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September 30, 2007


We have a new World Grits-Eating Champion.

Key Organization Name: Major League Eating

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko and Jeff Meyerson)


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I'll forget you said that, Dave.

*feels so hurt by Dave's callousness, but decides to forgive*

"each about 8 inches by 6 inches and 1 1/2 inches deep"
I have had grits all over the south, but never have I seen any so large. Musta still bin on the cobb.

Thanks but I'll stick to bacon and eggs.

Name that quote:

Customer: What's that stuff?

Server: Hell, them's grits!

Customer: They're movin', man.

Two Damn Yankees took first and second?!?!?

Excuse me, *goes off to sharpen saber and sort through clothes that used to be white, but now look kinda gray*

I love grits. Not that much.

Some folks know about it, some don't
Some will learn to shout it, some won't

Kiss ma grits!!

"what's a grit?"

"Dem's hominy grits. Day made outta corn."

Hey! Cousin Vinnie! I'd like you to help me sue the bot!

"Sure I heard of grits. I just never seen a grit before."

"What? I'm sorry I was over there. Did you just say you were a fast cook? Are we to believe that boiling water soaks into a grit faster in your kitchen than any place on the face of the earth?
Perhaps the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove. Were these magic grits? Did you buy them from the same guy who sold Jack his beanstalk beans?"


I thought "hominy grits" was the way you kept score.

"...of buttery, goopy grits in 10 minutes to win $4,000....The grits were presented in 2-pound trays, each about 8 inches by 6 inches and 1 1/2 inches deep,..."

Taking up wher KJP left off...

Hominy grits will it take til he wins
The four thousand dollar top prize?
The answer my friend, is flowing in the bins
The answer is flowing in the bins

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