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September 25, 2007


Key Quote: Under California law if he's convicted he must serve a mandatory minimum of five days in jail.

Wait a minute... that would be five seasons.

(Thanks to many people)


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You just know the warden is going to get shot in the thigh.

oh and FIRST!!!


What 'many people' said.

Recov - or bitten on the neck.

Ironically, Jack Bauer blew a .24 in the brethalyzer!

Jack got himself arrested to interrogate suspected terrorists on the inside. There's *no way* a normal cop could have arrested him if he didn't want to be arrested.

"Illegal U-turn"? Chloe used to be so much better at giving Jack his coordinates.

I didn'tknow u-turns were illegally for Jack.

I smell a Very Special "Prison Break"/"24" crossover episode.

So when did this uppity term of "drink-driving" come into vogue?

I saw a part of "Prison Break" last night. What country is that jail in?

Why would Keifer be worried other than the fact the five days is served sharing a cell with Manson.

Lairbo - that is something I would not WANT to smell, IYKWIM.

No way, lilrascal--that would be cruel and unusual to the extreme.

Whoops, my bad--I thought lilrascal said, "sharing a cell with Hanson."

Keifer can put in for the morgue tour instead of the Manson idea.

looks like your show might have to go on hiatus!

They could just have Jack kidnapped by the Chinese government, to force feed him lead products, and cause him to use unsafe furniture, and film him while he is in prison.


Did he have his pants on this time?

He's like the Paris Hilton of Denis Leary's generation.

"Sharing a cell with Manson?" That would really suck...for Manson.


I'd add a comment, but then the count on the blog wouldn't read "24" it would...DOH!

Give him a can of Crisco and let 'im go at it with Twitney in the cell.

Ugh! Thanks a lot, catman. Someone pass the brain bleach!

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