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September 19, 2007


Several members of the blog community, or "blunity" as the kids say, came to my signing in New York Wednesday night. Seen in this CrapCam photo are Meanie, the Blue, and Layzeeboy. Not shown is Lairbo. (Also not shown are Paul McCartney and the late Ray Charles, but unlike them Lairbo actually came to the signing.)



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Hi guys! If I come see you in Irvine, CA, Dave, can I get a pic the's NOT for publication?

Dave seems a lot more comfortable with the blunity than witn Ann Curry. And that's a good thing.

ARRRRRRRR ya blueshirrrrrted scallywags!! What a fine buncha bloggerrrrrrrrrs ye be!!

Blueshirt Man Group! Arrrr...cough!

Sorry, I'm all arrrred out. But lovely photo. I'm also wearing a blue shirt. And a smile.

This pic could be called "Oh How Happy."

(obscure pop music reference. Anybody? Ha ha ha)

Arrr, a fine lookin crew! Did ye plunder all those books with just the 4 of yas? (is almost midnite and I wanted to get one last "arrr" in)



Hip hip hooray for Meanie and Layzeeboy!

(Boo hiss for Layzeeboy's having missed me invitation for a pint o' grog when he were plunderin' here in Denver, alas...)

Meanie the Pale Blue also posted this family and Dave pic on the last post.

Nighty-night (again), Helga! And yo, ho, ho, and a bottle o' rum for Meanie and Layzee; Lairbo, too!

SW? Arrrrt Garrrrrfunkel?

Good catch, Stevie -- Shades of Blue. Haven't heard that song in 30 years.

And thus ends TLAPD 2007 in the WriterDude household. Like Annie Grace up there, I'm a little arrrred out.

Excellent! Glad you guys got to see Dave in person!

Is the Pirate eclipse over? Back to sea with ye scurvy scum and wisea$$ pillagers, booty grabbers and looters.

The NY Blues Brothers! Oh, and nice comeback, Dave. ALMOST as prolific as Faith's response to her man's junk getting grabbed. ;-)

Can we declare today tawlk like New Yawkas?

And good catch backatcha, WD (sorry, JD)! I got a copy of that single from Murray the K (remember him?) autographed by him for being the first in a crowd to shout out who sang it. Great one-hit-wonder tune, no?

SW, I musta missed that one hit. Who sang it?

Steve, don't know if you heard the latest 24 casting news but an old name has signed on and is part of the plot. You have my email if you want to who it is. It was in an official Fox release on Tuesday. If you think the writers were stretching things in the past, this ought to take the proverbial cake.

*if you want to (insert "know" here) it is.* Geez, must have Yo-Ho-Hoed a little too much this evening.

Of course, seeing as it was an official press release, you could just google it. That's it, I'm going to bed. I think my timbers have been shivered enough for one day.

Time for me to flap off to bed, too. Nighty-night, me hearties! Sweet dreams!

(hearkens briefly back to TLAPD)

Me thinks Moby Dick be about to bop Meanie on his crowsnest.

Still 75 minutes of TLAPD left here in Naaarrrrrrrth Dakotarrrrrrr ...

Good to see y'all, Blue & Layz' -- I'm perty much knowin' y'all had a good time ... alas, I doubt that my travels in the near (or distant) future will take me many places where Dave will be visitin' ... tho, stranger things have happened ...


Those were consenting stranger things. (right?)

Y'all are lucky to live in a country that Dave visits. I'm jealous. Maybe some year he will come up to Canada.

We rarely go below -30 degree C in the winter up here in Ottawa (must be the politician effect keeps us warm). And we have no hurricane season either.

Damn! I mean... Shiver me timbers!!!!

I can't believe that I forgot it was Talk Like a Pirate Day! Avast! Buckle me swashes!

My contributions to the blog have been sparse of late, as I have been attempting to have a life. I'm failing miserably, so I hope to around more. That is, once my main computer, which suffered a severe computer type malfunction (I've never actually seen a processor glow red before) is back in operation. In the meantime I'm using my emergency back up computer. An antique that is powered by two elderly hamsters. Scratch that. One elderly hamster.

Darn, I had to work today, and the evil firewall wasn't letting me post, when I got the chance. Great seeing photos of more bloglits! Arrr!
Horse Hung Harry, I blush when I type your name :-). The Daveness is not coming my way this year either. So you should plan like me, to go to the Herald Hunt next year.
Think of the group photo with Dave......

Late answer that you've probably already figgered, ducky - "Oh How Happy" was originally by the Shades of Blue, but now via google I understand your answer, seeing that both Art Garfunkel and the Jackson 5 (wtf??!!) covered it. IMO, originals are better than their covers about 90% of the time.

And lol on the Blueshirt man Group, annie. Saw them during the summer in chi-town, was not too wowed, unfortunately. Oh well.

May I ask, is there a schedule available outlining Dave's book tour stops, dates etc.? Will the late Ray Charles be at Irvine? I loved him in the Jamie Fox life story.

When is he coming to Irvine? I am in Northern Ca, but he isn't coming here. I can take a trip down south.

Jan/rascal - here's the schedule.

Irvine is Nov 6, under the "Rundoon" listings, which are Ridley plus Dave, per judi. But if you're in NoCal, jan, I see they added one in Corte Madera (which I, a native Californian, had to look up to learn is in Marin) Nov 4.

Rascal, are you a SoCal person?

Yes, So. Cal. Anaheim Hills for 20+ years. A Whale of A Tale, 4199 Campus Drive, Suite A
Irvine, CA 92612. Maybe I can make it there Nov. 6th. I'm trying to picture where the place is at? Like near UCI Medical Center near John Wayne?

Anaheim Hills? Sheesh - we probably drive by each other twice a day. Cye.

Anaheim Hills? Sheesh - we probably drive by each other twice a day.

Ahoy! Arrrrrr!

Oh, are we not doing that anymore?

Then, Good Morning! Had my workout, ready to fight the good fight. Darwin doesn't have a chance today.

*places out muffins and replaces the Folgers® in the coffeemaker with Starbucks®. Let's see if anyone notices*

Have a great day!

Maybe I'll wear a blue shirt today- seems to be the fashion.

Just one more thing- anybody else notice the toilet flushing the rubber ducky up on the right side of the blog screen? I like it better than the snooty anorexic woman advertising clothes (or Miami- I can't remember which).

OK- bye for real (and Good Afternoon to Mot).

yea! i'm trying to make the tuesday night stop in miami, and will definitely be at the next 'peter' book release.

As Dave seems to be afraid of both Canadian high-test beer and high-flow toilets because he never comes up here, I might have to invade the US again to see him. Any other Canadians blogits interested in repeating the War of 1812 and capturing Washington again? Are you in for it Buford? At the current exchange rate it shouldn't cost us more than $50 Cdn.


Thank GAWD TLAPD is over! I was all outta arrrrrrrrr's too!

but...my comment DID get posted on the Today blog along with many of yours!


Arrrrrrrr mateys! It be a fine day when ourrrrrr beloved Cap'n Barrrrrrry be strrrrrumptetin'! I be drinkin' me blog grob and shiverin' me timberrrrrrs!!

Siouxie, Cap'n Helga Beergong ta ya scurrrrrvy dogs! (Sent Wednesday, September 19, 2007 11:35 PM)

Good pic, guys.

I knew that, Stevie. I have a 45 of "Oh How Happy" - the original Shades of Blue version I hasten to add - though at the moment I have nothing to play it (or the other 500 45s) on.

Morning, Siouxie. You can start getting even with your friend (a little) as we're supposed to be at 80 or above the next 5 days. I guess Dave brought the heat with him from Miami.

"Blue-ooo-ooo, I'm so lonely" that I wasn't in NYC. :( BUT, will be in Stamford (what the heck, Dave? Why Stamford? Want to come over to my inlaws and have dinner?) in February. Geez, the Northeast in February! You need to fire your travel agent. Anyway, I hope other bloglits will come too!

mm and I will be at the Free Library today, Dave...See ya at noon!

For the record, although I wasn't pictured, I was wearing a blue shirt.

Hmmm sure Lairbo...but there's no PICTURE to prove it!

you, shy??? I don't think so!

Yes, Lairbo was indeed there in a blue shirt. And though he was there but not pictured, there was another blogger who none of saw and would swear was not there, and yet we could feel a presence.....

Oh my... a floating Leetie head~!

Watch for Meanie's new show on The Discovery Channel, "America's Most Haunted Book Signings". Check your local listings.

Woo-hoo Meanie!! Great pic!

ArcticAl, I'm game. Let's cash in the empties and go for it. You flank 'em from the west and me from the east?


Thank God yesterday is past, my boss was about to have me commited.

*note to self: blue shirts are in, coconut bras are out*

You guys look so photogenic.

Hey! Dave's hair actually looks nice. Was the hair care products the Today hairdresser used the cause? If so, I think a career at the White House is in his future, when Dave is elected.

Okay, I'll go back to using my day name.

Diverdowndoc - gotcha - Breakfast Blend here... Hey, Meanie - nice shirt - it may be just me , but there are a lot of guys with your type hair here in Jersey...And thank the gods that Dave brought some heat from Miami. It was soooo cold lately here in Jersey - and New York, the city is near here. Thanks, Dave, please leave the heat here for the rest of summer...

It's a sea of blue shirtedness!

sorry guys i'm late. i had to do some actual work.... sheesh. blue shirts all around... if dave is elected will that become a uniform??

And they all wore blue in honor of Meanie. How sweet. :-)

*zips in*™

Hey, AlanBoss, nice to see you! Why don't you come over to the *other* spot and say hi?

Strangers, CJ'? Yeah ... tho the jury may still be out on the "consenting" aspects of the deal ...

'Jan ... don't blame me for that name ... it wuz the Pirate Name Translator ... yeah, that's my story ... and ... as to the "Hunt" idea ... quite doubtful, since recovery frum the Montana trip(s) will take a while, and then we're plannin' another trip to Ireland, so untaken roads will likely remain untaken ... for now, NEway ...

Hi El! Thanks for the "welcome back!"

Since I'm on an old (and I mean OLD) computer, I don't have to location of the "other" spot. Drop me an email and I'll drop by tomorrow.

I mean "the" not "to."

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