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September 20, 2007


(A sad thanks to Elon Weintraub)


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This is disgusting.


And I'm the FIRST to say it.

I feel awful for those people.

removes pants in a show of solidarity.

Hat trick?

oh man...this blows, sucks, spews...etc.

Damn robot!

But I have a simul with myself and crossgirl, so it's all good. :) Except for the dry cleaners. *sigh*

Horrible, isn't it. That one crazy could do so much harm to them, and now he got what he wanted.

Does it count as a show of solidarity if my pants were already off? (There are some advantages to having a night job.)

I feel awful for those people, though. I wonder if they'd consider coming to Colorado and replacing the surly owners of my neighborhood liquor store...

as a general rule, i am non-violent. that being said, why didn't someone beat some sense into that idiot before he ruined the dry cleaners' business and lives. i would have been happy to volunteer my quarterstaff or tire iron.

But his mother-in-law went down 4 dress sizes?!
Hollywood is gonna be all over this diet!

To quote Sir Stuffin of Mud, "Some folks just need killin'".

That lawyer needs a swift and forcefull kick in the pants.

Somebody needs to start a class action lawsuit against the guy who started this and sue his (other) pants off!

I think the only recourse is to file half a million frivolous lawsuits against the judge, and watch as two wrongs magically make a right.

Perhaps a certain blogit could move across the country, and volunteer her time?

For the first time in a very long time, she was able to smile about her work.
"This is our first store, first job," she told me. "When we came to America, we worked here. Good job. Good store."
God bless them folks.
The reporter (Marc Fisher)did well by them, making sure to put in the name and address of their store. Wish I was close enough to give them some business.

Most folks are mostly good.

Judge Simpson, your table in hell is ready for you.

Lol cg and wd. I guess they lost their shirt.

Maybe they should sue God.

Kidding, kidding, Ma'am. Don't git yer holy undies in a bunch.

Would somebody please sue me? I could stand to lose 4 dress sizes, and I'd settle for losing just one.
Finding good, reasonably priced dry cleaners and/or tailors was hard enough already. Thanks for killing someone's American dream you jerk. A pox on you!

And I bet the jackass lawyer who started this crap feels good--maybe even vindicated--about them closing.

I hope he spends eternity somewhere cold, and without pants.

and to add to the eternal discomfort, possibly a hard plastic lizard protruding from his nether regions. may the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits and groin area.

I wish I could, Edgar. :)

The Chungs will now work exclusively at their original shop, Happy Cleaners, on Seventh Street NW, across from the D.C. Convention Center.

DAVE!! Aren't you in DC right NOW? Get thee hence to this fine establishment and have thine Blue Shirt™ dry cleaned before your appearance. Show your support!

Great idea, dpc. Guess their funds were depleated.

"And I bet the jackass lawyer who started this crap feels good--maybe even vindicated--about them closing."

The judge himself is the one who 'started it' and represented himself. There were no other lawyers involved in bringing the suit.

What's really sad is to read some of the comments associated with the article. There are people who use it as rant against lawyers (c.f. above), their political party opponents, immigrants (legal and illegal), Asians, blacks, an entire city, and even one genius who says things like the Europeans "rightfully" took America away from the natives, and they should all go ... well, you know.

I see the same range of comments on practically any comment section for any article on my local paper's web site. It's a scary world out there, people are NUTZ. It's hard to believe so very much ignorant, spittle-flying hatred is so common.

If there is any justice at all in the world, that judge will be haunted every single night for the rest of his life by nightmares in which he enters his courtroom to begin an important trial and suddenly realizes, to his horror, that he does not have his robe on and his pants are missing. His underwear is pink with a Hello Kitty motif on the front, and the words "$67 million a-hole" on the back. The entire jury, the court recorder, the bailiff, and the courtroom audience is composed of Asians, and they are all laughing their a$$es off at him. As the judge goes to sit down at his bench, it lets off a "sssssssss!" sound and a cloud of steam rises from it, invoking more laughter. He realizes that his bench doubles as a dry cleaning press. Suddenly the entire courtroom scene dissolves away, and the judge finds himself in a jail cell, still clad in his pink underwear. As he ponders why he is in this new location and what he might have done wrong to be in this jail, his mind turns to the dry cleaning business that he sued. As he thinks of this, he violently vomits up US currency. $100 and $1000 bills. And just as when someone tells you NOT to "think of an orange," all you can then do is think of an orange -- so it is with the judge's thoughts of the dry cleaning business. The more he tries to stop, the more his mind dwells on it. Each time he thinks of the dry cleaners, he vomits up more and more money, until finally $67 million is chucked up. When this is finally done, the money rises from the floor, and the bills arrange themselves in mid-air to read "POETIC JUSTICE." They then vanish.

Every single night for the rest of his life.

There was ONE funny comment,(yes, I wasted that much of my ever shortening life-span) by the woman (I presume, as it is in RUSA)who wrote, "you sound just like my husband, therefore you are wrong."

What Fed Duck said.

Wavey, will you marry me?

Wavey, I may be haunted by that dream, just from collateral damage. Here's hoping the judge is too.

I first saw this story in the National Enquirer a month or so ago. The article caught my attention because my lovely and wonderfuly kind Grandfather (who made his living as a Protestant minister) also happened to be named Roy Pearson.
Not much for religion I am all the same very thankful to God that this guy is absolutely no relation of mine.
The evil that men do, indeed....

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