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September 26, 2007


We bet he's single!

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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oh ... my ...

I've seen ear disks before but ...

... just ...

oh my.

and maybe first?

DIBS on yankin' those outta his face!!!


He's a walking 50 dollar fine.

Why? Or more specifically, what chain events leads up to the brilliant idea of populating your face with hockey pucks? 99.99% of male motivation is getting a little action. Does this guy think this gonna get him action?

The worst part of the whole ordeal is that beer just sort of spills out the sides.

his mother must be so proud.

WTF? i'm with crossgirl, i'll bet his mother shows all of her friends his picture.

You are all assuming that he has a mother. I personally think he's got a petri dish.

1. How does he chew?
2. What's with the inverted mohawk?
3. *Gagsputterretch*

You can't kiss that. And I shudder to think of other body parts - unshown - that may be involved.

diane, I was doing just fine not going there on my own....


I'm glad I'm a lesbien.

Actually, the terrifying part of this is he's probably NOT single. And the sweet Lord alone knows what his girlfriend's done to herself. She probably thinks he's defying convention and being true to himself.

I suppose if he thinks he's a Swiss cheese that could be true . . .

That is literally retch inducing.

All your body modifications are belong to us.

Wait, on second thought...

and may i add: EWWWWWWWWWWWW. what a meeeskite [yiddish for U-GLY!]

I'd like to give a shout-out to the randomly shaved head...

WayneHere - did you go to ORU?

And to think, I just finished watching Mel Gibson's movie about Mayans last night . . . but none of their face piercing/skin stretchings went anywhere near that far.

Well, in his defense, he when smokes after popping those disks out, he can make really impressive smoke rings.

Ooooooooow, smoochie smoochie smackie smackie

That thing would scare Stephen King.

Strike a Pose!

Eeuwwww! I thought they were Oreo™ cookies.

So we DO have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore, after all!

Remember, kids - always wear your mask securely when playing goalie!

the rest of that site is kinda cool. some of it NSFW though

This guy should be a poster child for abortion. Hate to be so mean, but... nah, I meant it. Pro or Anti, you gotta admit, the world doesn't really need this, except maybe to serve as a bad example or birth control.

THIS guy has definitely been to space!

When you could play a new alien race on Star Trek without any makeup being involved, stop getting things pierced.

If he does have a girlfriend, do you think that when she wants him at home for the evening she just turns on a large magnet?

Claire needs to stop looking on Match.com..too many weirdos on there...just sayin'

Really, Siouxie? I thought Myspace cornered the market on weirdos.

I'll let ya know, Annie. I'm on both. ;-P

bring on the weirdos!!!!

This guy's going to regret this when he's an old man.

Sorry to disagree, Schadeboy. Someone will take him out long before he gets old. Probably be a public service sort of thing. You know, like the Beautify America program.

I remember sitting next to this guy at a bar who had tattoos all over his neck and the side of his head, piercings in his lip, nose, eyebrows, etc.

At one point, he acted all irritated and said, "Man, I feel like people are staring at me.... What's their problem?"

I thought I was gonna choke on my beer.

Some people will go to ANY lengths to distract from male pattern baldness.

He may be single, but it appears he comes with lots of baggage.

SNORK at AWbh - along with the excess hardware. Bet he has a he!! of a time at the airport.

Thanks for nothin', Dave. ;)

yeah, El, I thought the same thing - um warning - don't click on this story.

Getting through airport security would be quite a challenge, although I would imagine he is more of a Trailways © ® ™ € kinda guy.

Wickedwitch, I'm wondering how we separate the smart embryos from the stupid ones, though?

At least his shirt doesn't say "DBFP.YOTUS"

Hello People ... What kind of mutilation goes on when a person goes through a series of sex change operations ?? With Hillary's universal healthcare plan, you will soon be paying for sex change operations with tax dollars for the gay community as a right guaranteed by the Constitution...really.

Just keep looking at the pictures and he will seem almost normal in a short while. Yes, one needs to be tolerant here ... 'cause somebody will feel the urge to come along and become even more weird to steal away the attention.

It is only starting to get strange and the policy of tolerance is taking us there.

WenchLizzy - with all the billions we spend on the current war, we should be able to squeeze a few billion out to perfect the genetic testing process. of course, this will never happen in my life time because it makes too much sense.

You know, sometimes I want a lot of attention, too. I find that a Wonderbra does the trick.

*snork* @ MareBear! Are you saying this guy could use a 'lift'? I was thinking maybe a "I 'heart' Scooby Doo" t-shirt...

so, dave....hypothetical question. sophie is 16 and has a soft heart for pathetic creatures. would you prefer she bring home and nurse an injured squirrel, or bring home and attempt to rehab this fine young man?

Finally, someone who makes this guy look good.

Thanks Glix ... I'd completely forgotten that freak.

OK cg, let's look into your proposal. Sophie rehabs the squirrel, the squirrel takes over the over world and dooms mankind to perpetual power outages. Sophie rehabs the guy, the guy gets a job at Walmart and spends the rest of his life restocking the toilet paper aisle. If Sophie marries the squirrel, she will be queen of mankind. If Sophie marries the guy, she will live in a trailer. Squirrel wins, hands-down.

um... Maybe there should be a new warning:
"Do not click this link if you are eating your lunch at your desk and have just taken a bite of your sandwich."

And my parents freaked out over a nose ring!

I'd like to watch him eat without those frisbees in his cheeks...maybe not...

Lori, they get over it eventually. My mother swore that my tats and body jewelry would be the end of her, but she's still around telling me (49 years old now)what i should be doing with my life and who i should be doing it with. That's just the Mom thing. Thank the goddess she's still around to bug me.

ww - I don't know if they ever get over it, or if we just tune them out. My mom still squawks about me getting my ears pierced. Not nose, not nip....EARS. And that was over 30 20 years ago.

What's with the hockey pucks ??

Is this guy working up to sewer covers ??

Why doesn't he put in a blow hole like the whales have ??

Sorry...when I try to visualize him with the pucks removed, my first thought is "planter". (English ivy would work well...)

Betsy, I have a visual of two "handles" like a purse?? where you grab him by the cheeks and pull his face???

I bet THAT would hurt a bit.

He kind of looks like a basset hound gone bad. And seriously revolting, I might add. (rhyme unintentional, but there all the same.)

All I can think is what does he look like with all that stuff removed?

That's one guy that'll never be able to blow up a balloon.

*slides a case of gumballs to gangus*

It must be easy to clean his teeth.

*SNORK* (and yuuucccch!) at everybody.

and Siouxie? I bet if you pull on the handles the top of his head opens up to reveal a very large empty space

Wow! Just...wow. I don't understand deliberately uglifying yourself. He no longer looks human---maybe that was the point.


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