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September 28, 2007


Be on the lookout.

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The winner of the Plumber Superhero competition will get... a toilet!


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Offers the obligatory, "The police have nothing to go on." *wonders if they will mount a stinkg operation?*

There's a plumber that lives just down the road from me. His motto, proudly emblazoned on his truck, is: A Flush Beats a Full House.

I don't believe this sh*t.

Quote: "...share their heroic on-the-job stories for a chance to star as the superhero in a specially designed comic book that tells how they fixed a homeowner's toilet woes"

And I thought Aquaman was the lamest superhero...

It's a snake!
It's a drain!
It's.... SuperPlumber©!

I hope they make the thief plead to the sheet.

Has everybody forgotten Mario and Luigi ??

They are biggest thing in gaming except maybe Master Chief. They even had a full length movie with Dennis Hopper as the villian. I mean the video game market is bigger than comic books and movies together.

NOBODY caught the name of the town as PISCATAWAY?! Isn't that what a toilet does? Take your p!ss and scat away? Bwahahahaha!

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