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September 30, 2007


(Also thanks to hrunting)


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Diva, it happens to be Pendleton right now.

*tries not to get distracted*

Well, Joseph Addai just made me need a tequila shot. Where did I put that salt lick sculpture...?

*passes a couple fingers o' whiskey to Wyo and a shot o' tekilya to the cheater CJ.*

Tanks, Diva. One series at a time. It's a long game.


*polishes halo*

Hey El... LT has 70yds in the first half and your Chargers look just fine!

Well, Wyo - I wouldn't be bartending in the buff if I hadn't made a fool's bet with His Cheaterness on the other side of the bar yesterday. My boys lost, and I'm no welsher. ;-)

WOW!!, hate to admit it, but Peyton to Dallas Clark, what a play! 14/13, we got us a hoss fight!

Denver needs to keep shoving Travis Henry at them and keep Peyton off the field!!

offsetting fowls!

Hey, Ducks! What's your poison tonight?

ducky, next thing we know you'll be pushin' AFLAC!

... and Rob Morris makes two.

You an' your Jags are gonna owe the Broncs big time, CJ.

Wyo, if they'd pay me enough, I'd quack for AFLAC! ;-)

Howdy, Diva! What are you having? I'm thinking blogitos sound pretty good.

Did all the bloggirls grow even more conceited all the sudden? Or is there something I don't know about?

Thankee Wyo and that will hurt their run defense. Tampa Bay is blanking Carolina and they have the Colts next week, so they aren't going to be very fresh. Jags need to get past KC and somehow beat Houston, then face Indy in Jax. Lot to hope for....

when the Jags face KC, I'm wearin' green!

Well, I'm sure we all have egos, but Annie and Siouxie started it. I just finally joined in.

Blogitos it is, Duckess!! *sends one down to the lady*

One more from The Ramones:

Earwig: Teenage Lobotomy

Stupidity! Stupidity!

Tongue piercing did a job on me,
Now I am a real sickie.
Guess I'll just admit I'm dumb.
Shoved some metal through my tongue.
Now the kids all laugh at me.
I'm a model of teen stupidity!

Shots and pills can't cure my ills.
Parents are shocked to see the bills.
I guess my dinner will go to waste,
Because I've killed my sense of taste.

Gonna get my Ph.D.,
Majoring in teen stupidity!


Edgar, check out Empress Diva's new clothes!!

Thanks, Diva!

Edgar, the bloggals are NOT conceited, just convinced.

Aaaack! Denver has got to stay with the run to keep Peyton and Addai off the field!!

exactly, GDotS!

*snork @ CJ!!*

☞ Big hand for Pirateboy

Uh oh

dangit, CJ. *sweep*

you got it, CJ

I broke the Blog and don't know how to feex it!

And nice job, PB!

It's feexed, CJ. ;) May I put my socks on? The floor is cold.

Keep tryin', PB!

*singin' the 3rd quarter blues*

The blog is broke?

PirateBoy has big hands? Well, we all know what THAT means! At least the bloggals will know.

The Dolphins went down in ignominious defeat again today. Sigh.

SuzyQ: Only Mrs. Pirateboy gets to measure my hands.

And she ain't telling!

(Now, where did I leave that yardstick?)

beer please. i missed the first half but the bucs are winning anyhows.

hands micrometer to PB. ;)

*snork* @ PB & Wyo!

Thanks, Diva. *texts Diva ankle socks, purposely ignores what's happening in Indianapolis*

oops. excuse me. beer please!

*hands unspecified brand of beer to Vinnie*

Nice to meetcha, Vinnie - I don't believe I've had the honor. At least you're gettin' to see my good side today. ;-)

*more unspecified beer for cg*

*pulls on socks, wiggles toes*

Ah, thank you! And *snork @ your micrometer!!*

Ruh Roh. Diva, please get Wyo some more whiskey!


(she's one of my favorites!)

back to the game.

*cheers* wyoooooooooo, good to see you to.
*averting eyes from the diva-iant* could someone turn down the a/c in here? poor thing.

I think the Blog is back from the Miami game. That was Cullpepper's best game in Miami, sorry that he was wearing the wrong jersey this time.

Diva, an Erdlanger beer for the Blog, please.

*tosses The Blog an Erdlanger beer*

Thank you, Miss cg. Blame yer statemate. He's the culprit of this little escapade.

Aw, Wyo. And here I thought I was one o' yer fav'rites. *pouts cutely*

Diva, Wyo has a whole herd of favorites. Ain't that right, Wyo?

Diva, "one of" is not too specific.

just know that cg an' I go back a ways. You, bein' an artist as well, will understand, I'm sure.

*sings, "tryin' to love two three a gob o' women, is like a ball an' chain..."*

I's jus' teasin' anywho, Wyo. ;-) There's plenty of ya to go 'round.

frustrated artist here. and i was dead serious about the beer. i needs a drink. out of glue and the dog ran off with some of my art supplies. then the headachy kid decided to crash in my room so no more drilling. good thing footballs on.

Sorry CJ, looks like Indy is going strong.....

Chargers don't look so great. My Fantasy Football team sucks. :( And the Padres lost and have to play a tiebreaker in Colorado. ick.

ain't pro sports just a kick?

gotta hand it to Peyton, there's never been anyone quite like him. even Dan, John and Brett.

*snorks*@ cg, as I know what she means by "art supplies." Diva, please just pass cg a BeerIV. And Wyo another whiskey. And El a Jaeger. Your Chiefs just tied it up with the Chargers, so you are awarded a flimsy nightie. :-]

Sorry, El. That sucks for ya. Have a blogito on the house?

I don't get it El and I can't see it on TV, but LT had 109 yards in the first half and only has 15 yards in this half. KC appears to be pulling ahead through the air.

YAY! *dons flimsy nightie*

*pretends to be Nurse Tammy and pops a Miller IV into cg's arm*

Yish, CJ - don't call 'em MY Chiefs!

*passes El a Jaeger and another few fingers of whiskey to Wyo. pours self another blogito*

this game is just painful to watch.

cj, it's worse than originally reported. the little hand is missing too.

Well, it looks as if Indy has put a † in Denver. The Denver defense is down big time.

Diva, sorry for your beloved bears yet, YES LIONS!!!

you're right igloo. the only satisfaction to me is that I don't think there's been a team like these Colts since the '72 'fins.

What happened? I was counting freckles!

Yep. The Carolina, San Diego, and Denver defenses are all worn out.


I do not have freckles! Or were you talking about cg? Hm. Well, OK - I do have freckles on my shoulders from a hideous sunburn some years ago, but still!

You are so on target wyo. The trick is to stay healthy. 'pears as if they have gotten real dinged up in this contest. 72 fins, good health through-out the season.

Diva, your flimsy nightie link contradicts you.

damn sneaky panthers stold our shutout.

i thought that nightie was for el...

Griese having his leg broken early in the season was a sure season ender for the team, but the old guy ( I hesitate using old since I'm 61)a member of AARP, Earl Morral took them through the season to the Super Bowl. A true $#9733;

*didn't know "flimsy" meant "wet."*

er, uhh, ★

Steelers score---hooorah!

Well, someone spilled their drinks on me. :-D And those aren't freckles, CJ - they're the water drops. ;-)

Dang. Pittsburgh's trying to make a game of it. I don't need two undefeated teams in the AFC!!

As night manager of the Dave Barry Blog and Sports Bar will you allow me to carry a tab?

igloo, no one drinks tab anymore.

You can carry it around, just not drink it.

Oooooo, Steelers lose. I think there are still two AFC undefeateds (NE and Indy), so :-[

Of all the blog/gin joints in all the towns in all the world,...
Had to ask

Grey Goose-Straight up. Trust me. I'm good for it.

I'll cover igloo. (in a non-brokeback kinda way, of course!)

what's up with Dallas? where'd they come from?

A round for the house barkeeper. The Mets and Carlos Beltran's sorry butts are outta here for the post season. Oh, and for the record the Cubs will lose in the bottom of the 9th in game 7 in the NLCS. How is yet to be determined, but it will happen.

Rick, no drinky for you if you keep up that talk.

*swigs a blogito and sends an MGD to Rick anyway, cuz she can't resist that smarta$$.*

igloo - your drinks are on Wyo and me (so YOU were the one who spilled!). Here's your Grey Goose. *slides it to ig*

Beholden to ya, Wyo (in a non-broke back way (nttawwabbw))

Dallas is looking good. What surprised me was Houston... was Andre Johnson so critical a piece?

hey, did ya'll know that if you douse chicken in salad oil and then stick it under the broiler it'll catch fire?

gotta shuffle my schedule to watch Rockies/Padres tomorrow night. way cool.

Gotta say Diva, ya gave me shivas with that pitcha!
definitely ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭

cg, got photos? I love fire.

*a ROFLMAO @ cg topped with a snork @ ig - nice!*

Another experiment gone awry, my dear girl? LOL!!

uh, errr again...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Actually CJ, it was a combination of injuries for the Texans. Johnson's backup Jacoby Jones got hurt against Indy early on and their starting center went out in the same game as well as Ahman "permanent groin tear" Green at running back. Suffice it say they are fragile.

no. no pics. although i do have a nice shot on myspace of some pan fried chickies which faired better.

Hey, cg! Throw some peeps on it!

Er, frozen peeps, that is!

Well... that's one way to get poultry above 160 degrees internally.

what could be more frightening than a "permanent groin tear?"

no experimenting diva, i usually use smart spray but the salad oil seemed a good alternative. duh! and yet, i haven't had anything not blog generated to drink today.

Hi Diva! Thanks for the beer and regardless, the Cubs will shoot themselves in the foot. It's ordained Sweety. Can't go any other way.

and "permanent groin tear" ranks right up there with "Mrs. Bobbit castrated her husband, then drove off and threw his manhood out onto the side of the road."

*SNORK!* @ Doc and Wyo. Even I think there's really nothing that sounds much worse.

wyo, i'm sure i have insurance. just in case, cj gave me a couple fire extinguishers. he's seen me cook before.

*prays to God she will stand here and watch Rick grovel while eating those words*

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