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September 04, 2007


Canadian Urology Shortage

(Thanks to Jim Gilboy)


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And how is the proctologist supply?

...an "excessive volume of work" in the specialty has meant waiting times of almost a year for patients seeking treatment.
Somebody better tell Michael Moore's prostate. Or not.

If I were contemplating which urologist to visit, I would not pick the one named Drover.

paging Dr. Drover?? Drove her??

ok...my mind's in the gutter this morning. I blame the sperm on that other thread. And Stevie.

ubetcha, almost psychic simul!! dmta!

Whooo hoooo!

*wonders if Nova Scotia has more 'per capita a-holes' than Newfoundland*

Dave, shouldn't your tag line read: Canadian Urology Shrinkage?

Yep, Universal Healthcare is working well in Canada.

Oh Well, the Canadians can always come south to access healthcare in the USA.

Have a loli pop, kid.

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