyeeeeaaaaaiiiiinnnnne, on your wedding day,

A freeeeee riiiiiiiiiiide, when your already late,

A creeeeeeeammmm piiiiiiieeeee, on a rusty gate....

Ok, so I lost the lyrics in there somewhere, but you get the idea. It's ironic.

FedDuck - that's awful enough to drive anyone to chew on their lunchbox.

*snorking @ mental image of a cream pie hitting a rusty gate*

*Removes pesticide-laden irradiated fruits, genetically engineered veggies, and chemically created desserts snacks from lead-tainted lunchbox*

Now that I have that earwig chronically lodged in my brain (thanks judi), if you're one of the 8 people left in the universe that haven't seen this: Alanis pays tribute to My Humps.

I think we need stronger medicine than that.

fed, we blogged that several months ago ;)

Annie - nice link. I love Mr. Bean.

I have found that people either really love, or seriously hate, Mr. Bean. I am one of the ones who find him hilarious.

It's ironic, do I think?

Not very often, but I rike lead paper on my lice.

Wench Lizzy, don't hate him, but I don't find him at all funny either. Just a weird looking dude with seriously psychotic facial expressions. He is better than Benny Hill though.

Wouldn't one have to work overtime to actually get lead into the vinyl to make a lunch box?


More like "plumbus" ... IYKWIM ... merely sayin' ...

Ooooh...nice one, O the U! A groanogenic pun requiring a knowledge of both chemistry AND Latin!
*standing ovation*

YAY Annie!!

OtH,Got me; IDKWYM as am too tired(lazy) to search for the definition outside the meager offerings of my Commador 23 dictionary.

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