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September 26, 2007


(Thanks to sjhaller)


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First? And nothing called "fluid shear" could be good. OK. One thing.

Ahhhh. My first first. A rowhomer from Philly grows up and accomplishes something.

All your germs are belong to us.

Anybody here? I'm not the wayne who was causin trouble a while back. I'm a decent guy who started on the 24 blog, getting totally schnocked by 10pm with all the perimiter shots.

Congrats, WayneHere. And I loved "Invincible".

That said, huh? While "Salmonella Overlords" might BAGNFARB, this still does not explain how the Russian cosmonaut went 18 months weightless in Mir "The Russian Space Station" and survived an 11-G pull in that crap cartoon of a movie "Armageddon".

Wasn't this a movie a long time ago? The Andromeda Strain had me nervous for a long time, now this...

Welcome Wayne. I'm not familiar with the trouble-making Wayne though.

The shame of it is that we can't can't sterilize humans. Some humans could really use that procedure.

*BIG SNORK* @ Dave's headline. LOL

This makes me wonder about the astronauts that have returned from space. Do their genes change, too? If so, are they really the same people now as before they went up? Interesting thought.

*sniff, sniff* Does this mayo smell okay to you?

it might explain the diaper chic.

DD, if I were them, when I came home, I'd be changing into blue jeans.

But that's just me...

If this lands near the Pennsylvania University, the bars are going to make a fortune.

Okay, here's a silly question to ask now: So do they germs that astronauts might be carrying into space, like the cold virus, or worse flu, do this as well? Gee, someone might consider looking into that.

LOL Nookee. For me it'd probably be shorts.

*snork* @ diane!

diane - you have a definite eye for marketing!

Another take on "It, the Creature From Outerspace."

This totally scared the heck out of me!!! Merely going into space changes the DNA of a living thing?? Now every schlocky sci-fi B-movie I ever saw sounds credible! The Blob could be some austronaut's loogie come back for revenge. "Martians" could be evolved from some chimp we sent up and never got back. This certainly could put a damper on all the recreational space shuttle seats that every billionaire is fond of buying.

Why would a loogie want revenge? Just curious.

'the andromeda strain' is the new 'montezeuma's revenge'

I think Fluid Shear and Their Killer Microbes would be a good name for a rock band.

Hi Wayne!

I don't know the bad Wayne either, so it's all good.

And Armageddon is not a crap movie. It's one of my top 5 faves! Take that back, WD!!!

Note to self: Try to finish thought before pushing post.

Congrats on your first FIRST, Wayne. :)

I am more than a little afraid of why they brought the mice BACK - great, rodents with a super-vector of Space Salmonella!

Build a better mouse trap and they'll beat a path to your door,with flaming torches and pitchforks maybe but they'll beat a path.

I suspect that someone took the blog bot into outer space.

Was it Ren? Or Stimpy? That first coined the term for the effects of Low Fluid Shear in space as


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