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September 30, 2007


(Also thanks to hrunting)


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she's pinin'

yeth it doeth...

I dobn't dow whub yaw tawkind aboubp. By tundg peirding dubbind abbect by beadch ad awd.

Hey bib babby, wadda kibz be?

It is actually quite common for people with tongue piercings to get serious infections. Most don't end up in the ICU, but they do have a rough time. There was a reason your mother said that you shouldn't put strange things in your mouth.

""It almost killed me, in fact. It did three times," she said"
Perhaps a wood stake or maybe a silver bullet would have better accomplished the task.

Hey, isn't she related to that guy who put the rattlesnake in his mouth?

Remember back in the old days when having two earrings in the same ear was considered rebellious? I feel like such an amateur now. But at least it didn't almost kill me (though my mom almost did).

I let my daughter have a second ear piercing. That is IT. (cuz I have one)(actually two).

Geezer comment: I have never understood the piercing fad. (Of course there is little to understand in fads.) I know the purpose is to make a statement, but it it never apparent what is being stated. Same for excessive tattoos.

After you have seen a few, you don't notice them anymore. Sort of like hearing, "Have a nice day."

Siouxie, you are a cool mom! I promised my daughter she could get her ears pierced when she could keep her room clean for oh, say, more than a day. She'll be well on to college before I have to worry about it.

I should have thought of that one. She got her second ear piercing while at college, last year. I do put my foot down on tattoos. NO way. At least while I'm helping to pay for college.

I used to have a belly ring as well. Had it for years and would make the metal detector go off at airports. I'd have to point at ma belly and tell 'em. Course that was when I was much thinner. *sigh*

*zips in from college football thread where she made her point*

I'm glad she lived, but stupid is as stupid does.

ArcticAl said it: Moms know what they're talking about. :)

Maybe that should be a Herald Hunt puzzle: find out what how many tongue piercings killed the person on the stage...subtracted from the amount of navel piercings they have.

Umm, .... is she still single?

I remember when my son and his posse of about 4 friends were all going to go get their eyebrows pierced as a bonding statement since they were all about to graduate high school and go their separate ways.

My genius came home as the only one who opted for a tongue piercing.

I made the guys a smorgasboard of steak, burgers, fries etc, which they all gorged on while my idiot son sucked on ice chips. Hee hee.


idiots don't fall far from the idiot tree


Judi's gonna kick my ass for this

feeling a little pierced myself lately

I'm not going to click; I assume Steve linked to hockey-puck boy.

Did that work?


I prefer italics....

The bolder the Better!


I thought it was better to look good than to feel good.


Who pierced da blog?

not me

*whistles, kicks at dirt, looks in any direction but Annie's*

"The next thing Filosa remembers is waking up a month later with tubes poking out of her body.
Watch what you wish for, because God has a sense of humor.

My oldest daughter is pierced all over. No infection from those, but she's falling apart in places that aren't pierced, so...

BTW, does anybody here know how to underline? The that works in Live Journal, Blogger, etc. doesn't seem to work here...

That's < u > with closer spaces doesn't work here... And it won't show up , period, unless you leave some space. Go figure...


btw, iggy - USC won last night. Fibber!

I usually get the Sharpie™ when I need to underline, Kathy.

Sorry A,SEE'odWCaSYF. Vision of future Vodka based. Wrong spirit!

What is this football of which you speak?

igloo?? are you new around here?? just wondering cuz I've never seen ya before. Or maybe I forgot. That happens a lot when we grow gezzerlike mature.

Apology accepted. And framed. :)


Been overseas for the last little while. Tried to blog from location, but DBB does not recognize smoke signals and drum beats.
Sorta like underlining.

pffffft! Meanie's showing off again.

oops, lost my Islands!

Well, then...nicetameetya, igloo!

but she looks like such a nice girl!

oops, not done....
my son goes to school with a girl who's mothers won't let her get a tattoo, so she carefully draws one on her face every. single. day. it's very convincing.

Honestly, is there anything worse than watching the Raiders/Dolphins? Well, yes there is... watching the Raiders/Dolphins playing on the Marlins infield.

I'm with pogo. I don't get the whole tattoo & piercing fad explosion that's happened in the last decade or so. It was supposed to shock and make some sort of non-conformist statement, but it reminds me of the Goth Kids in South Park: "If you wanna be one of the non-conformists, all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do."

Nice to meet you S,CAPOtSaPotC

I was about to go on a snorkeling trip with my then 5-ish year old son in Mexico. Our guide was an American girl, early 20's, with a piercing over one eyebrow. She gave all her insructions (don't touch the coral, follow me, stay with a buddy, etc) to her minions and then said, "Any questions?" My little dude immediately raised his hand and asked "Why do you have that thing on your face?"

LOL to Stevie's kiddo.

Ty, sxi. He says a lot of funny things. Occasionally intentionally.

What a freakin' idiot. And now she's gonna sue the place who pierced her, even though the docs said it was her own bacteria that tried to kill her! Yes, why not make it someone else's fault?


Has anyone been hit by lightning at the Dolphins game yet? What a bunch of pussies!

Suzy, wtffishbbq???

*hopes not*

GO FINS!! (says the fair-weathered-bandwagon-jumping fan)

Off to take daughter for grad pics!! latersssssss!

She doesn't need a silver bullet. She needs a boyfriend. I volunteer myself.

Do any of you realize how difficult it is to read 100 posts in less then 5 minutes?

It aint fun.

This is my last comment for the day.

Hi, Blogits. I've been away from the blog way too long. This "listen to your mom" thread made me think of this link I came across the other day.

My apologies if it has already been blogged, or whatever. Made me laugh.

That's XLNT, cat. Thnx for sharing.

Cat!!! thanks..that was INCREDIBLE!! I loved it!!!
Nice to see you around here too.

Ok now..I must go!

Cat! Welcome back! We've missed you.
Alfred - that's why we need quality bloggers. A snork in every post. By the time you read 100 posts, you should have tears running down your face, liquid spewage from your nose, and sore ribs from ROTFL.

Hi, Cat. missed you.

Glad to see you, Cat! And major *snorks* for The Mom--my son came downstairs to see why I was screaming.

Thanks, everybody -- missed you too! Lots of blog to catch up on.

Cat, I was OT from Wed. afternoon till Friday night, and when I looked at the blog yesterday, I knew I'd never be able to catch up on all the threads I missed. Well, not unless I did nothing except sit at my computer and read the blog for hours and hours straight. I know, I know. Where are my priorites?

*drips (sweat) in, leaking from dozens of holes inflicted by out-of-control bouganvilla*

Suzy, I woulda said the same thing, but I didn't want the SoFla whiners to whine anymore. I'm in the area that is considered the Lightning Capital of the U.S. and I can't recall a pro game ever being delayed for lightning (kiddie games, yes). I think Tampa Bay just keeps playing, hoping that lightning will open up some seats for people on the waiting list!

go myammi.

(this week they're my second favorite team.)

a month of getting lunch through some tubes
from a mouthful of metallic cubes
made poor lacey declare
"at my tongue they all stare.
now i wish they'd just look at my boobs."

Adult horses versus baby horses in 1 hour!

That was great, Cat!

Nice to see you back. :)

can't wait, CJ. got nothin' to lose, an everything to gain.

Lol, insom! How bout...

The procedure was so far from painless
A viral infection so heinous
With the money I blew
Trying to make myself cool
I shoulda just bleached out my anus.

once again, stevie, you're killin' me.

*insomSW SNORKS*

Diva's Bears up 10-3; we may not get a nekkid BlogBar-tender if this keeps up!

Uh-oh. 13-10, Diva... better hit the tanning booth!

Ty, wyo. Some stories just stay with you longer a little longer than the others, IYKWIM.

☞ *with apologies to the Ramones*

I saw her today, I saw her face
It was the face I love, and I knew
I had to run away
and get down on my knees and pray, that they go away
Oh Holy Moses, she's full of hoses
Filosa my sweet, you no longer look neat
Oh I thought she was pert, not dumb as dirt ♬

CJ - I don't get the Bears' game here today. I'm having to check the website for scores. Just keep posting as you get 'em!!

Although I'm listening....(just to clarify).

20-24, Detroit has the ball. I'm just tracking it on the FoxSports website.

My faith is not fair weather.

30-20 Lions. :-(

GDotSW, I give up! Better to hang out on one thread and catch up that way, I guess.

Everybody has new loooong names around here. (Just Ducky, right?)

Do I need a new moniker?

Probably something with "mean mom" in the title. I wouldn't let my 13 year old daughter buy a shirt that said this yesterday:

"What the click here ? "

It was funny, though.

Cat - I'd snork @ you, but I'm biting my nails over this game!!!!


BOOHISS!!!!!!!!! STOOPID fumble. >:(

some long names work better than others.

Ruh roh, Wyo - problems with the other boys in orange?

Too bad, Diva.

Now to root for Denver and the Bucs.

You no like my name, Wyo? I'll shorten it back just for you.

CJ - I ain't singin' yet. ;-)


30-27 Detroit. *keeps mouth SHUT lest a note escape*

sh!t. TD Detroit. 36-27. *sobs*

But they're reviewing....

Colts are scoreless and Peyton's on the sideline. Go Broncos!

(sorry Diva)

Colt's rush defense looks like Myammi's.

just sayin'.

Stands as called. :-(


At first I was very elated
To be getting myself perforated
But my attempt to be cool
Made me feel like a fool
When my tongue, like an airbag, inflated.

sorry, Diva, but here we're all grins. 10-0, big horses over the little ones.

It'll be interesting to see how Peyton adjusts.

La, la, la, la, la....

All right, CJ - cheater or not, you win.

*halfheartedly drops shoes and one sock on the floor*

Whatcha drinkin' boys?

*peels off shirt, shorts and remaining sock*

And the Bucs are up 14-0!

CJ, you said you wouldn't mind a few incidental injuries... Marvin's got a sore back now.

you can thank me later.

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