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September 30, 2007


(Also thanks to hrunting)


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Wow, the Iggles are really sucking this week too...

How many times have the Giants sacked McNabb tonight, anyway?


...but who's counting?

Yes, Wes, they were chanting Mar-ty, Mar-ty, Mar-ty.

And on the NBC pre-game show Keith Olbermann named Spanos and Smith The Worst Persons in the NFL this week. It's a new feature. :( I can't wait to watch Inside The NFL this week.

igloo, I know. Did you see the post game interview with L.T.? He was almost crying. What's going to happen? And I don't think it's JUST that they fired Marty. They also let Cam Cameron and Wade Phillips go, and look at Dallas!

"the failed Obama administration?"
Is that a prediction, igloo? ;)

All the more reason for you to move to big D, El.

Wow, guess I better give up my job predicting football outcomes. Seeing as my fantasy football team is about to be 0-4 I think I'll be resigning on speculating about anything football wise. That being said, Cubs lose in 6 to the Rockies. Go mountain ranges....

I know, Ducky. *sigh*

The great state of Texas would be proud to have you here, El!

And on that note (♫), I must flap off to bed. Nighty-night, y'all. Sweet dreams!

I'm about to be 1-3 in my FF league, Doc. And the one week I won I beat my BFF!
I'm outta here too. I'd go cry in my beer if I had some.

*zips out*

Night, Ducky!

Doc - you take that back!

Doc - perhaps you should stick to your forte - Canadian soccer.

Last! *g*

Not really, Scott. ;)

I'm too upset about the Chargers and my FF team.

I already shut down the computer once and then came back and turned it on. Then I called CG (not lower case cg) and he told me to stop calling about football and suggested I drink myself into a stupor.

*sobs and zips out one more time*

You'd think CG (not cg) could offer a shoulder to cry on, at least!

Dang that CG - he knows how difficult this time of year is for you. Fantasy football....Yankee season... sometimes guys just don't get it.

"I've fallen in love with Tony Romo..."

C'mon, el, his ribs aren't that good. Okay, the onion rings, maybe.

offers el a shoulder. and a beer.

Hi CG, haven't had the pleasure of chatting to you on the blog for ages.

Seeing that all and sundry are laying claim to some real estate, I'm following suit, as the additions to my moniker will show.

morning lord mott! you are talking to me, right? and not capital CG who is a dude and not on the blog.

"Dude's initials look like a lady..."

Sorry, too early for Aerosmith parodies. But not for coffee!! *presses START on the giganto blog-o-matic coffee maker!*

Sorry cg. Touchy about the capitalization, jeez 'twas and honest mistake :-)

no, no, not touchy. there was some confusion quite some time ago over who el was referring to.

coffee ready?

I don't know how anybody could confuse your dulcet tones with a man's. Maybe too many blogaritas.

Sorta on topic, as the thread degenerated into a sporting one. South Africa beat the pants off the USA in the Rugby World cup by 64 to 15. Give them their due however, the USA scored 2 tries against us which is something the current Cup-holders, England, couldn't manage.

Dang blast the Broncos going down to the Colts. I'm inclined not to even watch the game on ESPN this evening.

STOOPID iggles.

But how 'bout them Phillies???

*zips in*™

Thanks for the shoulder, lower case cg, I still need it this morning, because as bad as things were last night, they're still that bad, sports wise, this morning. :(

I'll be wearing black until Wednesday when the Yankees play the Indians, then I'll be in Yankee gear....

I'm giving up exclamation points until then, so I have some extra if anyone needs them. :(


Thank you Siouxie. It's good to know that someone cares about me, because Philip Rivers and the Chargers certainly don't.

El - With all due respect...yuck the Fankees. Go Tribe!

*totally ignoring Scott*

Siouxie, if you hate rain, you need to move here. Our "Storm of the Century" lasted 10 minutes and barely got the sidewalks wet. ISIANMTU.


Wow, you guys are mature. Honestly, do you have any idea how many people have tongue piercings and did they have anything happen to them? That's right, not a chance. So why should Lacey have thought that something would happen to her?

Having your older sister in the hospital is no fun, and let that be a reminder to all of you who might have lost a loved one. It's no fun having to sit there and just WAIT for the doctor to come out and say either, "She's alive, she'll make it" or "She's dead."

Think about it; seriously.

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