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September 26, 2007


Where the Action Is

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and James)


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♫ Thank heaven, for little girls ♫


Did they barf on anything?

SW - only on the pizza. But no one noticed.

Sounds sort of like our "public" library....Sigh...

Lol, meanie.

Huh, my wife was nervous both times when she found out we were having boys. She thinks girls are easier. Yeah, right.

What the heck is wrong with kids these days? Why in MY day.... *ambles off mumbling*

I have been a bad influence on society, apparently.

I'm still wondering what "exchanging wild haymakers" means. None of the obvious things make sense, since this is Chuck E Cheese and not Miss Anna's Lewdness and Drink Emporium. Are wild haymakers different from domesticated ones? How do you exchange a haymaker of any type? Is it anything like those spy exchanges where they stand on opposite sides of a bridge or border crossing? Or do you just return it to the store?

These reporters nowadays, sometimes I think they just make up phrases to confuse me.

Hated Chucky Cheese. My older daughter had her sneakers stolen twice while she was in the ball pit, once in a snowstorm. When my youngest daughter was scared to death of that damned mouse, it was truly a gift from above. Wierdly, just Chucky. She liked other mascot mice. We found World of Wonder & other places to play & eat.

Sorry folks. I opened my mouth to comment and my dad walked out instead. Guess he's kinda ingrained in my brain after all those years.

I have never needed a drink SO BADLY in my life as the time I walked out of Chuck E Cheese after my son's 5th birthday party. I swear, the twitch lasted for about 2 days......

In the show "Grace Under Fire" a segment ended with Grace answering the phone and finishing with "I'll be right there."

She grabbed her keys are hurried one of her kids to the car.
"What's wrong, Mom?" the pre-teen asked.
"Gramma went nuts at Chuck-E-Cheese. We have to go bail her out of jail for tearing the head off the giant rat."

The line should be nominated as one of the best in sitcom history.

Scholars have learned that when the Old Testament was written, and the story of the Exodus developed, one of the original plagues was edited out as being too hideous for attribution in scripture to even a vengeful and angry deity.

Yes, it was the Night at Chuck E. Cheese.

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