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September 11, 2007


Where Security Comes First

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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This love bug looks alot different than my VW.

Vibrating Love Egg WBAGNFARB

Love bug nothing. Its looks like the Oscar Myer Weiner Mobile.

Mayer. Pardon Me.

*decides to leave Dave's Headline alone*

Meyer. Good God.


*backs slowly away from Cheryl while wondering what Janice Gelb was searching for when she found this*

if it's operated by remote control, can it still be described as a self love device?

*backs slowly away from Cheryl while wondering what Janice Gelb was searching for when she found this*

Saw it on a friend's blog... Honest!

Jeez Cheryl, got you so tore up you started stuttering!

I'm guessing every time a bomb goes off...so does she.


"'We have been told the electronic waves given off by the 'Love Bug' would affect military frequencies, but we have told locals that we have a lot of other devices that are not banned which will satisfy their needs. After all, it's better to make love, not war.'"

One Dr Strangelove moment we are glad to avoid.

I'm curious why a "self love device" requires a remote with a 6 meter range.

I can only love myself when I am six meters from myself.

LOL.... I am speechless... Even from 6 meters...Gigggle.....

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