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September 26, 2007


Now they want to take away our most fundamental right.

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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These law-makers make me sick.

That's, like, so not faaaaiiiirrrr. I mean, what are we supposed to do, you know, like stop drinking BEFORE we get sick?

they should make em clean it up. ewww.

Unconstitutional! The first amendment guarantees all Americans freedom of regurgitation.

I just want to see the student explaining to daddy how (s)he ran up $300 at a Mexican restaurant.

You barf on it, you bought it.

That's just insane! What they should do is provide a vomitorium out in back. Worked for the Romans right?

I've never heard of Pennsylvania University. I graduated from Penn State, and my brother-in-law works at University of Pennsylvania.

That's a good idea, though. Serve 'em enough beer to make 'em puke, and then add a vomiting surcharge. And near a university. This restaurant owner is gonna be rich...

Hey, it's just another profit center. You don't think they pay the cleaning staff anything extra, do you?

15 shots of Jaegermeister ($15) + Barf fee ($50) = $profit$

Oops! LTTG - Nookee, you beat me to it.

Why don't these guys buy a pitcher of beer and just leave the empty pitcher at the table to catch any...returns...not that I have personally done that or anything...*hic* *urp*

Forget the alcohol -- these folks have figured out how to make food poisoning profitable! Think of all the money they save in the kitchen: less cleaning time and products, less electricity for those pesky refrigerators, less dishwashing when your utensils can go straight from raw meat to serving table-ready food, less training in food safety for workers...

Most restaurants try to avoid food poisoning, but these clever folks have figured out how to turn a negative into a positive. Nice going, Pennsylvania!

"If you're selling Jägermeister shots for a dollar apiece, there's going to be vomit on your floors,"

Amen, and skoal!


Oh, Wahooligan, Eeeeeeewwwww.

Skoal, Jeff!

*dry heaves*

I live right next to El Azteca. The angle is you bring your own Tequila, and they mix it up for you in as many pitchers of Margarita as you request. While you are drinking them, they serve you an array of beans, meat, and cheese blended together in various ways.

But I think we are missing the point. And that is by adding this contractual aspect, they are condoning the actions of a guest who throws up for a mere penance of 50 bucks! Ordinarily I would be ashamed if I puked in a restaurant, but now that I know they are being adequately compensated, I think I will try to aim for the ceiling fans each time.

My guess: Their business drops off.

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