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September 23, 2007


It's getting ugly.

(Also thanks to Siouxie)


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in the south snatching someone bald headed is a not uncommon term, never heard of snatching someone toothless though.

Yay Sioux.

I worked in a nursing home for three years. This isn't news. kinda icky, but not news.

Cutting up another resident lady's hats in order to beautify the community, that was news.

By gum, what a story. Denture think it was amusing?

Peter, I only like stories like fables. You know, ones with molars, cuspid I'm an incisor.

Oh man! Dave woke up with lots of energy this morning!!!

*goes to put in dentures and catch up on posts*

I'm off for a bit, but CJ, you can rest assured I'll be back in about 5 hours and 2 minutes.

Note to self... pay dentist

So this is how AARP members beat each other up.

They're not getting this right.

It was just your usual Saturday night in the nursing hom.

Yeah, we're hard-core here in the Hoosier state, even if we don't know what "Hoosier" means.

But we're taking a bit out of crime!

Okay, okay. I apologize for the bad joke, but please don't take my teeth. Being a Hoosier, I will prosecute.

Wyo - I too worked in a nursing home. We had one resident that wandered the halls every night, all night - not unusual.

Unusual was that (even though she had her own) her "hobby" was collecting and then wearing other's dentures to breakfast! She walked past my desk one night looking like one of those old Looney Tunes cartoon caricatures of a Japanese soldier; wearing a set of teeth so big she could barely wedge the uppers in her mouth... and surrender was NOT in this sweet lady's vocabulary!

I loved working there.

4 hours and 44 minutes.

ifits - have you seen the commercial where the couple get up in the morning, smile at each other and they have on each others' dentures. Ick! but it is funny.

Maybe he just had the muncies.

He took a bite out of crime. Sort of.

did the cops get at least a partial plate on the missing teeth?

Dang! Good afternoon all! Dave rests for 2 days and it's another Blogapalooza! I'm catching up now....

*snork* @ insom. sw - see Bumble's 11:13 post.
This would NEVER happen in Sandusky.

Oops, mea culpa. Sorry bumble. Thought I checked. Agreed - lol, insom.

And now, a moment of silence for Marcel Marceau.

(There. Have I redeemed myself?)

Or McGruff's 11:07....

I didn't get that one, cj. Did you?

"Billie Townsend, 56, told police that he went to a bar on July 27 to pay Stahl money he owed him."

He feared that if he didn't pay his debt he'd have to become Stahl's indentured servant.

Tooth 1: Are you straight?
Tooth 2: Actually, I'm bicuspid.

Is McGruff part of the canine unit?

I think this may have been an accomplice, hmmm??

McGruff! ^5, Siouxie!

hehe ^5, Annie!!


Hmmm... there may be another accomplice.

Let My Dentures Go?

"Billie Townsend, 56, told police that he went to a bar..."

Why the wrong plates?

Stevie, "laughing my dentures off"

Now where'd they fly off too?? Is it too early for a drink?

Ha ha, sxi. Tastes great -- less fillings!!

I saw Marcel Marceau in Silent Movie. He was petty awesome there.

Hey edgar, just cos TLAPD is over, you don't have to leave out your arrrr's. Where appropriate. Just sayin'.

instead of a composite drawing of the suspect, did they use an 'amalgam'?

instead of a composite drawing of the suspect, did they use an 'amalgam'?

That dental humor?

If Stahl puts them under his pillow will the Tooth Fairy bring him the money he's owed?

(1.5 hours)

Off Topic Alert!

what the h3ll are the Eagles wearin' today?


At the trial, Townsend swore to tell the tooth, the whole tooth, and nithing but the tooth. So Stahl pleaded not guilty by reason of inlays.

Overheard at the robbery:

"He's got a gum!!"

Perhaps we should give Stevie a plaque.

Was the suspect grilled?

OT response:

only two things i can think of

1)eagles uniforms diverted from the bizarro world...

2) if you stare at them long enough, and close your eyes, the afterimage looks like their regular uniforms...

*flaps in for a moment*

Wyoooooooooo! Eagles are wearing original uniforms from the 1930's, in honor of their 75th anniversary. Read more here, if you like.

The uniforms are truly ugly, but something seems to be working for them today. I thought Detroit was gonna stomp 'em.

Thanks Ducky.

*stares at blank sheets of paper after watching the Eagles to try to see the after image*

*decides to stick to the Vikings/Chiefs game.*

Go, Vikes!


If Jazzzz is out there, here's an interesting note. Jones has been moved to 3rd QB. It has the effect of making him inactive as a receiver.

Well, the Gators won and the Bucs just smooshed the Rams. I suppose it may be too much for me to hope the Jags will beat the Burros at Mile High, but I'll hope anyway.

*straps on game face*

nice show of confidence, CJ.

5 minutes.

thanks for that update ducky. the football boy and i were really, really confused by the uniform thing. nice pastels though.

cj's game face

Not cj's game face

Touchdown Jags!

Cutler+Marshall=49 yds.


Well, it appears the ugly uniforms blinded the Lions or something...THAT was a high scoring game!!

*grumble missed coverage grumble*

thank God for Champ.

gonna be a looooong, interesting game, eh CJ?


I never did like Fred Taylor very much. His thighs are too big.

Mojo's (Maurice Jones Drew) thighs are 28" around; he makes Taylor look like a pond bird.

That was just a total brain-fart!! That's a 4 point swing for not knowing what down it was!

well, that was different. most teams don't spike on 3rd down.

betcha that comes back to haunt them. One day, the broncos will actually get to play offense.


Muncie, Indiana?

Muncie, Indiana, as a Dentist would say,
Nips along, neatly, near the tongue this way ...

Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana, let me say it one more time ...

Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana, That's the town that's known for dental crime ...

If you'd like to have a logical explanation,
of why they argue of the toothly pilferation ...
I will say without a moment of hesitation ...
There is just one place,
where they steal your face ...

Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana
Not Louisiana, Bedford-Stuy, Miami Beach ...

But ...

Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana
Muncie, Indiaaaaannnnaaaaa ...
Where partial plates are all within an easy reach!

I shut that off!!!

Stoopid Bot!

So we spot you 10 points. Let's see what happens when Denver's offense gets to play.

weird, weird first half.

The instruction to spike it may have come in from the sideline over the headset.


(Nice OtU).

They say games are won by defense, but this is a bit excessive.

Actually the Jags Defense is playing with a totally beat-up line. The need to stay off the field and the Offense and turnovers are keeping them off.

Nice to see a Jag punt. for once.

Uh oh. Hold onto your hats... we got us a ball game, now.

Ahem, Wyo.... I heard that Viking comment. Good game, though! The boy was there with his Dad, while Mini me and I were art Fairying.... shopping, eating, browsing various mediums(does no one actually paint anymore??). We stopped by my fav watering hole to see the last two minutes for a potty break.

Kowabunga! Burros' ball!!

my tummy hurts.

a lot


That should do it! Sorry, Wyo....

good thing I don't mind driving.

while it was not at all what I expected, well played, Fred Thompson et. al.

If you're gonna beat the Broncos, you've gotta keep the offense sittin' on the sidelines.

Just heard an interview with Garrard. The coaches thought the clock would start after it was spotted, so they wanted the clock stopped for a field goal attempt and told him to spike it. In the heat of battle, they thought not accepting the penalty made the clock re-start.

mute point now, after all. as much as I hate to admit it, the Jags played that one extremely well. never mind two key Bronco turn-overs.

lookin' forward to a lot of good Cutler years. That kid plays like an 8 yr veteran.

meanwhile, "Go Eli!"

In regard to the Eagles uniforms, I was under the impression that most clothing color schemes back in the '30s were more subdued...at least for guys. As for my end of the NFL, the Texans hung in there despite not having their stud wide out and losing their starting HB and back up WR/KR at the end of the game not to mention a fellow team mate going down with a neck injury. Fortunately, he was moving his extremities.

Yale or the Giants?

See ya somewhere in the High Plains.

Really, I'm surprised it hasn't been said already:

That bites!

(feel free to use for either the story or the football game, dependin')

Giants, CJ, Giants. ANYBODY who can beat the skins is alright with me.

check yer map and e-mail me where/when we should meet. I'll be there, CJ.

Doc, I wuz kinda hopin' you'd get Indy. Then again, Houston concerns me; years of great drafting and now they found a QB.

Well CJ, they at least showed up to the gunfight with a gun this time. Even if it only had 3 bullets in it. If Carr had been running the show...*starts to shudder and vomit at the thought*

Hmmm, when... that would have to be Spring, what the rest of the world calls July. I've been camping in Wyoming in August and it was cold enough then that my breath condensed on the ceiling, so it rained on me all night.

Where? Well I know where not. The last time I camped there, I awoke at dawn in a cattle herd. I was trapped in a tent island within the herd as they ambled by for a half hour or so. While trapped, I watched my brother sit on the steps of his trailer, sipping tasty looking coffee. So, I hollered over to him and asked him if he saw cattle herds moving through that spot often when camping there.

He took another sip of his coffee and hollered back, "Oh! I kind of forgot; they come through at dawn every morning."


if it's any consolation, I make great coffee. anywhere.


So, what's everyone been up?? Any sports on today?

ummmmmmm. yes, Sioux. where've ya been?

speakin' o sports, sorry 'bout myyammi.

Med goes shopping, Sio (I'll guess) hit a movie. Womens... don't you know there's pointy ball to be watched?

hmm what happened?? did we not win something? I did drive by Joe Robbie stadium last night WHILE they were playing. Does that count????

CJ, today was my friend's bday get together and I went to that ;-)

My Jammies lost a close one, late, based on an on-side kick at the end.

I will be insufferable because the Gators, Bucs, and Jags all one for the second week in a row.

they one huh?? that's the #2!!!

CJ, it's won, not one.

just sayin'

I don't know how to spell. I went to UF.

Oh CJ, Gainesville isn't that bad. You could have gone to Sam Houston State like myself. At least your school had tons of smokin' hot women. In Huntsville, you get Texas A&M's cast offs and trust me, cast off is being polite.

all's forgiven.

Sioux! How do you do?

(sorry, all. couldn't resist.)


Finally - SHOW IS OVER!!! I love performing and all, but this one was a killer. I'm so glad to have my evenings as MINE again.

Whatcha all drinkin' tonight? I'll take two.

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