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September 28, 2007


Give it up for Wet Dog Dung Stench.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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They opened for Zappa in 84 as I recall.

Good to know the blog is always on top of the important stories. I just read this and ...here it is!

Wimps. If you want stink, try living near a pulp mill!

No, doubt, fivver. Been there done that, tho I must say that a chicken farm gives a pulp mill a run for it's money.

"I used to have a dog with no nose" "How did ot smell?" "Terrible"

exchange i for o and sorry for the ruined antique.

Still, odor problems in Woodland have improved over the past several years as farmers work on odor mitigation, said Davies, the vice mayor.

Woodland has a mayor of vice?

Ah, J.E.C. - it's just a ding. Doesn't drop the value any.

HOw stupid of them not to know what the obvious reason is: Bigfoot.

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