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September 04, 2007


Man loses pants, check.

(Thanks to Chris Lawson)


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Upholds ban on making fun of people's names.

No, I'm not: It's pronounced "Stanky", right?

Had $41,093 and needed to take the edge off? Must have called one of those 'text me right now' 800 numbers regarding the pants.

In the Navy, it was pronounced "Stinky."

Incredibly, I had a fraternity brother named Mark Stahnke (DPC, yes it is pronounced "stanky"). He was noted for a) his p0rn-star moustache and 2) taking off his pants at parties in hopes of getting a little nookie. A) prevented 2) in all cases.

Can anyone post before and after star jones pics. please! 8)

. "When I got up, I realized, my God, I don't have any pants."

I hate it when that happens.

The man took off his pants and put his shoes and socks back on, or he pulled his pants off over his shoes and socks in a drunken state. Alcohol is wonderful.

"How do you get so intoxicated that you lose your pants?"


... why were the pants left again at the intersection? Guy & his dog think the owner might come back?

SO many questions...

Well, alls well that ends well. It gives me hope when a man can get flat assed drunk, lose his pants, and his check, and money, and yet everything works out in the end!

And Bud Collins was nowhere to be found.

I guess we know who where's-the-pants - the dog.

Maybe that Judge from Washington left a $50 million cheque in his pants when he took them to the dry-cleaner.

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