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September 27, 2007


How about her monkey?

(Thanks to mollenkamp)


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I know a woman who looks just like that!

why didn't they blur the monkey's face too?

Everybody's got something to hide except her and her monkey...

lol, cg. Because...everybody's got something to hide 'cept for me and my monkey.

Goddammit Ringo!! You never get up this early!!!

And I wouldn't either if I had Barbara Bach next to me!!

Let me understand... They're asking the public for help to find this woman so they release a picture of her with her face blurred out.

I think my reality check just bounced.

Bad monkey!

*spank, spank*

Monkeys everywhere understand. Especially if you consider the kid may have bitten first. You can help by showing the picture to your monkey. Milk carton?

*touch my monkey*

*needs to check lenses*

I'm seeing kinda blurry...

Either that or I'm still drunk.

Is *touch my monkey* kind of like *kiss my grits?*

(inquiring minds and all that)

That's what happens, Siouxie. You start going blind.

thanks ringo. had the same thought.


I came here to see if anyone was thinking about "touch my monkey". I am not disappointed.

let me see now:

kid touches monkey.
kid spanks monkey?
monkey bites kid.
Siouxie's going blind because she's touched the monkey a few too many times...

Forget the face. They oughta be able to find her by that dress.

that's not my monkey.

Wow, I never figured I'd beat SW or Queenbee to the punch. I should have put my real name. Dang!!!

UPDATE: New photo with face


Oh yeah, ellie. Like you're the real ringo.

Ok, I think I've got it; the monkey is the one on the shoulder and the woman is the one supplying the shoulder for support of the monkey. And neither face is blurred purposefully so I needn't worry if the photo is clear. Thanks.

LOL SW. Nope, I'm much better looking, not at all wealthy, and certainly not married to Barbara Bach...

They say it's a monkey... What if it was just a child to child confrontation? Then again, the police probably would still be involved, knowing the way things go nowdays.

That's enough, Al.

They say it’s a monkey
It’s my monkey too – yeah
We’re gonna have a bad time
Too bad it’s a monkey
The monkey just bit you.

Yes we're going to a park park
Yes we're going to a park park
Yes we're going to a park park.

I don’t like you to bite – Monkey
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance – Monkey
I don’t like you to bite – Monkey

They say it’s a monkey
It’s my monkey to – yeah
They say it’s a monkey
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s my monkey
Spank my monkey too – yeah.

it's ok Stevie...judi got rid of him ;-)

buh bye....

Absolutely no way to read the intro comments to this thread without rememberin' the punchline of that (really) old joke ...

" ... Sell the bicycle ..."

Yes, there is, O - when you don't know "that (really) old joke ..."

Well ... I wuz speakin' fer moi ownself there, of course, Dd ... sorry ... thot I'd already shared that one with y'all ... in a few minutes y'all can cye ... (this is, supposedly, a "family oriented" blog, after all ...)

Well, it was priceless, O!

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