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September 24, 2007


Try the monkey method.

(Thanks to David Miesen)


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I believe I dated a monkey once, then.

It might work in St. Paul's airport.

Could we have a moment of silence for Marcel Marceau? He's now performing the invisible box in a horizontal position instead of vertical.

Quote"So we think the alpha males might use urine-washing to convey warm, fuzzy feelings to females, that their solicitation is working and that there's no need to run away,"

Thank God we evolved. Everyone except R. Kelly that is.

Where's Clean Hands to explain the joke on this one?

Yeah..I always find the smell of pee extremely sexy.

This is exactly why I have never dated a monkey.

No doubt monkey urine will hit the infomercial late night circuit by quarter 1 08. Labratory tested to enhance your chick magnetism sensory grid...

3 easy payments. Order now and get a free quart.

Or they could be doing it because they're excited.

I have been excited (you may interpret that however you'd like) on many occasions, but never felt the need to whiz on myself.

There ARE some people that are into that "golden shower" thing...I am most definitely NOT among them.

How about the golden fug? Thai desert don't get excited.

I've always just sprinkled a little beer on myself to excite mrs. padraig. Never occurred to me that I could get the same effect and still get to drink the beer!

I smell a Nobel here... or maybe that's just last night's Eau de Sam Adams.

pad, think about it...the pee would just be the recycled beer.

How did evolution somehow leave these brillant creatures behind?

what is wrong with these researchers? i know the answer and no one even asked me. they urine wash to remove foot odor. their hands are, after all, little feet.

I'd try this but I don't know where to find a monkey I can rub pee on..

cg, urine genious!

Exactly Siouxz! It's sexy AND good for the environment!

Now do ya see where the Nobel comes in? Man, I'm just glad Al Gore didn't think of this first.

why yes, siouxie, i am. and my feet smell lovely!

*wonders if people in India and Russia who drink their own urine have good breath*

This is the guy I always get stuck next to on an airplane!

This is the guy I always get stuck next to on an airplane!

As the mother of two small boys, they do it because they can.

"There ARE some people that are into that 'golden shower' thing...I am most definitely NOT among them."

Sxi, maybe you just haven't met the right monkey.

The researchers also found monkeys that urine-washed frequently had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol,

Speaking of late night info mercials...now someone will come up with a creme containing monkey urine that will conbat obesity. "When is it worthwhile to pay $150 for a tube of monkey urine creme? When you are 150 pounds overweight and watching infomercials at 2am."

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