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September 30, 2007


(Also thanks to hrunting)


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pregnant, ranks up there. don'cha think? Diva? that's permanent too, usually.

*thanks God that CJ is the one cooking for the bloggals and not cg.*

Sorry 'bout them Broncs, Wyo. I agree with you about the current Colts team, though. They are a force to be reckoned with.

And in honor of my Cowboys' W:

Ah, look at all the looney people
Ah, look at all the looney people

Lacey Filosa gets her tongue pierced, drives herself home and opens her door
Falls to the floor
Wakes one month later, wearing IV’s as she lies in her hospital bed
Glad she’s not dead

All the looney people
Where do they all come from?
All the looney people
Put them where they belong!

Doctors and nurses told Lacey that an infection had spread from her tongue
To life she’d clung
Antibiotics finally worked, turned the tide; although she'll be OK
That shop must pay

All the looney people
Where do they all come from?
All the looney people
Put them where they belong!

Lacey Filosa’s very own germs in her mouth were the cause of her plight
(Can that be right?)
It makes no difference, Lacey will not be responsible; blames that barbell
She'll give 'em hell!

All the looney people
Where do they all come from?
All the looney people
Put them where they belong!

Pregnancy is permanent? Oh, you mean the aftereffects of pregnancy are permanent. Well, yes, but then you can train them to do chores around the house. A groin injury notsomuch.

Why-oh, put yer' tool away.

I've no cure for rust that severe. Perhaps if you used them more frequently?

*looks accusingly*

Duckess - you been bizzy!! XLNT as always!!!!

Pregnancy in permanent if you choose to hang around with Warren Jeffs and his bunch. Mormons don't drink booze or coffee or smoke, but they do mate like jack rabbits. Kinda makes sense don't it.

Thanks, Diva. (But what have *I* done?)
Any blogitos left?

*runs in and jumps on top of the bar with her cowgirl boots and starts dancing*

*realizes everyone's staring at her*

wait?? this isn't Coyote Ugly????


*jumps down and grabs wine box*

soooooo whatcha all doin????

Hey Ducky! How's the Ark holding up these days? Y'all got a little monsoon up your way yesterday didn't you? It let up for a whole 5 days down here last week. So much for that.

Ok... NOW I'll buy a drink.

Sooz - you just dance wherever you wanna. :-)

Ducky - Ain't that your parody ^ up thar? It's great!

as a cabinet maker, the micrometer never gets rusty. Nice try, PB, really.

but you've gotta do better'n that!

likewise the Fat Max has a short life expectancy.

Watch out for the glasses on the bar, SBQab-jfY___! Uh-oh, too late...

Doc, that monsoon soaked the Longhorns but didn't make it up to North Austin. We just had a little sprinkle. I know big H has still been getting more than its share of rain lately.

What's your poison, Prof? Blogitos are on special tonight.

wooohooo a drunken foolpaying customer!! whatcha drinkin' Prof???

hi, Sioux. nice to "see" you.

so... Giants vs. Eagles.

who's on what sides?

Giants here.

sorry Diva... I heard Susy was giving body shots... and I only have enough for one

Heh, Wyo. "Fat Max" WBAGNFSomethingElse. *7th grade snicker*

We bail out the dinghy every couple of days Ducky, but it isn't all bad. The mosquito season hasn't been able to kick in because of all of the fresh down pours it seems. Which just means they well be as big as semi-trucks come October. Can't wait.

Duckness! that was great!!

*grabs cg's flamin' chicken & raises it in honor of the Duckness*

uh..should I get a fire extinguisher for the Hunt weekend????

Yup, Diva, it's mine. (I was wondering about the accusing look.)

Doc, you can have the bloodsuckers. We have plenty up here at the moment.

Go Giants!

I'll take the Eagles by 10 Wyo. McNabb is brace-less and the Eli Manning isn't even the favorite sucky QB in his own family...and I ain't talking about Peyton.

Doc, my step-brother was like that. "bail out the dingy every couple of days."

finally the Judge advised him to leave the state.

Doc - you gotta bail out your dinghy? Oh, dear. ;-)

He kept pleading guilty on the advice of the lawyer...

Thanks, Siouxie!

*Snork* @ Wyo! Hope you got your money back.

we told him not to listen to the prosecuting attorney.

WOO!! psychic simul with Wyo and a topping of Doc! Nice. :)

did your step-brother's dinghy have rowlocks for the oars?

or did he just do without the oars.

as high as he was flyin' he had no need of oars.

igloo - I don't know that I ever actually introduced myself. I'm the blog chanteuse and occasionally bartender. In the colder months, I tend to monopolize the blog hot tub, too. Glad to meetcha!!

Wyoooooooooooo!! nice ta see ya too, dear friend!!

I'm hoping I am one of the "favorites" too. ;-P

Nice to meetcha as well. Although I am partial to Chardonay, a sharp Chanteuse helps make a bad day better.

siouxie, you're hacienda should be just fine. i don't plan to cook. besides, i think cj keeps a fire extinguisher in the truck.

So Wyo,
since he couldn't afford the oars, he was self-propelled?

ig - I'm a pretty mellow chanteuse most of the time. I just like to have fun and yak a lot. ;-)

Siouxie - I think you get "favorite" status by existence. :-D

Sioux, your place is secure. (as a favorite, that is. I can't say as much for the effectiveness of CJ's extinguisher.)

Terrible Sunday.

Chargers suck.

Westbrook is out tonight and I forgot to czech and he's in my FF lineup.

I've fallen in love with Tony Romo and I want to move to Dallas.

CJ, I'd like a Appletini, please. :) Heavy on the vodka, light on the other stuff. :)

Great Caesars Ghost..
CJ's extinguisher no longer gushes...Pass it on.

*stirs up an appletini, heavy on the "tini" for El*

I'm sure CJ would do it, but he's makin' me tend bar tonight as penance for the Bears losing.

LOL, igloo!

igloo, if, by self-propelled, you mean "grow-your-own", yes.

the ole grow your own, roll your own.
Up the PIGS!!!

Hey igloo, how's tricks?

I see you're still doing these ♪

I'm guessin' he ate lotsa Doritos®, Wyo.

Music is my life☎ since I got the new ringtones

As for Tricks, we all know (those of a certain, unpublished age) tricks are for kids.

Speaking of tricks, wtfbbq happened to Pittsburg today? I had Detroit, Indy, and NE. I woulda won da pool and bought these!!!

From all the *tricks* you taught me, the two above are the only ones I remember. :)

Then you musta taught yourself a third one, El! :-)

*snorks @ ducky, one-handed, as the other is covered in ribs juice. glares warily @CTProf, as he's a KC fan and they're the enemy, now. takes Eagles*

I went to Google maps and Pittsburg was still there. I-76 or I-79 will get you close.
Nice gear though. Brigadier General. Good benies when you retire.

He always had the ☛ munchies.

Ah Eleanor,
you do that C above E flat so well.

Say, igloo, I don't think I've officially "met" you, so: howdy! Welcome to the best of all blogs!

Wow, CJ, thanks--my first one-handed snork!

El, I know what you mean about Tony Romo. C'mon, move to Dallas! Then we'll only be 3-1/2 hrs. apart, and can have a girls' weekend out.

*Wants to know how to do musical notes and such*

If igloo'd put his picture here we could all have a better view.

jus' sayin'.

GDotS - cye!!

Hey, Wyo? You oughta change Shy Jan to "NotSoShyJan" which is how she's posting now. :)

GDots--und andere
try this link for html character entities. Some work with the blog. Some not. Some work with IE 6+, others with Firefox.
Go figure

How on Earth did Annie get three undefeated, first place teams in a pool? She's hustling the folks at the nursing home again....

Ducky, this might help.

sorry blog, I forgot to close my a. Better link is HTML entities

Diva, only shy can alter her profile, but thanks for the tip.

If the picture has numbers under the chin, is it still acceptable?

♫ Danke schon, igloo und Wyo! ♫

igloo, if you think you look good in orange, go ahead!

Sure - I might remind her to stop by, then.

And thanks, Diva!

Must go watch football for awhile with Mr. Ducky--see y'all later!

igloo - you're fittin' right in, I must say.

igloo, if you've got a pix and bio you'd like to publish, simply click on my moniker, click on "about" and then on E-mail me. send a jpeg and a bio, and you'll be added.

roger that wyo. gotta get a recent, decent, pic.

Wyo, good to know I'm a fav *smooch* ;-)

I'll have to send you a new pic to replace mine.

*back to Desperate Housewives*

OT alert:

This is a test of the emergency aging system...

"These cards are a mess..."

(what's next?)

There are Desperate Housewives out there?!!

"...a chocolate mess...."

how old is that commercial? 35?

That's an interesting question. Another intersting question is "are there any brownies left," and that's easier to answer.

brownies with or with out hash?

wonders why anyone would want corned beef on brownies....

corned beef on brownies has gotta beat spam.

I think half a sheet of each would be perfect guys. Half for when you wanna feel groovy, the other half for when you have the munchies.

MMmmmm, Spam. Nope, uh-uh. There were brownies left, so I don't get any Spam.

Love those shoes, Annie!

Half time. Have to go see them talk again about how the Chargers f&%ked up today. *sigh*

Thanks, El. They're military issue. Just like me. ;)

El, the Chargers are like Tony Almeida, just when you think they are dead they can come back from the dead. And L.T. will not abide by Norv Turner's lack of leadership for long. Trust me!

Ok, remove one of the "dead" references from above. I seem to be sentence structure impaired tonight. *I'll save y'all the joke; "which would be different from any other night?".

Sorry 'bout the bolts, Eleanor, but damn, they run off the good coach and bring in the failed coach...
Good coach...200-126-1
This team run by the failed Obama administration?

Well...My Chiefs won (despite the best efforts of Herm *spit* Edwards), Denver lost, my Missouri Tigers are 4-0 and in the AP Top 25, and I've got enough tasty Kansas City barbeque on hand to dine well for the next three days.

Hey, Diva...I thought the Bears were supposed to bench Rex Grossman this week in favor of Brian Griese. Yet once again the Bears' QB threw three picks and they lost. Again. What gives?

Hell, Chicago might as well let Urlacher try his hand at QB. He can't do any worse than Rexie or Griese...

...And did I actually hear the Chargers fans chanting "MARTY! MARTY!" in the fourth quarter...?


*plugs phone into charger, plugs CJ into charger*

Nite all, go Iggles!

Eons ago I kissed an ex-boyfriend that I had absolutely no romantic intrest in just because he had gotten a tounge stud and I was curious.
It was a boring kiss that left me with a lingering throat infection.
Not in the slightest.

Eons ago I kissed an ex-boyfriend that I had absolutely no romantic intrest in just because he had gotten a tounge stud and I was curious.
It was a boring kiss that left me with a lingering throat infection.
Not in the slightest.


one more thing el...
coach awards
Norv Turner=0
AP NFL Coach of the Year
2004 AP NFL Coach of the Year

Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year
2004 Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year

Maxwell Football Club NFL Coach of the Year
2004 Marty Schottenheimer

UPI NFL Coach of the Year
1995 Marty Schottenheimer
1986 Marty Schottenheimer
Go figure the firing of a decent human.

laura, i'm not sure, but i don't think it's the kissing part that the tongue stud is good for....considering the infection, probably just as well.

igloo, Marty Schottenheimer vs. Mike Shanahan.

'nuff said.

cg's right - so I've heard. :)

Wes - don't ask me what Lovie's got goin' on these days. Neither boy seems to be up to the task. I'm just prayin'.

Apropos the original topic of this thread: I worked with a guy a few years ago who got a tongue stud, at the urging of his girlfriend. He ended up missing a couple of days of work shortly thereafter due to illness partly caused by the piercing.

A yeast infection. You can imagine how he contracted it...

The unbelievable thing: the damn fool actually told his co-workers what he had and how he got it.

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